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.EU Registrations Grow 7.6% In Q2 2012 To 3.6m

EURid logoRegistrations of .EU domain names continue to grow strongly with an increase of 7.6 percent in the year to the end of June 2012, according to the latest progress report from the .EU top level domain registry, EURid. This built on the 6.1 percent year-on-year increase reported in Q1 2012.

The second quarter includes the anniversary for when .EU was launched in April 2006 and traditionally sees more domain name deletions than other quarters, and hence a decline in registrations. However, Q2 2012 was different from previous second quarters. This year there was a quarterly net growth of 0.2 percent showing that 2012’s April anniversary had the smallest impact yet.

.EU is now the tenth largest TLD, and sixth largest ccTLD. .COM is the largest with 103.4m registrations, followed by (Germany) with 15.2m, .NET (14.7m), .TK (Tokelau – 11.2m), .UK (United Kingdom – 10.2m), .ORG (10m), .INFO (8.2m), .NL (Netherlands – 5.0m), .RU (Russian Federation – 4.0m) and .EU now with close to 3.7m.*

“.EU has maintained healthy registration rates for the first six months of this year, a fact reinforced by the Q2 2012 results,” said EURid’s General Manager, Marc Van Wesemael. “I am heartened by this growth which shows that Europeans continue to want .eu domain names despite the economic and political crisis still affecting Europe.”

EURid’s Q2 2012 report shows that Lithuania had the highest annual growth, with a 30 percent increase of .EU registrations compared with Q2 2011, followed by Malta (29%) and Austria (23%). During the same period, registrations in a further six European Union countries grew by over 10 percent, namely Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

.EU completed the second quarter of 2012 with 3.60 million registered domain names. During these three months, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia all saw quarterly growth of five percent or more.

Also during the quarter EURid launched YADIFA, an open-source name server implementation, as well as reducing fees for their Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) service by 50 percent.

YADIFA is for TLD operators and Internet Service Providers alike and is designed specifically for the efficient management of large internet zones and uses dynamic updates to instantly change domain name records. It is equally optimised to handle multiple Internet zones. The source code is also freely available.

The full report for Q2 2012 is available for download at link.eurid.eu/reports.

* the registration figures for ccTLDs above are updated from the EURid report with figures from the registry websites with the exception of .TK.

.ORG Sixth Largest TLD As Registrations Grow Strongly

Public Interest Registry .ORG logoThe number of .ORG domain names grew by 7.7 per cent in the first half of 2012 compared to the same period in 2011, with the total number of domains registered totalling 9.9 million at the end of June, the Public Interest Registry revealed in its latest bi-annual report The Dashboard.

The number of .ORG domain names now totals 10.064 million with the ten millionth registration happening on 24 June according to a PIR news release dated 11 July. So either registrations temporarily went backwards or there are several ways to count .ORG domain names!

The report also notes the number of registered .ORG domain names increased from 3.9 million in 2006 to 9.9 million by the end of June 2012 – a net gain of 305,948 for the first half of the year and an increase of 154 percent over seven years.

The largest TLD globally is naturally .COM with around 104.127m domain names registered. Second is .DE (Germany) with 15.159m registrations then .NET (14.767m). Following is .TK (Tokelau – 10.5m), .UK (United Kingdom – 10.179m), .ORG (10.055m), .INFO (8.118m).NL (Netherlands – 5.015m), .RU (Russian Federation – 3.928m), .EU (European Union – 3.644m) and then .BR (3m).

The blended renewal rate for .ORG, the average renewal rate from the first to the third year, of existing .ORG websites for the first half of 2012 was 75.4 per cent.

PIR has also applied for six new top level domains: .NGO, .ONG and four internationalised domains that translate into “organisation,” “org” or “structured organisation” in Devanagari, Cyrillic and Chinese-simplified scripts.

“We have seen tremendous growth of the .ORG domain over the last few years, underscoring the fact that .ORG remains the go-to online home for individuals and companies advancing their cause or mission,” said Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry. “What’s more is that the year ahead also promises to be an exciting one for PIR. Not only will we remain focused on continuing to expand the .ORG domain globally and in new markets such as India, Russia and China, but we will also be introducing complementary domain options – such as .NGO or .ONG – that will, like .ORG, serve as trusted online venues for nonprofit and nongovernmental communities worldwide.”

For more information on “The Dashboard” or to download a copy, see pir.org/news

Call for Nominations to the Public Interest Registry .ORG Advisory Council

Call for Nominations to the Public Interest Registry .ORG Advisory Council
Interested individuals are encouraged to submit nominations, including self-nominations. A nomination statement of approximately 400 words should include details of the nominee’s experience with the Internet, commitment to promoting the noncommercial use of the Internet, understanding of the technical or policy issues facing the .ORG registry, and perspectives regarding the needs of the .ORG community. A current biography and digital photograph also are requested.

PIR Launches First-Ever .ORG Television Commercial In India

Public Interest Registry .ORG logo[news release] Public Interest Registry (PIR) – the not-for-profit operator of the .ORG domain – today aired its first-ever television commercial for the .ORG domain. Developed in conjunction with BigRock, a leading provider of web infrastructure solutions, the ad campaign reinforces PIR’s overall commitment to raising awareness of the domain as an invaluable online communications platform for emerging businesses in India.

For the past 26 years, .ORG has long-stood as the recognized Internet address of choice for individuals, companies and organizations looking to engage and mobilize their communities. In recent years, .ORG’s popularity and growth has surged in international markets with roughly 40 percent of the current 9.8 million .ORG registrations originating in communities outside of the United States. Since 2004, international registration of .ORG grew by 196 percent. In India alone, the domain grew by 15 percent over the past year.

“As we continue to see tremendous growth in registrations coming from outside of the U.S., we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with BigRock to promote .ORG in their market,” said Brian Cute, CEO of Public Interest Registry. “India is a country with rapidly expanding Internet use and rising economic growth. The timing is ripe to showcase how .ORG and its trusted reputation can further a company’s long-term goals online.”

“The values of .ORG are trust, reliability, and all the positive attributes that define an organization which cares about its stakeholders. The India of the future has a need for many more such organizations and BigRock is proud to be reaching out to millions of Indian businesses with this powerful message,” said Bhavin Turakhia, Founder , BigRock. The .ORG commercials will run in India starting today and ending in mid-May. To view PIR and BigRock’s Indian Television commercials, please click on the following links: Badshahi Election Inks and Nambiar Aglet.

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America Registry logoTo register your .ORG domain name, check out America Registry here.

.ORG Registrations Rise 10% in 2011 To Nearing 10 Million

.ORG registrations grew by 9.9 per cent in 2011, reaching 9.6 million total domains under management by the end of 2011 — a net gain of 411,002 for the second half of the year.

The information was provided in the bi-annual domain name report published by the Public Interest Registry, “The Dashboard.”

According to the most recent “The Dashboard”:

  • the renewal rate of existing .ORG websites for the second half of 2011 was 75.4 percent
  • .ORG has maintained consistent growth between nine and 10 per cent annually for the past three years
  • ORG domains under management rose from 3.9 million in 2005 to 9.6 million in 2011 — an increase of 146 percent in seven years
  • North America and Europe continue to represent the regions with the most .ORG registrations, with Australia, China and Japan also making the top 10 country list for the second half of 2011.

As of end December, .ORG was the third largest generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), trailing .COM and .NET with around 98.9 million and 14.3 million domains under management respectively. Overall it was the fifth largest TLD, also trailing the country code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs) of Germany (.DE) with 14.7 million registrations and the United Kingdom (.UK) with 14.7 million and 9.8 million domains under management respectively.

.ORG has kept quite a distinctive profile unlike other TLDs given its community background. Of all registrations, clubs and groups make up 16 per cent of all registrations. The categorisation is done through indexing by leading search engines using keywords for specific subject categories.

Also ranking highly are the categories of charities, schools and environmental groups, each making up 15 per cent of all registrations while “wikis and open source” make up 13 per cent of all registrations.

Registrations are also predominately from the United States, with 59 per cent of all registrations coming from the US. The next largest country of origin for registrants is Germany with five per cent of registrations while next are the United Kingdom and Canada (4% each) followed by France and Austria with three per cent each.

“With Internet usage continuing to surge worldwide, and individuals and organizations alike placing even greater importance on doing good and promoting their passions online, it’s no surprise that .ORG continued to see consistent and substantial growth during the second half of 2011,” said Brian Cute, CEO of The Public Interest Registry. “We look forward to maintaining this consistent growth, as well as expanding globally in 2012.”

Also highlighted in “The Dashboard” for the second half of 2011 is PIR’s announcement of its intention to pursue the new domain extension, .NGO. This initiative is a major opportunity for non-governmental organisations (NGOs), a community that depends on those three letters to set itself apart from commercial or governmental bodies. PIR believes that NGOs worldwide would benefit from .NGO as an exclusive signature online where they can effectively differentiate themselves and advance their missions. As part of this initiative, PIR intends to make the latest online innovations accessible to NGOs in both developed and developing countries.

In addition, “The Dashboard” underlines PIR’s continued commitment to pioneer and advocate for advanced security standards for the Internet and for finding collaborative solutions to such hot-button issues as copyright infringement and online piracy while still promoting an open, global and unfettered Internet.

For more information on “The Dashboard” or to download a copy, please visit pir.org/news/dashboard.

America Registry logoTo register your .ORG domain name, check out America Registry here.

.ORG Continues Rapid Growth With 10% In 12 Months

The latest Dashboard report from the Public Interest Registry shows the TLD continues rapid growth with an increase in active registrations of 10.1 per cent year on year, and four per cent or over 350,000, in the six months, to the end of June.The growth sees .ORG registrations total 9.2 million at the end of June with North America (63%) and the European Union (23%) accounting for the regions with the most registrations. In 2011, Italy and Japan entered the list of the top ten countries from where registrations originated. Other countries in the top ten are Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Netherlands, Spain and China. In total 11 per cent of registrations come from the Asia pacific, two per cent from Latin America and the Caribbean one per cent from Africa.”Yet again, we’re seeing significant growth of the .ORG domain as web users worldwide continue to see the value in using a trusted, secure domain to educate, mobilize and empower their communities,” said Brian Cute, CEO of .ORG, The Public Interest Registry. “By June 2011, the .ORG domain reached 9.2 million domains under management, a monumental figure compared to the 3.9 million in 2005. These numbers are clear indicators that .ORG is well-positioned to take advantage of the Internet growth that we continue to see occur.”As part of its most recent Dashboard report, the Public Interest Registry commissioned research on the health and status of traditional websites versus corporate social media. The study indicated that 81 per cent of web surfers still chose an organisation’s website – over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn – as the most trustworthy place to find information.Moreover, almost half of all respondents – 47 per cent – would choose .ORG over other domain extensions to post information on a cause they are passionate about. And during a time of crisis, 39 per cent of Americans turn to a .ORG website for information first.As predicted when asked which word people most commonly associate with the .ORG domain, the most common response was “non profits” with 52 per cent of responses. Other responses were:

  • 12 per cent associate .ORG with “trusted”
  • 4 per cent associate .ORG with “exclusive”
  • 21 per cent associate .ORG with all of the above
  • 9 per cent associate it with none of the above.

To download the full report, see:

PIR To Apply For .NGO TLD

Public Interest Registry .ORG logoPublic Interest Registry have announced they will be applying for the .NGO top level domain when ICANN begins taking applications next year, and if successful, will operate the new TLD in conjunction with the existing .ORG TLD they manage.

PIR describes .NGO as an exclusive domain address for self-identified non-government organisations worldwide that are looking for a unique online signature to be immediately recognised and to broaden opportunities for public participation, funding and contributions. The closed domain will serve as a complementary venue to .ORG, enabling millions of NGOs worldwide to broaden their audiences and make an even stronger societal impact in any way they can.

PIR say they are applying for the new TLD as they believe they are in the best situation to operate such a registry, as they are a not-for-profit registry that shares the values of NGOs.

Since their establishment in 2002, PIR has been serving the public interest and not-for-profit organisations, including those in the underserved markets. They claim to understand the needs and wants of the NGO community and have a longstanding track record of running a stable, trusted registry that empowers non-profit organizations to build a community around a shared interest, value or passion. The pursuit of .NGO is, they say, a natural next step in our steadfast commitment to serving in the public’s interest.

However there is a proposal for a .NGO TLD (see dotNGO.net) with similar goals. Although the likelihood they will have the financial muscle to compete with PIR is doubtful. DotNGO is an initiative started by Dr Victoria Harris who is the founder of international NGO Article 25, a UK registered charity that designs, builds, and manages projects to provide better shelter wherever there is disaster, poverty, or need.

.ORG Registry Waives Renewal Fees For Japanese Registrants Affected By Recent Disaster

Public Interest Registry .ORG logo[news release] In light of the recent disasters that have devastated Japan, .ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) today announced a plan to waive renewal fees for Japanese domain name holders who are unable to renew their .ORG domain names. Together with PIR, more than 15 participating Registrars have committed to automatically renew for one year at no cost the .ORG domain names that would unintentionally expire due to the inability of the owner in Japan to re-up their registration.  Affected names will include those with expiration dates within the March 11 – June 11, 2011 period.

“The recent earthquake in Japan and the destruction that followed has shocked and saddened everyone, including the Internet community,” said Brian Cute, CEO of .ORG, The Public Interest Registry. “Survivors have been left without the basic necessities, let alone Internet capabilities. By waiving the renewal fees and working with our Registrars, we are protecting .ORG registrants in Japan from losing their domain names during a time when they and their country need to focus on sustaining and rebuilding. PIR’s goal, along with our valuable partners, is to assist in any way we can.”

Note: Before renewing your .ORG domain name, Japanese registrants need to check their registrar is participating in this scheme.

This PIR news release was sourced from:

9 Million.ORG Domain Registrations

dot org logoThere are now more than 9 million .ORG domain names the Public Interest Registry (PIR) announced on 2 March following a growth of 10.3 per cent in 2010.

.ORG is now the third largest generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) and equal fourth largest TLD overall behind .COM (approximately 93 million registrations), .DE (Germany 14.23m) and .NET (approximately 12m) while .UK (United Kingdom) has around the same number with 9.19 million registrations. There are over 205 million domain names registered globally across all TLDs VeriSign announced this week.

.ORG has significantly increased its domains under management (DUM) in the last five years; up from just 3.9 million in 2005 according to the organisation’s recently published bi-annual “Dashboard” report.

“Hitting the 9 million registration mark is a testament to both .ORG’s reputation and its impact within the Internet community,” said Brian Cute, CEO of .ORG, The Public Interest Registry. “.ORG remains a community-driven platform and has become the domain of choice for organizations, individuals, and companies to channel their passion toward a shared purpose with their community.”

America Registry logoTo register your .ORG domain name, check out America Registry here.

Brian Cute New CEO Of .ORG Registry

dot org logoThe registry for .ORG, the Public Interest Registry (PIR), announced on 14 January that Brian Cute is their new CEO following Alexa Raad’s resignation late last year. .ORG is the third largest gTLD after .COM and .NET.

For more information, see the PIR news release below:

.ORG, The Public Interest Registry Names Brian Cute as Chief Executive Officer
.ORG, The Public Interest Registry (PIR) – manager of the world’s third largest generic top-level domain  – today appointed Mr. Brian Cute as chief executive officer.  With more than 12 years of experience in the Internet and communications industry, Mr. Cute will assume his leadership position on February 1, 2011.

Prior to joining PIR, Mr. Cute served as vice president of discovery services for Afilias, the world’s leading provider of Internet infrastructure solutions that connect people to their data and registry systems provider to PIR for the .ORG domain.  His experience within the domain name system (DNS) runs deep, having had management positions in both a leading domain name registrar, Network Solutions, as director of policy, and a leading registry, Verisign, as vice president of government relations until 2003. He has led initiatives on wait-list service, private domain registrations, the elimination of Bulk WHOIS, and numerous other ICANN policy matters and has a keen interest in the development of the Internet of Things.

“PIR’s core mission is to serve the public interest and provide a safer, more secure Internet. Those primary values echo throughout Brian’s work and general approach,” said Maarten Botterman, chairman of the board and interim chief executive officer. “As Chairman of the Accountability and Transparency Review Team at ICANN, Brian has constructively advanced the ongoing debate of getting the Internet industry to function more explicitly and effectively. We at PIR are pleased to have him on board, and we look confidently towards a future in which PIR will continue to step up in the public interest.”

Mr. Cute added: “I have long admired the work being accomplished by PIR and am eager to work alongside its team to promote and achieve a safer Internet as well as advance .ORG’s position as a leading domain among registries, for registrars and as a trusted resource for Internet users.  I welcome the opportunity to build on PIR’s impressive and successful track record.”

A lawyer by trade, Mr. Cute began his career representing the competitive telecommunications service providers. He subsequently served as senior counsel at Teleglobe Communications, advising country managers on the expansion of Teleglobe’s submarine cable, satellite and terrestrial network in Europe and Asia.

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