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Neustar Guide On How To Launch Your Own .BRAND New gTLD Builds On Their Experiences

Thinking of launching your own .brand new gTLD? Well, if you didn’t apply in the first round that closed mid-2012, you won’t get a chance to apply again until at least 2020. However if you were one of the more than 500 brands that were successful in applying for their own new gTLD but haven’t yet launched it, or even if you were thinking of applying in the next round, you could find it useful to download and read Neustar’s launch guide for their own new gTLD.

The guide a step-by-step outlines how Neustar got .neustar to launch. The guide is a detailed look at what Neustar learned as they planned, executed and launched .neustar.

Neustar says they believe .brand TLDs represent one of the major pillars for the future of the Internet. The possibilities for creativity and innovation are nearly endless. And as they say, they’re not alone – dozens of Fortune 500 companies have already joined the movement and launched their TLD.

Moving to .neustar was about more than promoting Neustar’s own Registry Services capabilities. They note that if they were going to talk the talk about TLDs, then they needed to walk the walk. There is no stronger statement for a product or service than using it yourself, and Neustar is incredibly excited to be among the pioneers in this space.

This document will provide important tips, hints and suggestions based on their own experiences so your .brand launch goes as smoothly as possible. By sharing what we’ve learned in this Launch Guide, Neustar hopes to inform and empower other .brands with the know-how and resources to launch their own new generic top level domains.

Download the Launch Guide now at launchguide.neustar

Neustar To Explain Why Brand TLDs Are The Future With Upcoming Webinar

The team at Neustar thinks that .brands are the future. So much so, that they recently completed the transition to their own .neustar top level domain.

To share the knowledge, Neustar will be holding a .brand webinar on 20 February to share some insights on how they made it happen across the organisation.

Neustar say to register now to hear:

  • What technical and operational steps went into the launch
  • How they built a communications plan for stakeholders around the change
  • Where they see some of the biggest opportunities and challenges of a .brand transition.

Regular Neustar .brands presenter Tony Kirsch will be joined by Barbara Reed, Corporate Website Marketing Manager at Neustar, who was an integral part of the shift to the .neustar TLD.

To register for the webinar, go to:

Neustar Transition Sees Nicolai Bezsonoff Promoted To Replace Sean Kaine To Head Domains Division

Nicolai_Bezsonoff_imageNeustar’s Nicolai Bezsonoff has been promoted to replace the outgoing Sean Kaine as the head of their Registry Solutions business as VP and General Manager. It is believed Kaine had already announced he will be leaving Neustar in coming months in an orderly transition. Bezsonoff will transition from his current role of VP and GM of Security Solutions to focus on supporting the world’s largest core registry and digital naming service.

Domain names are a growing part of the Neustar portfolio, notwithstanding the loss of the .au registry from their portfolio. On the new gTLD side of things, they provide backend registry services for 223 new gTLDs, the second largest provider, with 6.598 million domains under management, the largest of any provider, according to nTLDstats.com.

Bezsonoff has an extensive background in technology and registry operations, having previously held the position of co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the .CO domain administrator, which was acquired by Neustar in 2014. Under his tenure .CO had incredible growth and became one of the most successful domain extensions in history, with more than 2.2 million domain names registered by people in 200 countries. He has more than 20 years of experience running businesses and consulting on functions ranging from strategy, finance, product, technology and sales.

“Nicolai has shown incredible leadership and insight shaping our growing cybersecurity business to meet the needs of our customers,” said Venkat Achanta, Chief Data Officer and SVP, Internet Addressing Solutions. “Combining his expertise of the business, and knowledge from his previous role at .CO, is a natural fit to broadening our capabilities and shows our dedication to innovation and strengthening the evolution of the domain name space.”

“I’m excited to continue this journey with Neustar and take on a more active role leading passionate teams dedicated to delivering digital naming services that are second to none,” added Nicolai Bezsonoff. “Working for an industry pioneer that continues to be at the forefront of the domain name industry provides an undeniable platform to raise the bar even higher on creativity, increased engagement and deeper insight for innovative brands.”

As auDA’s Annus Horribilis Draws to a Close, Afilias Appointed to Operate .AU Registry

It’s been a bruising year for auDA. One could call it their Annus Horribilis. An unusually high staff and board member turnover, ousting of the Chair following a member revolt and a process for dealing with the registry contract commencing in turmoil, but finally coming to an end with Afilias winning the tender to operate the registry from July 2018.

The auDA announcement today comes from a shortlist of 3 which was whittled down from the original 9 full responses received following the tender announcement, a process overseen by domain name industry veteran Bruce Tonkin, which, prior to his stewardship had the appearance of being a process without direction and in total chaos starting with auDA’s announcement, never clarified, that they intended to build and operate the registry and was being conducted without industry consultation, which they are required to do.

The current registry provider, AusRegistry, now owned by Neustar, has run the registry since late 2002 and overseen growth from around 310,000 to today’s 3.125 million.

With the auDA contract, the number of country code top level domains (ccTLDs) operated by Afilias comes to 10. The .au contract is easily the largest of these, the others being .ag (Antigua and Barbuda), .bz (Belize), .gi (Gibraltar), .in (India), .lc (St. Lucia), .me (Montenegro), .mn (Mongolia), .sc (Seychelles) and .vc (St. Vincent and the Grenadines). Afilias also provides backend registry services for 8 legacy generic top level domains (gTLDs) and 193 new gTLDs, 20 of these which they’re also the registry for.

Established in 2000, Afilias is the world’s second largest domain name registry provider with over 21 million names under management, including .org (10.372 million domain names) and .info (5.917 million).

As part of the requirements for operating the .au registry, Afilias is required to have an Australian office and according to the auDA announcement they “will set up a new Melbourne office with 20 local staff, including seasoned domain name professionals with more than 20 years global experience.”

Neustar Moves From .BIZ To .NEUSTAR In Boost to New gTLDs

Neustar has completed the transition from its .biz TLD to its very own .neustar. As of yesterday (4 Dec) it launched its revamped global website. Now Neustar’s homepage resolves to home.neustar and each of its solution areas can also be found on .neustar web addresses, such as marketing.neustar, security.neustar and risk.neustar.

It’s a smart move by Neustar, who also operate the .biz top level domain, to promote the use of new generic top level domains and the transition has been underway for some time. Neustar provides registry services for 223 new gTLDs with almost 6.4 million domains under management, and an additional 59 through their ARI Registry Services subsidiary with close to 710,000 DUM according to nTLDstats, it’s a smart way to help promote the new gTLDs. Their .neustar gTLD currently has 618 domain names registered, although, according to Domain Incite, only about 15 of these currently resolve to .neustar websites.

As the world’s largest registry services provider and a global leader in managing and administering digital naming solutions, Neustar said in a statement they’re committed to embracing the digital future and driving the connected world forward.

Creating trusted interactions in a connected world remains paramount to growing and guarding any organisation and because “.neustar” can only be used by Neustar solutions and services, customers who visit sites that use the new TLD can be certain that the information they contain is reliable and trustworthy. In addition, the new TLD offers unparalleled global brand value for Neustar and its solutions, as “.neustar” is easy to remember and it is an equally effortless brand identifier in all marketing collateral, online and offline.

“It’s time for organisations to take back ownership of their digital brand and create efficient pathways for customers to find the online content they’re looking for,” said Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services, Registry Solutions, Neustar. “Hundreds of globally admired brands like Canon, Google, Barclays and Audi have already launched brand TLDs as the foundation of their future digital brand identity. We believe this is the next evolution of the internet – whereby organisations can put the power back into the hands of the consumer and reap the rewards of direct customer relationships. As Neustar takes on one of its most memorable journeys yet, we are proud to take this extra step to truly align our corporate strategy with our digital strategy and further our role in leading this incredibly important movement.”

What domain names tell us about the Australian same-sex marriage vote

Live Melbourne gTLDMarriage equality and domain names aren’t usually thought of in the same breath. But when this week’s postal survey results showed that the majority of the country voted in favour of same sex marriage (yay!), we saw an interesting uptick in domain name registrations come through almost immediately after the results were announced.

Traditionally, domain name registrations are a window into the trends and important moments in our society. When something major happens, you can often see the keywords reflected in new domain name registrations ­— the original Twitter #hashtag, if you will.

That didn’t change this week, either. Enterprising Melburnians pounced on the business opportunities to come —  gayweddingphotography.melbourne,  hersandhers.melbourne, and queerweddings.melbourne were all registered since the ‘yes’ result was announced.

These domain names join already existing businesses and entrepreneurs, like www.gaycelebrant.melbourne, who are leveraging their city and offering localised, personal services to their consumers. After all, for an event as major as a wedding, you want someone who knows the landscape.

But you don’t need to be a business offering wedding services, either. Using a local domain name like .melbourne or .sydney is a smart choice for couples, both before and after the big day:

  • Spread the word to family and friends. Instead of sending numerous emails about the venue, travel, accommodation, registry, and all the other wedding details, set up a website instead. Family and friends can check out the URL to get all the need-to-know information in one location.
  • Share photos, videos, and more. Forget the Facebook albums. After the big day, use your website to share the best photos, videos, and can’t-miss moments.
  • Give glimpses into your life. Long after the wedding is over, your site can remain useful. Use it to share big life updates without having to wait for the annual Christmas card. Buying a first home, moving to a new city, or having a baby are all milestone moments that are perfect for sharing on your website.

When it comes to current events, time is of the essence. Use our ‘Find a Domain‘ search to see if your favourite wedding-related domain name is available, and start celebrating!

This post Live.Melbourne blog was sourced with permission from:

Satisfaction With .AU Runs High Among Australians As Women Increasingly Register Domain Names

Women account for close to half (48%) of all .au registrants as trust in the Australian ccTLD remains high, with 61% of respondents reporting it was their most trusted TLD in Australia followed by .com (41%), according to the latest annual survey on .au.

These are some of the findings of an annual survey conducted on behalf of the .au registry, AusRegistry, published in their latest Behind the Dot magazine.

The overall results of the survey of 1,201 Australians shed a positive light on .au and its dominance in the marketplace. When asked what the .au country code top level domain signifies, two thirds (67%) of respondents answered, ‘Australia’. The second most popular response at 30% was ‘Australian businesses’. Results also indicate an uptick in a respondent’s willingness to purchase .au domain names, greater domain ownership overall, and a level of trust in .au returning to above 60%.

Women are increasingly registering .au domain names accounting for 48% of registrants compared to 44% in 2013, the first year AusRegistry conducted the survey. Of those without a domain name, 18% wanted to expand their online presence. And a third (34%) of registrants were aware of new generic top level domains.

Increasingly Australians are registering a domain name with 27% of respondents holding a domain name compared to 23% in 2016. And when registering a domain name, two thirds (67%) preferred a .com.au domain, followed by .com (16%), .au (7%), and .net.au (4%). Renewal rates are also high with the annualised retention rate to 30 June 2017 being 84%.

To download AusRegistry’s latest Behind the Dot magazine which includes the survey results in more detail, go to:

Neustar Publish Social Media Experience Guide for Brand gTLDs

MakeWayWorld-logoNeustar have published a document on their Makeway.World site intended to provide a primer for .brand TLD operators to understand the current landscape of social media as it relates to .brand TLDs.

The guide can be downloaded in pdf format from:

Amazon Web Services targets startups and creators with .aws by Tony Kirsch, Neustar

MakeWayWorld-logoIt will come as no surprise to those who’ve read my blogs that I get pretty excited about seeing .brand domains launch.

At Neustar we’re all in on promoting .brand usage in any industry, from all around the world and as such, we’re always watching closely for any signs of new domains on the horizon, trawling for case studies or any hint of new activity.

So imagine my surprise when a brilliant .brand example jumped out in front of me at JFK airport.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently launched a campaign around its AWS Cloud solutions, appealing to startups, creators and ‘builders’. The catchy tagline “Build On” rounds out the branding nicely – and the go-to location for information is the new address www.buildon.aws.

The campaign includes a great video that speaks to ‘the new builders’ of today’s startups and big businesses, as well as billboard and other display advertising at major airports and train stations throughout the US. All these efforts use the www.buildon.aws call-to-action.

build on amazon web services aws dotbrand

“Widespread advertising using a .brand domain is still something we’ve seen only sparingly, and Amazon has gone big here with its buildon.aws campaign.”

Credit where it’s due

This is an extraordinary effort from AWS. As I’ve written in the past, we’re under no illusion that changes to branding in major organizations is easy. In fact, my entire job revolves around slowly but surely making the case for brands to change their approach to branding, marketing and online navigation. And that can be a gamble – it’s no easy feat and I acknowledge that.

And that’s why I’m so impressed by this launch from AWS – for a brand as established, recognized, and customer-facing as Amazon this must have taken a lot of effort.

It takes guts to see the potential benefits of .aws to the brand as a whole. It takes trust that customers won’t be deterred by an unfamiliar domain. And it takes some awesome forward-thinking to rethink customer experience in this way and consider how to create the most memorable, meaningful call-to-action possible.

Back to advertising basics

I’ve written before about the considerations required for using .brand domains in advertising, and how a simple ‘back to basics’ approach to advertising theory can remind us of the most important aspects of audience, medium and recall.

AWS has done an excellent job here of applying solid ‘old-school’ advertising principles to a ‘new-school’ asset. And who would expect less of Interbrand’s number five ‘Best Global Brand’, especially one highlighted as one of the top growing brands in 2017?

You don’t get to a position like that by sticking to the status quo, and Amazon has really shown its mettle here.

For example, the decision to include ‘www’ in the call-to-action is a clever tool to avoid any possible confusion around the new .aws extension and to reinforce audience education that this is a legitimate address.

Also, given the ads appeared largely in locations where people are commuting, recall is vital for the success of the campaign – so the ‘build on’ branding and a call-to-action that sticks in audience’s minds are essential.

Throwing down the gauntlet

With almost 9,000 domains registered under .brand domains, momentum is undeniably growing. In fact, this isn’t even the first domain on .aws – Amazon has also created specific product domains like www.ecs.aws and www.kinesis.aws.

However in this burgeoning space there is still an opportunity to be a ‘first mover.’ Widespread advertising using a .brand domain is still something we’ve seen only sparingly, and Amazon has gone big here with its buildon.aws campaign.

It’s truly impressive to see a brand of this size get a campaign like this off the ground using its .brand domain.

And it’s not a stretch to say this serves as a challenge to other .brand applicants: tackle the challenges of internal engagement and take advantage of the unique branding opportunities offered by .brand domains – or be left behind by those who are.

This article by Tony Kirsch, Head of Professional Services, Neustar, was sourced with permission from:

Neustar Wants Your Help Shaping the Future of .US

Start With DotUS logoThe .us ccTLD has long been overshadowed by .com. In most countries their ccTLD today has more registrations than .com, but in the United States .com continues to overshadow .us for obvious reasons. Americans often view .com has their “own” TLD.

Today .com has over 128 million registrations globally while .us is closing in on 2.6 million, boosted significantly by a recent promotion that boosted registrations by around 800,000 according to Registrar Stats, itself a respectable figure. But given the US population not so.

So to help shape the future of .us registry operator Neustar is hosting a live town hall forum in October for anyone interested in the country code top level domain’s future.

The annual town hall is part of Neustar’s commitment to a bottom-up, multi-stakeholder model of domain registry management. It’s also an important aspect of ensuring that .US continues to be a vibrant namespace reflecting America’s diversity, creativity, and innovative spirit. Attendees have the opportunity to collaborate, share expertise and ideas, and discuss topics of interest and public service goals. Becky Burr, Neustar’s Chief Privacy Officer and member of the Board of Directors of ICANN, will also be presenting on the topic of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies to .US and the registry community.

The free virtual .US Town Hall Webcast will take place on Thursday, 5 October, 2017 at 15:00. EST. Neustar says you can expect a rundown of the current state of the domain industry and .US, policy considerations for domain growth, and community outreach to establish top civic priorities for future direction.

Featured speakers include the .US Stakeholder Council Chair and Neustar representatives. If you’re interested in the .US domain space or internet growth and trends, you don’t want to miss this discussion! Register now.