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.ONLINE Becomes 5th New gTLD To Pass 1 Million Registrations, and Radix’s First

Three years and 3 months after entering general availability, Radix’s .online has become their first new gTLD to hit the one million registrations mark, and the fifth overall. Today there are 1.012 million .online registrations according to nTLDStats, 604,00 of which are parked, the highest proportion of the top 5 new gTLDs by registration numbers. Continue reading .ONLINE Becomes 5th New gTLD To Pass 1 Million Registrations, and Radix’s First

Radix Publishes First 365 Days Of .ONLINE

The .online new gTLD went online in late August 2015 and now has well over half a million registrations according to nTLDstats.com.To commemorate its year online, Radix Registry recently published an infographic on the new generic Top Level Domain’s achievements.Today there are 514,180 registrations, although there were around 480,000 at the time of publishing the infographic. The gTLD is the no.1 new gTLD in the Alexa 1 million list, and the most popular extension in Europe.The gTLD was the first to reach 38,000 registrations in the first 24 hours of General Availability, has registrants in 207 countries with the top three being China with 15% of all registrations, USA (12%) and Germany (8%).For more of Radix’s one year .online statistics, see the infographic below.Radix Publishes First 365 Days Of .ONLINE

.ONLINE Celebrates First Birthday With 350,000 Registrations

dotONLINE gTLD logoThe .online new generic Top Level Domain celebrated its first birthday with over 350,000 registrations, a record breaking 38,000 of these coming at its launch.

Amidst adoption by reputed brands like The Next Web (which used tnw.online for live streaming its 2016 annual conference), .online earned repute as the most well-known new domain extension in Europe.

A recent research conducted by Radix, the registry behind .online, revealed the potential of the extension as a great online marketing tool as suggested by marketing agencies across the globe. High recall value, instant customer connect and the availability of a smart and innovative URL were cited as the primary reasons that make .online a highly valuable domain extension.

The founder of Differentiate Online, a 360 degree digital marketing firm, Tito Philips said, “As soon as we knew that .online is coming to the market we made sure we got the name in the Early Access Period before it was available to the general public. The domain we secured [differentiate.online] is extremely memorable and rings a bell in the customer’s mind. It made a lot of sense for us to get a .online strategically because it’s in line with our digital marketing.”

The adoption of the .online extension by digital marketing companies has helped debunk the myth of new domain extensions affecting SEO negatively. Co-founder of Louder Online, an enterprise-level digital marketing and SEO firm, Aaron Agius a true digital marketing expert, spoke about the shift from louderonline.com.au to louder.online. Aaron said, “Being a global company, it has definitely made sense to move to a .online domain extension especially in terms of branding for an online marketing company.”

We spoke to Lottie Kirby the Marketing Manager, of Echo – an online lifestyle technology brand, which was previously on byecho.com. “Previously, there was a lot of confusion amongst customers as to what our domain actually was, buyecho or byecho as one word; no-one really knew. .online was the solution. It’s clear and simple, preventing confusion for customers and looks so much more aesthetically pleasing,” said Lottie.

Radix Says .ONLINE Fastest To 100,000 Registrations

Radix logo[news release] After a very successful launch (38,000 domains in the first 24 hours) and breaking all nTLDrecords, .online surpassed 100,000 domain registrations this morning. Radix shared the 100,000th domain to be registered – myfamilyroots.online that came through eNom.

While .online got a jumpstart at general availability, the TLD has maintained momentum and climbed to a top 15 nTLD spot in less than 3 months from GA. The TLD has featured on several registrar storefronts like GoDaddy, 1&1, Namecheap (retailing around the $9-$15) that have played a significant role in getting the TLD so high up in the ranks, so early.

Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head of Radix “It is definitely an exciting time for us & we’re glad that all the effort & resources invested in this extension are coming to fruition. The next year is going to be EVEN bigger & we’re certain .online will emerge as one of the leading new extensions.” This milestone comes at a time as Radix surpasses 1 million Domains Under Management. A quick scan of the .online zone through DataProvider pulls out some interesting data points:

  • 100+ sites in Alexa 1 million & it’s the 2nd fastest nTLD in terms of new additions to the Alexa 1 million list (for the last 30 days)
  • 70% domains between 3-10 characters
  • 28,500+ domains already have developed sites in just 2.5 months of launch. This excludes sites with parked & placeholder pages.
    • There are a total of 246,085 pages on these developed site
    • 9,727 are optimized for mobile or have a mobile version
  • 42,100+ of the domains have MX records
  • Language:
    • 56% sites in English
    • 19.4% sites in German
    • 8.6% sites in Dutch
    • 4.9% sites in Russian
    • 2.1% sites in French
  • The sites with the most amount of traffic on .online are:

Here’s a testimonial from one of their customers summing up why .online works and why the TLD is where it is today ““online embodied the nature of our business more than other options. We love the fact it’s not connected to a country, but that it’s connected to a concept. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback with the new extension, and it’s resolved a lot of confusion our previous country based extension had. We believe .online is the best extension for business like ours!” – Melinda Jacobs, Founder & CEO www.clustr.online
About Radix:

Radix Registry (Radix FZC) is a major participant in the new gTLD program, applying for registry rights to 22 new gTLDs and securing uncontested registry rights to .website, .press, .host, .space, .tech and .online. Radix is Asia’s largest new gTLD applicant, playing a substantial role in the global diversification of the Internet namespace.

This Radix news release was sourced from:

.ONLINE Off To Flying Start With Over 37,500 1st Day Registrations On Day One of GA [updated]

dotONLINE gTLD logoThe .online gTLD launched its General Availability on Wednesday (26/8) and had the biggest launch day of any of the new gTLDs, surpassing that of the previous biggest launch, .club.

At the end of the first day of General Availability, according to updated figures from the registry Radix, the gTLD had 37,544 registrations, surpassing the first day registrations of .club  which had 25,776. Total registrations at the end of day one including Sunrise and early access phases was 39,449.

Prior to the commencement of GA, .online had 1,905 registrations – at the end of the pre-launch Sunrise there were 775 registrations and 1,130 for the seven-day early access phase, breaking yet more records for each phase.

Registrations prior to GA had come from the auto, technology, finance, fashion and food industries. Apple had registered over 50 of these while others had come from Bank of America, Deutsche Telekom, Dow Jones & Company, Fossil, Jimmy Choo, Valentino, H&M, Google, Pandora, Paramount, Sky Entertainment and 20th Century.

“We have seen a trend where customers select domains that are relevant and easy to remember – just like .online,” said Theresa Geraghty from GoDaddy, the world’s largest ICANN-accredited registrar. “The .online extension has broad appeal to a vast number of potential customers.”

“Google’s recent announcement on the new domain, bc.xyz, has been the ultimate validation for new domain extensions and should be a game-changer in terms of impact on the domains industry; it’s come at the perfect time with the launch of .online,” said Sandeep Ramchandani, Business Head of Radix, which has already successfully launched extensions like .press, .website and .tech among others. “We’ve seen celebrities, brands and big businesses using new domains which makes the launch of .online – an intuitive, generic term – possibly the best extension to be launched yet.”

This article was updated on 28 August to include registration information provided by Radix.

Radix, Tucows and Namecheap Win .online Auction

A newly formed entity owned by Radix, Tucows and Namecheap won the auction to operate the .online registry for an undisclosed amount.

In the past year, dozens of new generic top level domains (gTLDs) from .actor to .wtf have brought meaning to the letters after the dot for niche constituencies and content. Soon, domain registrants will have one broad, intuitive, uncluttered alternative to .com for almost any initiative online.

They will also have a registry operator that is up to the task.

Radix is poised to join the largest registries in the world with applications to operate 20 suffixes and a warchest of over $30 million to ensure its success.

Tucows operates OpenSRS, the largest wholesale domain name registrar in the world, with over 14,000 resellers in 150 countries and 14 million domains under management.

Namecheap is one of the most popular retail domain name services in the world, with over four million domains under management, two million direct customers, best-in-class user interfaces and outstanding customer support.

Together, the three companies bring unparalleled domain name experience and global distribution. That is fitting for .online, which perhaps brings unparalleled global relevance and appeal.

“Online” is the most commonly used word to end domain names, with over 550K .com domain names today ending with the word “online.” In addition, the .online extension has been amongst the top most pre-registered names across registrars.

“.online is the one new gTLD that requires no explanation,” chanted Radix CEO Bhavin Turakhia, Tucows CEO Elliot Noss and Namecheap CEO Richard Kirkendall. On the count of three, the CEOs continued, “We are excited to leverage our joint capabilities to bring this exciting new generic to the global market.”

Each of Radix, Tucows and NameCheap will contribute $4 to $5 million to cover the cost of the auction and the initial funding of seed capital for the registry. Tucows will treat its contribution as an investment for the purposes of financial reporting.

.online is expected to be generally available for registrations in early 2015.

About Radix

Radix (Radix FZC), is an active participant in ICANN’s process to expand the internet naming system and introduce new, meaningful internet addresses. Radix is Asia’s largest new gTLD applicant under this program with applications to operate 20 suffixes including web, .music, .blog, and .shop. The company has invested over $30 Million in securing licenses to operate these new extensions and expects to play a large role in the global diversification of the internet namespace.

About Tucows
Tucows is a provider of network access, domain name and other Internet services. OpenSRS (opensrs.com) manages over fourteen million domain names and millions of value-added services through a global reseller network of over 13,000 web hosts and ISPs. Hover (hover.com) is the easiest way for individuals and small businesses to manage their domain names and email addresses. Ting (https://ting.com) is a mobile phone service provider dedicated to bringing clarity and control to US mobile phone users. More information can be found on Tucows’ corporate website (http://tucows.com).

About Namecheap

Namecheap is a Los Angeles-based ICANN-accredited domain registrar, founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. With over four million domains under management and two million direct customers, Namecheap is one of the top domain registrars and web hosting providers in the world. For more information, visit https://www.namecheap.com.

This news release was sourced from the Tucows website: