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As .NG Passes 100,000 Registrations, Calls For Nigerians To Use Local Hosting Services

NiRA_NG_logoDomain name registrations for the Nigerian ccTLD passed the 100,000 mark in 2017 with growth consistently over 75% year-on-year. Now the Nigerian registry, NiRA, has its focus on the one million registrations mark.

But despite this consistent growth on the back of promotions being run within Nigeria, the Nigerian government isn’t happy that many registrants are using hosting services outside the country. On 4 December 2017, the Management of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) advised Nigeria’s Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) as well as private sector organisations on the need for them to patronise Nigerian Data Centres.

The rate of adoption and utilisation of ICT in both the public and private sectors of the economy makes hosting data and information inevitable. The Management of NITDA had noted the current practices of both public and private sector organisations hosting data offshore, despite Nigeria having highly reliable Tier III Data Centres, certified by various international organisations and guaranteeing almost 100% availability as well as multiple layers of security. Members of the public are to note that hosting data locally guarantees reduction in cost and capital flight, digital job creation, increased security, and increase in tax revenues thereby boosting the local economy.

Quoting Section 14.1 of the Guidelines for Nigerian Content Development in ICT, NITDA pointed out that it is mandatory for Data and Information Management Firms to “host government data locally within the country and shall not for any reason host any government data outside the country without an express approval from NITDA”. The audience was informed that NITDA is working with local data hosting firms to set appropriate service level requirements and standards for data service provisioning. The Office for Nigerian Content Development in ICT (ONC), NITDA’s Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), has been restructured and charged with the responsibility of developing, promoting and monitoring indigenous ICT adoption and utilisation. In addition, adequate measures have been put in place to facilitate full compliance with these guidelines.

.NG Booms On Reduced Prices But Still Outrageously Overpriced

NIRA logoRegistrations for Nigeria’s country code top level domain (ccTLD), .NG, have boomed compared to previous registration statistics following a dramatic cutting in the registration fee. But the ccTLD, along with many others, is still saddled with overpriced registration fees.

Today registrations have passed the 30,000 mark, up from around 9000 in 2011 with a reduction in the fees from ₦500,000 ($3170) to “just” ₦15, 000 ($95).

While the reductions are laudable, one has to ask how any TLD can justify such a high price? Especially in a developing country with a population of 174.5 million and a gross domestic product of $2700 (coming 180th out of 229 countries and territories according to the CIA Factbook). This compares to the United States with a GDP of $49,800 and .com domains easily available for $10 to $20.

Speaking at the fifth Annual General Meeting of the Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA), Mr. Ope Odusan, the organisation’s Chief Operating Officer, is reported to have said:
“It’s ironical that the foreigners who many often say are not always ready to do business with any business with .ng domain constitute the largest owners of the .ng domain names.”

Odusan is also reported to have said “only 32 .ng domain names were sold in three years, and 30 out of the 32, were bought by foreigners doing business outside Nigeria, while only two were bought by Nigerian residents, THISDAY Newspapers and MTN Nigeria,” according to a This Day report.

Well, it’s hardly surprising. Not many Nigerians would be in a position to afford a .ng domain name and were they intending to, it is much cheaper for them to register a .com domain.

But in part NiRA recognises that the high costs contribute to registrations, with Odusan saying that as part of measures to increase the usage of .ng, NiRA ‘crashed’ the cost according to Nigeria’s National Mirror. But this reduction still makes .ng domains unaffordable to a large proportion of Nigerians.

.NG Targets Half Million Registrations By End 2012 From 42,000 Now

NIRA logoBuilding on its low base of domains under management of 42,000, the Nigerian ccTLD is targeting 500,000 registrations by the end of 2012.

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association has recently improved its infrastructure, Ope Odusan NIRA’s Chief Operating Officer recently said, and the organisation has been collaborating with some national and international organisations to increase .NG’s usage, reports Nigeria’s National Mirror.

To improve local registrations, the president of NIRA, Mary Uduma challenged Odusan and the publicity committee of NIRA to come up with more strategies that will help increase .NG registrations among Nigerians, according to another report in This Day.

NIRA is also targeting direct marketing to corporates and individuals, which according to Odusan, has commenced with some level of achievement.