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Kickstart America with Neustar! by Morgan Linton

Start With DotUS logoIt has been my favorite ccTLD on the planet since 2007 and now I’m excited to sayNeustar is taking it to the next level and promoting .US in a new campaign aimed at small businesses. Kickstart America is all about Small Businesses and how they can build their brands on .US. For many Small Businesses shelling-out $10,000+ for a domain name just isn’t possible, think of the flower shop down the street from you or your local independent coffee shop.

I have always been a big fan of .US because I think it’s a great way to identify a business in the US or a site with information that is US-specific. There are plenty of brands that have already established a home on .US and with the Kickstart America campaign in full swing the TLD is back in the spotlight and in front of Small Business owners across the US. A new site,About.us was launched yesterday as part of the campaign, the site gives Small Businesses the chance to learn more about .US, collaborate, and learn from other businesses that have build brands on the .US.

The new site looks great and I think this campaign will do a lot to really help get the .US TLD in front of so many small businesses that probably didn’t even know it existed. I’ve been waiting for something like this for years and look forward to following along, go .US and rock on Neustar, the new campaign looks great!

America Registry logoTo register your .US domain name, check out America Registry here.

Neustar Kickstarts America’s Interest in .US

Start With DotUS logoNeustar have started a publicity campaign to both alert Americans to and encourage their use of the .US ccTLD.

The campaign wants small business to consider using a .US domain name for their business. Neustar say they spoke to small business, listened to their concerns and the KickStart America Campaign is the result.

As part of the campaign, Neustar have developed a toolkit to assist small business in getting online with help on how to choose a good domain name, information on what to consider on developing a website, and whether the business should do it themselves or hire a professional, and then, once online, how to promote the website and business.

And to help with this “kickstart”, Neustar and .US are also giving away an all-expenses paid trip to Washington DC to attend a national small business conference.

To find out more about the campaign, go to www.about.us.

America Registry logoTo register your .US domain name, check out America Registry here.

Neustar Ups Registry Fee For .BIZ Domains By 7.5%

Neustar have advised ICANN they will be increasing the wholesale price of .BIZ domains, the price they charge registrar’s, by $0.55 or approximately 7.5 per cent as of 1 February 2012.

This means the price will increase from the current$7.30 to $7.85 per year and is in line with the registry agreement Neustar have with ICANN.

America Registry logoOf course, registrants can avoid the fee increase by registering their .BIZ domain names before 1 February through America Registry here.

Neustar to Establish its Own Brand-Specific gTLD

Neustar will apply for .Neustar Brand-specific gTLD to Further Promote its Brand, Products and Services

[news release] Following today’s approval of the new gTLD guidebook by ICANN, Neustar, a leader in Internet and telecommunications information and analysis, will be joining the ranks of Canon®, Hitachi® and  other global brands in applying for a new gTLD. Applying for the .NEUSTAR brand-specific gTLD will provide Neustar with an opportunity to further promote its brand, products and services by owning both sides of the dot, ultimately bolstering its online presence and brand visibility.

“Having a brand-specific gTLD gives companies an infinite universe of branded domains that can be used to promote products and services,’ said Mark Pilipczuk, vice president of Marketing for Neustar.  “One of the many benefits of owning the .NEUSTAR gTLD is the flexibility it provides in creating shorter, more intuitive and easy to remember domains for our marketing campaigns.”

For the first time ever, ICANN is allowing applications for brand-specific (dot-brand) gTLDs.  With today’s announcement of the approved ICANN new gTLD guidelines, companies, like Neustar, now have the official guidelines and process needed to create formal applications and submit them to ICANN for review beginning January 2012 through April 2012.

The new gTLDs give companies the ability to own both sides of the dot; replacing mycompany.com with dot.mycompany, which helps to establish a more robust online presence.  Neustar is not only applying for its own brand-specific gTLD, but it also is helping companies, organizations, geographic locations and others to apply for and manage their own gTLDs.  Neustar has more than a decade of experience in being a trusted authoritative registry for Internet domains names for the .biz, .us, .tel and .travel top-level domains. It also is the technical services provider for Colombia’s .co and the gateway services provider for China’s .cn, and Taiwan’s .tw country-code top-level domains.

This Neustar news release was sourced from here.

Minds+Machines Owner Links Up With Neustar

Top Level Domain Holdings, the parent company of Minds+Machines, has announced an exclusive arrangement with Neustar to offer registry services to cities, regions, and other geographical top-level domains such as .bayern, .berlin, .mumbai and others.

Under the terms of the arrangement, Neustar and TLDH, along with its wholly owned subsidiary, Minds + Machines, will work together exclusively in respect of all geographic gTLDs pursued by TLDH, apart from a short list of those already in progress. TLDH will oversee sales, marketing, registrar relations, ICANN compliance and other management functions, while Neustar will provide back-end registry and DNS services.

“Neustar has a proven track record working with governments to support geographic top-level domains, including .US. They are a large public company with substantial financial reserves, known for their solid, responsive, and trustworthy services, as well as their world-class DNS services. That’s a very attractive profile to governments,” said Antony Van Couvering, CEO of TLDH. “This is a great collaboration for these top-level domains.”

“We are looking forward to working with TLDH,” said Ken Hansen, Senior Director, Registry Services for Neustar. “TLDH is very innovative, professional and customer focused, and we are pleased to collaborate with them for these important clients.”

TLDH will continue to use Espresso, TLDH’s own registry services platform, for non-geographic gTLDs. Espresso is based on CoCCA, which powers over 30 ccTLDs worldwide. “Espresso is a flexible registry solution, proven world-wide,” said Van Couvering. “In this case, we’re teaming up with Neustar because their company profile, along with their long and successful history in the gTLD space, makes this a compelling offering for city and regional gTLDs.”

.BIZ Follows .ORG And Increases Registry Fee

The registry for .BIZ domain names has advised ICANN that it will be increasing the registry fee to US$7.30 from the current $6.85, an increase of 6.6 per cent, as of 1 April, 2011.

The announcement came about in a letter to ICANN from Neustar dated 29 September and follows a similar letter from the Public Interest Registry to ICANN. PIR said they will be increasing the registry fee for .ORG domain names to $7.21, again on 1 April 2011.

The Neustar letter to ICANN is available at icann.org/en/correspondence/switzer-to-beckstrom-29sep10-en.pdf.

The PIR letter to ICANN is available at icann.org/en/correspondence/raad-to-beckstrom-07sep10-en.pdf.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BIZ or .ORG domain name, check out Europe Registry here.