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Last Day To Apply For .CAT Discount Renewal Code As 1 and 2 Character Priority Registration Underway

To celebrate Catalonia’s National Day, puntCAT is offering discount codes to renew .cat domains, but the last day to apply for a discount code is today, 18 November, with codes valid until 31 January.

To apply for a discount code, go to decomptes.fundacio.cat and answer the question, then share the promotion on social networks or subscribe to the newsletter and you will receive the code to your email. The code is valid until 31 January and it can be used to renew the domain name with registrars participating in the promotion.

puntCAT is also releasing one- and 2-character domain names with a 4 stage registration process. The first step is currently underway, a priority registration for member entities of the Board of Trustees of Fundació puntCAT and entities that supported the launch of the .cat domain. This period runs until 8 December.

Following is a priority registration for Public Authorities and entities in Catalan-speaking territories that runs from 9 December to 19 January 2020. There will then be a priority registration for trademarks from 20 January to 1 March and then on 2 March 2020 it will be an open registration phase for any company and/or person. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply for a domain, it is necessary to fill in the following form. Once received, a selection committee made up of 2 members of the .cat team and a member of the Foundation’s board of trustees will consider the applications. Applications will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • Domain pertinence and availability
  • The applicant’s background and relationship with the domain
  • Intention of use of the domain

The domains that have so far been registered are the following:

  • Ç.cat
  • 33.cat
  • Ja.cat
  • Va.cat
  • X.cat
  • Id.cat
  • Cv.cat
  • Jo.cat
  • Un.cat
  • 1.cat
  • Vw.cat
  • Vz.cat
  • Sí.cat
  • Ub.cat