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.BERLIN Retains Top Place in DOTZON Digital City Brands Study

The .berlin new gTLD has retained its position as the most successful Digital City Brand in 2021 according to the fifth edition of DOTZON’s Digital City Brands study.

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Neustar Announces Fourth Premium .NYC Auction For Travel and Tourism Domain Names

dotNYC logoNeustar has announced the fourth auction of premium .nyc domain names aimed at the travel and tourism sector will take place with Sedo handling the auction until 10 May.

This will give New Yorkers in the City’s five boroughs a curated selection of twenty-five premium domain names in the .nyc new generic top level domain (new gTLD). These rare and premium domain names are associated with the travel, hospitality and tourism industry, giving New York travel agencies, hotels, airlines, entrepreneurs, startups and businesses access to some of the most in demand digital real estate in the world.

The following premium domain names will be made available at auction:

see.nyc museum.nyc showtickets.nyc
guides.nyc pedicabs.nyc broadwaytickets.nyc
citytours.nyc carrental.nyc shuttle.nyc
bustour.nyc reservation.nyc limos.nyc
boattour.nyc tour.nyc concierge.nyc
shows.nyc visiting.nyc getaways.nyc
boutiquehotel.nyc theaters.nyc flights.nyc
lodging.nyc ticketbroker.nyc
hotelguide.nyc sightsee.nyc

“I can think of no more fitting tribute to kick off the summer travel season than with these travel-related web addresses,” said Nicolai Bezsonoff, General Manager, Registry Solutions, Neustar, who is the registry services partner of the .nyc top level domain. “Reaching those in-market travellers with a unique domain that signals they’ve reached a legitimate travel business based in New York will go a long way to engender the kind of brand trust that will keep customers coming back again, and again.”

The City of New York has long been the epicentre of fashion, technology and culture, welcoming over 60 million visitors who spent $43 billion last year alone. Travel and tourism activity supports over 383,000 jobs and generates nearly $25 billion in wages and salaries for working New Yorkers. Travel benefits the City immensely with six out of every ten visitors spending at least one night in the Big Apple. With the launch of .nyc’s premium domain names, the travel and tourism sector can create hyper-personalised marketing campaigns centred on unique and highly targeted domains.

New Yorkers will gain exclusive bidding access to the premium domains at 13:00 on 3 May until 13:00 EST on 10 May. As the bidding window is open for eight days, bidders should consider their bidding strategy carefully and be prepared to place their opening bids as soon as the auction opens. The auction will take place entirely online through the official auction partner, Sedo. All bidders should familiarise themselves with all the rules, restrictions and auction details. All of the auction details can be found at Auctions.nyc.

“Our visitors and residents have endless opportunities to discover and explore what our city has to offer. We are creating a closer bond between our city’s physical attractions and the city’s digital real estate online. Anyone in the travel and tourism space can now build a closer connection with our residents and visitors with a unique domain name that precisely reflects the link to NYC,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO, NYC & Company.

In keeping with the City’s desire to ensure equitable access to these sought after domain names, the .nyc auctions have been designed to maximise participation, affordability and transparency. Bidding starts at just US$500 for all domains, a very low point of entry for these high-quality domains. This means small businesses, startup founders, organisations and individuals from every borough can participate equally in the auction process, vying for the chance to secure these high-value domains.

.nyc was launched in October of 2014 with the support of an innovative group of early adopters and enthusiasts, including Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer and tens of thousands of local business owners, such as Sideways.nyc, Digital.nyc, and StartupHub.nyc, among others. Today, .nyc has become one of the largest and most well utilised of all city-affiliated domains.

.NYC Tech Auction Closes 18 May

dotNYC logoNew York City’s new gTLD is currently conducting an auction for tech-related premium domain names which ends on 18 May.

For eligible registrants, that is people and businesses in the city’s boroughs, there are 28 .nyc domains up for grabs. The auction has been open since 2 May but according to the SnapNames auction page bidders appear to be holding fire as there are no bids yet. Reserve ranges for all domains are $201 to $500.

To participate in the auction, bidders need to sign up here.

Live bidding is currently open on the following domains:


Final Hours For .NYC Fashion Auction

dotNYC logoThe .NYC Fashion Week premium domain name auction is into its final hours with all but 4 of the 24 domains up for grabs meeting their reserve and also having receiving at least one bid.

With less than 4 hours to go at the time of publication, shop.nyc has the top bid, with its current bid at $600 followed by fashion.nyc ($575), while a trio of domains (deals.nyc, designer.nyc and models.nyc) all attracting $550 bids.

And remember, you have to be a business or person resident in New York City to register a .nyc domain name.

To check out the .nyc auction at SnapNames, go to:

.NYC To Auction Premium Fashion Domains

dotNYC logoThe .nyc new gTLD is to auction 24 premium fashion-related domain names commencing 1 February through SnapNames.

Promoting the domain names as a means of helping New York City businesses stand out from the crowd, the auction for the new generic Top Level Domain runs from 1 to 28 February and coincides with the most famous fashion week events in the world. Only individuals and businesses within the 28 boroughs of New York City are eligible to register, and also bid, .nyc domain names.

The domains up for auction are:

  • Apparel.nyc
  • Boots.nyc
  • Boutique.nyc
  • Bras.nyc
  • Clothes.nyc
  • Couture.nyc
  • Deals.nyc
  • Designer.nyc
  • Fashion.nyc
  • Jewelry.nyc
  • Lingerie.nyc
  • Makeup.nyc
  • Models.nyc
  • Photographer.nyc
  • Rings.nyc
  • Runway.nyc
  • Salon.nyc
  • Shirts.nyc
  • Shoes.nyc
  • Shop.nyc
  • Sneakers.nyc
  • Stylist.nyc
  • Suits.nyc
  • Swimsuits.nyc


.NYC Celebrates Second Birthday With Release Of Premium Domains

dotNYC logoThe .nyc new generic Top Level Domain is celebrating its second birthday and to “celebrate” over 4,000 premium domain names are being released to New Yorkers.

Currently there are over 79,000 .nyc domain names registered making it the largest of the city new gTLDs, ahead of .london with almost 65,000 registrations, although .london is available for anyone, anywhere to register. For .nyc, it is only available to businesses and individuals within the five New York City boroughs.

“Whether you’re a small business, or an established brand, there’s no better place to launch and build your venture online, than .nyc,” said Jeff Merritt, the Director of Innovation of the City of New York. “With the release of these new premium domains, New Yorkers across the five boroughs will all have the opportunity to own and develop a piece of the City’s most valuable digital real estate.”

The majority of the premium domain names will be made available directly through registrars including instra and Internet.bs at published prices, but a small subset will be available via auctions and select aftermarket providers.

The release will commence on Monday, 10 October at 15:00 EDT.

The first .nyc premium domain name auction for twenty premium domains is scheduled to take place on 24 to 27 October, and is associated with the theme of “Living in NYC.” The following domain names are included in the auction:
Apartments.nyc     Brokers.nyc     Brownstones.nyc     Condos.nyc
Construction.nyc     CoOps.nyc     Furniture.nyc     Garden.nyc
Homes.nyc     Interiors.nyc     Kitchen.nyc     Lease.nyc
Living.nyc     Lofts.nyc     RealEstate.nyc     Renovation.nyc
Roommates.nyc     Rentals.nyc     Studios.nyc     Sublet.nyc

.NYC Premium Domain Auction Set For Late October

dotNYC logoNeustar, Inc. is partnering with the City of New York to launch the first official .nyc premium domain name auction that will run from 24 to 27 October.

New Yorkers in the City’s five boroughs will gain exclusive access to twenty premium domain names in the .nyc namespace. These valuable and rare premium domain names are associated with real estate, interior design, construction, gardening and home improvement. Only businesses, organisations and individuals with a physical address in the five boroughs are eligible to register these premium .nyc domain names, with some of the most sought-after web addresses being made available for the very first time – from apartments.nyc and brokers.nyc to realestate.nyc and garden.nyc.

The .nyc new generic Top Level Domain is the largest of the geographic TLDs to have launched with over 78,600 registrations since General Availability commenced in October 2014.

When the City of New York broke ground on this unique type of digital real estate, it did so with the intention of making .nyc a digital destination where entrepreneurs, businesses and organisations could build a one-of-a-kind community and showcase their affiliation with New York City. The premiere of the premium domain auction marks yet another milestone in the City’s Internet stewardship. New York businesses and entrepreneurs can now connect their brand with New York’s global influence by accessing valuable, one-word descriptive web addresses, which are exclusive to New York City.

In keeping with the City’s desire to ensure equitable access to these sought after domain names, the .nyc auctions have been designed to maximise participation, affordability, and transparency. Unlike most premium domain name auctions, there will be no minimum reserve price set. This means small businesses, start-up founders, organisations and individuals from every borough can participate equally in the auction process, vying for the chance to secure these high-value domains with a starting bid price of only $500.

“Whether you’re a small business, an established brand, a non-profit organisation or just an individual with a bright idea, there’s no better place to launch and build your new venture online than .nyc,” said Jeff Merritt, Director of Innovation, City of New York. “With the release of these new premium domains, New Yorkers across the five boroughs will all have the opportunity to own and develop a piece of the City’s most valuable digital real estate.”

“We are excited to be launching the first .nyc domain name auction, giving all New Yorkers the chance to secure one of twenty rare and highly coveted premium web addresses. They are especially valuable because of their category-defining keyword relevance, their power to draw global traffic through search engine visibility, and their ability to connect the registrant to New York City, the world’s strongest and most prestigious city brand,” said Sean Kaine, Vice President of Registry Services, Neustar.

The following premium domain names will be made available at auction:
Apartments.nyc     Brokers.nyc     Brownstones.nyc     Condos.nyc
Construction.nyc     CoOps.nyc     Furniture.nyc     Garden.nyc
Homes.nyc     Interiors.nyc     Kitche.nyc     Lease.nyc
Living.nyc     Lofts.nyc     RealEstate.nyc     Renovation.nyc
Roommates.nyc     Rentals.nyc     Studios.nyc     Sublet.nyc

In order to take part in the .nyc premium domain name auction, interested bidders should visit www.auctions.nyc/living.

Christmas Comes For New gTLDs As Total Registrations Pass 11 Million

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoOn 23 December, the number of domain names registered across all delegated new gTLDs passed the 11 million mark, according to nTLDstats.com, out of a total of just over 300 million domains registered across all TLDs.

According to the website that compiles a comprehensive tally of statistics for new gTLDs, they note that on 24 December there were 11,000,512 registrations. Going by how nTLDstats.com update their data, it means on the 23rd the 11 million mark was passed.

The largest of the 868 gTLDs that have been delegated continues to be .xyz with 1.769 million registrations, and still far ahead of the second largest, now .top with 955,000 registrations followed by .wang with 601,000.

Of the top 30 by registration numbers, the only strings that aren’t generic are one brand gTLD (.ovh with 79,400 registrations) and the geographic gTLDs of .nyc (79,900), .london (62,300) and .berlin (58,300).

Of the 868 delegated gTLDs, around 410 have entered the General Availability phase while a large number of those delegated are “not available” and are brand gTLDs.

Currently there are 16 gTLDs with more than 100,000 registrations, 33 with more than 50,000 and 140 with more than 10,000.

By registration numbers, the largest registry is XYZ.COM with 1.774 million domains across its six gTLDs, then Famous Four Media (15 and 1.686m), Donuts (191 and 1.543m). On gTLD numbers, Donuts is the largest followed by Rightside (40 gTLDs) and Uniregistry (23).

The largest backend registry provider is Neustar with 101 gTLDs and 2.354m domains followed by CentralNIC (34 and 2.331m), ZDNS (17 and 2.187m) and then Rightside (231 and 1.948m).

Over 72 percent (7.992m) of the registered domains are parked. And there are naturally, and unfortunately, domains that are linked to malware and phishing. But the percentage is tiny with 9,269 or 0.08 percent of all domains registered in new gTLDs having suspicious activity.

New gTLD Registrations Soar Past Ten Million As Generic Keywords Dominate Top Strings

The total number of domain names under management across all new gTLDs soared past the ten million mark on 17 November, with the increase in the DUM increasing markedly in recent months.It was only back in mid-August that the total number reached seven million, taking two months to increase from six million. But then in early October total registrations passed the eight million mark, and nine million was reached on 3 November.This out of a total of around 300 million registrations across all gTLDs, given that at the end of June 2015 there were 296 million domains registered across all TLDs, according to Verisign. So it means new gTLD registrations make up a small but sizeable figure of around 3.5 percent of all registrations. Total registrations though are still dwarfed by .com with around 123 million registrations, 27.1 million for .tk, 16.0 million for .de, 15.2 million for .net, 12.8 million for .cn and 10.8 million for .org.The largest of the new gTLDs by a long way continues to be .xyz with 1.621 million registrations or 16.04 percent of all new gTLD registrations. Registrations jumped a dramatic 200,000 over three days at the end of October and early November and by around 150,000 since.The second largest of the new gTLDs is now .top with over 890,000 registrations which saw registrations grow by around 300,000 in early November, then .wang (592,000), .win (474,000) and then .网址 (website), which for quite a while was the second largest of the new gTLDs now fifth, dropping from a maximum of almost 376,000 to 365,600 registrations today as many domains aren’t renewed come renewal time.One issue that is becoming clearer is the prominence of generic strings among the top gTLDs by registration numbers. Of the top 20, they dominate along with a few gTLDs aimed at the Chinese market such as .ren and .xin.Of the regional gTLDs, .nyc continues to be the largest with almost 87,500 registrations in 19th place while .london (70,600) and .berlin (68,300) in 21st and 22nd easily the best in this category. Depending on how one classifies gTLDs, it would be a fair assumption that of the top 30 by registration numbers, only four are non-generic word strings. The other being the French .ovh.There are now 795 gTLDs delegated, and around 410 of these have entered General Availability. There are 13 that have passed the 100,000 registrations mark, 30 have past 50,000 and 138 have passed 10,000.On backend registries, CentralNic is the largest with 2.1 million domains registered across its 30 new gTLDs followed by the Chinese ZDNS with 2.0 million across 17 new gTLDs then Neustar (1.9m and 68 gTLDs) and Rightside (1.9m and 230). On actual registries, XYZ.COM is the largest with 1.6 million registrations and six new gTLDs followed by Donuts (1.5m and 191) and Famous Four Media (1.4m and 14).

New gTLD Registrations Surge Past 6 Million With More Winners and a Few Losers

New gTLD registrations are still surging upwards with the six millionth registration occurring on 7 June according to nTLDstats.com. Currently there are over 6.033 million domains registered.The six million registrations are across 650 gTLDs, although 281 of these have less than 100 registrations with the bulk of these still in their Sunrise periods or are brand gTLDs. And 104 have more than 10,000 registrations.So there have been quite a few winners. And a few losers. Among the winners is .xyz, the market leader in the total registration count with well over 960,000 registrations. And even though it is estimated several hundred thousand of these were given away for free, it would still be far and away the largest gTLD when it comes to paid registrations.Second on the list of total gTLD registrations is .网址 (.website) however almost all of these registrations are to one registrar and it’s difficult to know how what they’re being used for. Third is .science that has gained close to 300,000 registrations in under four months with one registrar accounting for 85 percent of all registrations.Fourth is one of the big success stories – .club. The gTLD boasts that their 247,000 domains, along with all of the Donuts domains across their gTLDs, are fully paid for. Fifth is .party and it, like .science, has the same registrar making up 90 percent of its 187,000 registrations.The Chinese .wang is sixth with 173,600 registrations and appears to be doing well while .berlin is seventh but this includes a number of free domains. From a peak of over 157,000 registrations it is now down to 153,200 registrations three months into the first of the renewals. But next week over 60,000 domains that were either given away or sold cheaply come up for renewal and undoubtedly it will take a hit. But even if none of these are renewed, an unlikely worst case scenario, it would still be the eleventh largest of the new gTLDs.Rounding out the top ten are .top (129,300 registrations), .link (120,100) and .realtor (102,500). The latter’s numbers though are one of the more unlikely to be sustained. The registry operator has given away domains to real estate agents across North America, but with highly restrictive conditions, it’s unlikely that many will put up money when it comes time for a paid renewal.The .nyc gTLD is also performing well in eleventh place with 79,400 registrations, while .click (69,800) and one of the earliest gTLDs and a Donuts gTLD .guru (69,000) are also doing well.Indeed, while there are some that one could argue should have or could have done better, or even much better, the only other gTLD whose numbers one could question is .ovh among the top 103 with registrations above 10,000. The .ovh gTLD has close to 63,300 registrations but 90 are reserved and the rest through one registrar. And none appear to have been paid for.The most successful backend registry is Donuts with 1.365 million registrations across 186 gTLDs while CentralNic has 1.106 million registrations across 22 gTLDs followed by Neustar with 933,400 registrations across 48 gtLDs then ZDNS (588,100/14), Uniregistry (445,800/21), Rightside (281,500/36), Afilias (212,500/64), TLD-BOX (207,400/7) and Minds + Machines (199,645/24).Some of the losers would appear to be .whoswho, never likely to have big numbers of registrations, but seven months into General Availability has 61 registrations. And while there are others with lower numbers, .rich hasn’t proved very rich with 406 registrations so far and .HIV has struggled with the registry operator now offering the gTLD for sale hoping their unique model for raising funds for charity has some appeal to a larger registry that bring some economies of scale to the project. And in the battle of Democrat v Republicans, the Democrats are winning with 1,356 registrations to 805. But it couldn’t be said either has set the political establishment alight!