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SIDN and PwC launch National .NL Internet Survey

SIDN logoSIDN, the registry for .NL, launched the Dutch National Internet Survey in partnership with PwC. All this month, Dutch people and businesses are being asked to complete a questionnaire at www.denationaleinternetenquete.nl.

The aim is to gather information about the role that the internet plays in life in the Netherlands. SIDN and PwC hope that the feedback will help businesses and policy-makers to identify and take account of the key issues and themes in this field. The survey findings will be published on 10 November at ‘25 Years of .NL’ – a congress for internet experts from the Netherlands and other countries. The National Internet Survey forms part of the activities marking the silver jubilee of .NL – the country-code domain for the Netherlands. For details, visit www.de25jaarvan.nl.

Launch of the National Internet Survey

SIDN, the company behind .nl, today launched the National Internet Survey in partnership with PwC. By organising the survey, SIDN and PwC aim to study the significance of the internet to the Dutch economy and society, as well as to the everyday life of people in the Netherlands.

Roelof Meijer, SIDN’s CEO: “With more than 94 per cent of Dutch people now using the internet, it is hard to imagine what life would be like without it. So, by carrying out the National Internet Survey, we want to find out what Dutch internet users see as the main issues and themes involving the internet and what they expect a future with the internet to be like. We also hope to improve awareness of what people are thinking, so that the government and the business community can take that into account in their future policies.”

The National Internet Survey is aimed at all Dutch people and businesses, and deals with the following themes:

  • Standards & Values
  • Privacy & Security
  • Politics
  • Consumption
  • Relationships
  • Knowledge
  • Internet use
  • Mobile internet use

The survey questionnaire can be completed at www.denationaleinternetenquete.nl up to and including 30 September 2011. Respondents have the chance to win a MacBook, an iPad2 or an iPhone5.

Publication of the results

The National Internet Survey forms part of the activities marking the silver jubilee of the .nl domain. The survey findings will be published interactively on 10 November at the congress ‘25 Years of .NL’. As part of the proceedings, internet experts from the Netherlands and other countries will give their views on the important, topical internet themes covered by the survey.

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SIDN Launches .NL Control For Extra Domain Security

SIDN logoSIDN have launched a new programme for .NL registrants whose domain names are vital to their activities or have a high financial value.

The new service provided by the .NL registry gives registrants extra control over their domains and means registration details cannot be changed without the registrant’s explicit agreement and prior consent.

To receive this service registrants need to apply through their registrar. For full details, see the information leaflet, procedural description and Terms and Conditions of Service, all of which are available from the SIDN announcement page for .NL Control in the bottom right corner under ‘Downloads’ here or contact your registrar.

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SIDN Finds Strong Growth in Green Hosting Of .NL Domains

SIDN logoEach year, SIDN, the .nl registry, and Cleanbits, the organisation that works to promote a green internet, carry out a survey to find out how many .nl domain names have green hosts. The results of this year’s survey show that half of .nl’s 4.5 million domain names are now hosted on a green or CO2-neutral basis. Green hosting is rapidly becoming the norm in the Netherlands.

Every other host is green

“We investigate whether each individual .nl domain name is hosted by a ‘green’ or ‘grey’ service provider. To be counted as green, a service provider has to use only green energy, or offset its CO2 emissions by, for example, afforestation,” explains René Post, Cleanbits’ CEO. “Twelve months ago, nearly 30 per cent of .nl domain names had green hosts. Over the last year, the percentage has risen to 50 per cent, which is great news, of course.”

Insisting on green

From the survey findings, it’s clear that the green internet is gaining ground all the time in the Netherlands. Just a few years ago, it was a bonus if a hosting firm was green. Now, though, many clients and (sub) hosters insist that hosting service providers are green, and are willing to transfer if their current provider doesn’t have the right ecological credentials. In the last year, Cleanbits has introduced its Green Web Add-ons (available for IE, FF, Safari and Chrome), which further increase transparency. These tools show internet users as they browse whether the sites they are visiting have green hosts.

Green zone

“Every day, SIDN handles more than a billion queries from internet users who want to look at .nl websites and reach .nl mailboxes. Every query requires several web servers to respond. What’s more, partly because of the way the mobile internet is booming, people are using the net more intensively all the time. And that means more energy consumption. Every time we tap a search query into Google, for example, we use up about as much energy as by having an energy-saver lamp on for an hour,” says Roelof Meijer, SIDN’s CEO. “Our aim is to have all our servers running on green energy. We offset the CO2 emissions associated with our non-green energy use by working with Cleanbits to fund the planting of trees in the Groenlo Internet Wood. What’s more, the new premises that we plan to move into at the end of the year will feature all sorts of clever ideas for minimising CO2 emissions. The offices will have extra floor, wall and glazing insulation, a heat/cooling storage system and solar panels to cut our reliance on energy from fossil fuel.”

This SIDN news release was sourced from:

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.NL Celebrates 25 Years And 4.4 Million Domains

SIDN logoTwenty five years ago this week the first .NL domain name was registered. In the 25 years since over 4,412,300 million .NL domains have been registered and SIDN, the .NL registry, has organised various events in celebration of this milestone, and is looking back on how it all started.

In 1986, the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI or Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science) was tasked with the management of the .NL domain. As a result, .NL became the first country domain outside of the United States. During its first years of existence, the .NL Internet domain was not used intensively, main focus was the development of technical systems, regulation and procedures. When the number of Internet users strongly increased in the Netherlands, the registration of domain names had to be organised in a more professional way. This need resulted in the foundation of SIDN in 1996.

The .NL domain has developed into the third largest country domain in the world, ranking behind .DE (Germany) and .UK (United Kingdom). Research by McAfee shows that it is also one of the safest domains. In addition, The Netherlands has the second highest domain name density per capita: 35 domains per 100 inhabitants for all top-level domains combined. The average length of .NL domains is also somewhat longer than that of other countries. The reason for this is that the Dutch often include a slogan or payoff in their domain names.

“In 1986, the Dutch Internet pioneers had no idea that 25 years later, 94% of the Dutch population would be connected to the web and that we would be online over 39 hours per month on average,” said Roelof Meijer, the General Manager of SIDN.

“We can no longer imagine a life without the Internet. We do business on the web. We maintain friendships, find new jobs, arrange our holidays and do our shopping there. Not so long ago, only universities owned an Internet connection for data exchange purposes. It is good to realise how enormously fast this development has been — it tells us something about what still lies in store for us.”

The 25th anniversary of the .NL domain marks an important milestone in the development of the Netherlands as a knowledge and innovation country. SIDN deems it important to inform the younger generation (who are already unable to imagine that an offline society ever existed and able to function without the Internet) about the development of the Internet and to acquaint them with its underlying infrastructure.

For this reason, SIDN in collaboration with NEMO, is organising an interesting exhibition on Internet developments as part of ‘Scientific 2011’. Earlier this year the website 25jaarvan.nl was launched, where all Dutch internet users can share their personal Internet experiences and participate in a story contest. SIDN will also publish a special NL-magazine for its relations. This magazine provides readers with an overview of the current Internet era. More specifically, it outlines what the .nl domain currently signifies for the Dutch. The magazine also provides an overview of the history of the Dutch Internet domain. The year of the domain’s anniversary will end with an event aimed at the broader public, which will touch upon various topical Internet themes, among other things.

SIDN have also compiled the following statistics on .NL:

  • Currently over 4.4 million .nl domains are active. Each day, 2,700 domains are added. Taking into account the cancellation of existing domains, this entails an annual growth of approximately half a million domains.
  • 38% of the .nl domains are owned by private individuals; this percentage is on the rise.
  • The .nl domain names are registered through approximately 1,900 registrars that provide additional web hosting and e-mail services.
  • The longest .nl domain names contain 63 characters, such as the decimals for the number pi (π): 141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592.nl.
  • By now, all two-character.nl domain names have been registered (a total of 1,296). Approximately half of the 3-character .nl domain names have been registered (25,151 out of a total of 47,952 domain names).
  • The total number of possible domain names is 260,575,434,512,486,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (based on 99 characters). Only 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000002% of these domain names have been registered.
  • The average length of a .nl domain name is 13 characters.
  • The average length increases with 1 character approximately every 5 years.
  • The average lifecycle of a .nl domain spans 4 years.
  • 96.4% of the .nl domain names have been registered by Dutch individuals or companies. The rest of the domain names have been registered by individuals or entities in 174 other countries.

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.CN Domain Registrations Plummet 10 Million in 14 Months To Under 4 Million

Registrations of .CN (China) domain names have plummeted to 3,379,441 active domain names as of 28 February, a decline of over ten million registrations in 14 months, according to statistics published by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) in the past week.The total number of registered domain names has declined from a peak of 13,459,133 as of 31 December 2009 when .CN was the number one country code Top Level Domain (CNNIC publishes registration statistics dated the end of each month).The decline has meant .CN, which was easily the number one ccTLD at its peak is now at best fifth and probably sixth in terms of total registrations.The dramatic reductions are the result of the end of promotions that lasted for much of 2008 and 2009 where domain names could be registered for a few cents and the introduction of restrictions on registrants.The restrictions on registrants were monitored by 600 temporary workers that were hired in February 2011 to check all .CN domain names for pornographic content and inaccurate records according to an IDG report at the time.In terms of total registrations, Germany’s ccTLD (.DE) is still the number one registry with 14,304,857 registrations after it regained the position from .CN. Following is:

  • .UK (United Kingdom) with 9,194,231 registrations
  • .NL (Netherlands) with 4,370,120 registrations
  • .EU (European Union) with 3,383,275 registrations.

Russia’s ccTLD, .RU, is steadily increasing and has 3,250,627 active registrations meaning given the trends has probably overtaken .CN.All registrations are as of 2 April.Among the gTLDs, .COM remains number one with around 92 million registrations and .NET with around 13 million as of the end of December 2010, according to VeriSign’s Domain Name Industry Brief. There are approximately nine million .ORG domain names (March 2011) and 6.5 million .INFO domains (September 2010).

Dutch Minister Launches 25 Years of .NL Website

The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen officially opened the website de25jaarvan.nl to celebrate 25 years of the .NL (Netherlands) ccTLD at a launch ceremony in The Hague in February.

“In the last quarter-century, the simple abbreviation ‘.NL’ has become a factor of considerable economic significance. The internet is now the source of innovation and one of the drivers of our economy,’ Mr Verhagen wrote.

One of the jubilee website’s functions is as a repository for anecdotes from Dutch people, describing the impact that the internet has had on their lives, and on the life of their country, in the last twenty-five years.

For the first twenty-five hours of de25jaarvan.nl, every hour another prominent Dutch personality made a contribution to the site. Each of them will add to the website’s timeline with words or images reflecting his or her personal experience of the internet.

Among the celebrities and public figures who will be contributing are Hanna Verboom (actress and founder of Get It Done), Frank Heemskerk (former State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Chairman of ECP-EPN), Jacco Eltingh (former tennis professional) and Raymond Spanjar (founder of Hyves).

The personal recollections and reflections include a piece by Frans Nauta, describing .NL as ‘The perfect Albert Cuyp market for a Dutch ideas stall. As it has been for twenty-five years!’ Boris van der Ham points out that ‘The internet has opened up political parties. They are now able to communicate with people more quickly and are more accessible.’ Ot van Daalen opens his blog entry with the words, ‘For the last twenty-five years, every time that a Dutch person has accessed the net for the first time, the world has got a little smaller and a little better.’

On 25 April 1986, the .NL domain became one of the world’s first country-code domains to be delegated to a body outside the USA. That body was the CWI (Centre for Mathematics and Informatics). Driving force behind the delegation was Piet Beertema, who then worked at the CWI.

“In those days, if you’d suggested that before long there would be an internet connection in every living room, people would have thought you were mad. Apart from anything else, the connections were far too expensive and too slow to be suitable. Nowadays, even small children are able to surf the net or have their own homepages,” Beertema observed.

Since its introduction, the ccTLD has developed into the fourth biggest country-code domains in the world, with 4.2 million active domain names. In 2010 alone, the number of .NL domains rose by half a million. The very first .NL domain name was cwi.nl which remains active to this day. In 1996, Piet Beertema, Ted Lindgreen and Boudewijn Neederkoorn set up SIDN and control of the .NL domain was passed on to the new organisation. As well as being very successful in terms of size, the .NL domain is one of the most secure top-level domains in existence.

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.NL Passes 4 Million Registrations

SIDN logoOfficial statistics on the SIDN website, registry for .NL domain names, shows that the four millionth registration was passed this week.

Currently there are 4,006,563 domain names registered making .NL the fourth largest ccTLD.

The largest ccTLD is .DE (Germany) with 13,794,130 registrations followed by .UK (United Kingdom) with 8,654,260. .CN (China) is third with 6,864,998 registrationsand .EU (European Union) is fifth with 3,240,838 registrations. All registration figures are for 19 August except for .CN whose statistics are dated 30 July.

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CN Domain Registrations Slip Even Further

CNNIC logoThe number of .CN domain name registrations have slipped by over one million in the two months to 30 June according to statistics published on the China Internet Network Information Center’s (CNNIC) website this week.

The latest figure is 7,246,686 compared to 8,254,681 at the end of April. CNNIC, unlike many registries, often posts registration figures several months late. Others such as DENIC (.DE) and Nominet (.UK) have real time statistics.

The dramatic reductions are the result of the end of promotions that lasted for much of 2008 and 2009 where domain names could be registered for a few cents and the introduction of restrictions on registrants.

The latest figures mean .CN is still is the third highest ranked ccTLD behind .DE with 13,765,490 registrations as of 7 August and 8,654,260 for .UK (United Kingdom). .NL (Netherlands) is fourth with 3,981,555 registrations while .EU (European Union) is fifth with 3,227,644 registrations.

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SIDN Reports .NL Domain Registrations Grow 15% in 2009

SIDN logoSIDN, the .NL (Netherlands) registry, has announced that domain name registrations increased by 15.3 per cent in 2009. The increase, a total of more than 480,000 domain names, took the total to 3,678,224 at year end.

SIDN ranks fourth in total number of ccTLD registrations with 3,856,569 domains registered as of today. First is .DE (Germany) with 13,623,918 registrations today, followed by .CN (China/9,535,120/February 28) and .UK (United Kingdom/8,413,958). Fifth is .EU (European Union/3,243,201).

The .NL figures were announced in SIDN’s 2009 annual report that was published this week. Other highlights were improvements in service provision to registrars with improved contact as well as research into registrars’ wishes and service quality.

The project that dominated SIDN’s year was the development of the new registration system, DRS5. SIDN’s registrars were closely involved in this project, with a number joining a special DRS5 Taskforce, which acted as a sounding board for SIDN throughout the design and realisation of the new system.

‘Despite the subdued economic climate, the .NL domain continued to grow strongly in 2009,’ commented SIDN’s CEO, Roelof Meijer. ‘With more than 3.6 million domain names at the end of 2009, the .NL domain is the fourth biggest of the world’s 250-plus country-code domains. By the middle of 2010, we expect to register the four-millionth .NL domain name. Such strong growth makes internet security an increasingly important issue – one that we gave considerable attention to in 2009. The success of our efforts in that field was reflected by the findings of an international survey, which highlighted the .NL domain as the most secure domain of its size anywhere in the world. Security will remain one of our main focuses in 2010.’

Other issues covered in the annual report are the changes to internet as it turns 40 years of age focussing on The Netherlands. These include that more and more business is now down online, the increase of online services from government, the growth of Twitter and social networking as well as music and video downloads and the mobile internet. The report also notes SIDN is fully prepared for IPv6. They expect that there to be only IPv6 addresses available in 2011.

The SIDN 2009 Annual Report is available for download here.

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.NL Dispute Resolution System Now Entirely Electronic

SIDN has modified the Dispute Resolution Regulations for .NL domain names as of 4 March 2010. As a result of the changes, much of the correspondence that previously went by post will in future go by email.

For example, an initial complaint will have to be submitted to the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center in Geneva (WIPO) by email only. The regulations previously stipulated that, as well as contacting WIPO by email, a complainant had to send five copies of the complaint by registered post.

In line with the UDRP

The changes being made to the Dispute Resolution Regulations for .NL Domain Names follow similar changes to the UDRP (the corresponding regulations for .com and certain other domain names), which came into effect on 1 March. Under the revised .NL regulations, a complaint about a .NL domain name will be forwarded to the name’s registrant by email. However, to make sure that the complaint has actually reached the registrant, WIPO will also write to the registrant’s postal address to say that a complaint has been made.

Copies of the updated Dispute Resolution Regulations, standard complaint form, standard response form and Notes on the Dispute Resolution Regulations are attached. A copy of WIPO’s Practical Guidelines is also available here.

Fast, easy and cheap

SIDN’s dispute resolution system is intended as a fast, easy and cheap option for settling disputes that involve .NL domain names without going to court. Disputes are resolved by independent, recognised experts in Dutch law on domain names and intellectual property rights. SIDN does not involve itself in the settlement of individual disputes.

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