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Record-breaking UN Digital Summit in Poland – more than 10,000 participants from 175 countries

[NASK news release] A total of 2,688 participants came to Katowice for the IGF 2021 Digital Summit. The event was held between 6 and 10 December at the International Congress Centre. Participants debated the key challenges of today’s internet. The Summit was held as a hybrid event. A total of 10,300 people registered to participate in the event online and in person.

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TLD, And More, Updates: .GAY Donates $148K; 2021 .EU Web Awards Gala, 17 Years of .PL IDNs; .LT Scammers; RightOfTheDot and NamesCon Live Auction; FTC Transition to IPv6 and Tobias Sattler on New gTLDs Second Round

Over $148,000 has been donated to LGBTQ Community Beneficiaries GLAAD and CenterLink from .gay domain name registration revenue, according to the .gay Impact Report released this week. The registry, Top Level Design, donates 20% of all .gay registration revenue to the LGBTQ organisations.

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.PL Ends Domain Name Reservation Option

Last week the Polish ccTLD registry ended the possibility where it was possible to reserve .pl domain names for 14 days prior to registration. So now under .pl, it’s a first come, first served basis as is the norm for registering domain names in probably all other top-level domains.

After 8 January, .pl domain name reservations will be effected only by NASK in the following situations:

  • execution of the option for a .pl domain name, i.e. providing a domain name for registration for the benefit of an option holder in accordance with the information published on this website.
  • provision of a domain name for registration after a legally binding court decision.

With the withdrawal of reservations, NASK eliminates the status for unregistered .pl domain names that have passed after the reservation period, i.e. the BOOK_BLOCKED state. All reservations, from this moment on, will result in a direct release of a domain name to the public. NASK originally advised of the upcoming change in June 2019.

Daily Wrap: Registrars Object To .BANK Demands, SIDN Rebrands, 2015 Record Year For .PL, Rightside Investor Wants Major Changes and Drown Bug Puts 11 Million Websites At Risk

SIDN transition logoRegistrars have objected to what they describe as unreasonable demands on new rules fTLD Registry Services are trying to impose on them for selling .bank domains.

According to a report in Domain Incite, “the Registrar Stakeholder Group formally relayed its concerns about a proposed revision of the .bank Registry-Registrar Agreement to ICANN at the weekend.”

“A key sticking point is fTLD’s demand that each registrar selling .bank domains have a dedicated .bank-branded web page” with some registrars saying it will “require extensive changes to the normal operation of the registrar.”

The Polish ccTLD, .pl, had its best year ever in 2015 in terms of the daily average number of .pl domain name registrations, according to the NASK’s report on the .pl domain name market for the fourth quarter. At the end of December the .pl domain Registry, with nearly 2.7 million names, was the eleventh largest ccTLD in the world.

Last year the daily average was 3,068 names .pl domains registered compared to 2,818 in 2014. 2015 was the sixth year that the number of new .pl domains exceeded one million, with 1,119,896 new domains registered. The total number of .pl domain names registered at the end of 2015 was 2,681,752.

“In accordance with the prognosis, the 2015 year was one of the best year in the history of the Polish Registry. Over the last twelve months the .pl Registry attained a record number of new registrations,” said Michał Chrzanowski, the Director of NASK.

“The annual growth dynamics for the end of December resulted with 6.23%, being the highest value for the last four years. At the same time the number of Registrants in the Registry grew last year by 60 thousand, thus the barrier of one million Registrants has been exceeded.”

The report is available for download from:

SIDN, which started life as the registry for .nl (Netherlands) is rebranding to take into account that they now provide registry services for additional TLDs – .aw and .amsterdam and most likely later in 2016 .bv.

Additionally, through a partnership with Simplerinvoicing, SIDN is taking their first steps as a trust framework manager.

The new branding has more colours than a rainbow and the organisation says the “new logo expresses the stability and reliability of our organisation, with an array of colours reflecting the diversity of our activities.”

SIDN has “also decided to use a less formal style of writing. One that suits the modern, accessible organisation we want to be.”

Rightside has upset one of its major investors, with “a hedge fund manager known for causing trouble at the companies he invests in [savaging] Rightside, saying its focus on new gTLDs at the expense of its registrar business is ruining the company,” according to a report in Domain Incite.

The report says “J Carlo Cannell of Cannell Capital is looking for some serious bloodletting. He wants Rightside to cut 20% of its staff, close offices, unify its products under the eNom brand and replace two of its directors.”

“He’s threatening to wage a proxy war to replace the Rightside board if he doesn’t get what he wants.”

“A major flaw in the HTTPS protocol has been uncovered that may leave as many as 11 million websites at risk, as well as any other services that use SSL and TLS encryption,” reports V3.

“The security protocols are widely used to encrypt web transactions and other highly sensitive traffic. HTTPS has also been increasingly deployed to protect people’s browsing of ordinary websites in an era when more and more governments are engaging in large-scale web surveillance.”

“The flaw, dubbed Drown, could be used to access all kinds of sensitive information, the researchers explained in a detailed posting on a dedicated website.”

More information is available from:

Centr Publishes May European ccTLD News

CENTR small logoCentr has published their latest European ccTLD News. The May 2014 edition includes updates on:

  • Article: IPv6 and DNSSEC in the Czech Republic
  • Technies visit NASK/.PL
  • Registrar Market Shares: Who’s selling the ccTLDs?
  • Q+A with Lise Fuhr (.dk and CENTR Board)
  • ccTLD news highlights and statistics.

To download the May edition, go to:

Polish “SECURE 2011” Conference

NASK logoThe 15th conference on telecommunication and IT security SECURE 2011 is taking place in October. The conference is organised by NASK, the Polish (.PL) registry, and CERT Polska, operating in the framework of the institute.

The international formula, high professional level and current topics caused that SECURE conference has become important and recognized event in the ICT sector. Growing number of conference participants – administrators, security team members and practitioners in this area – reflects the importance and sustaitable development in the IT security.

Last year CERT Polska team received over 12 million incident reports about phishing, spam, DDoS attacks, botnet activity and other threats. We witnessed the attack of Stuxnet that targeted specific control networks, and DDoS attacks of the Anonymous became a real threat for governments. Miscreants continued to improve their techniques and 2011 brought us attacks on e-banking accounts that employed mobile phones.

SECURE is a unique place to exchange opinions on such events with the top experts in the IT security.

Speakers of the SECURE 2011 Conference:

  • Brian Krebs (KrebsOnSecurity) – former reporter of “The Washington Post”, author of a popular blog about internet fraud,
  • Richard Perlotto (Shadowserver Foundation), founder and one of the managers of famous non-profit organization involved in monitoring of threats on the network, information security advisor at Cisco
  • Ryan Seu (Facebook) – member of Facebook security department Participation in the conference gives the access to up-to-date knowledge, possibility to raise qualifications and valuable exchange of experiences.

SECURE 2011 will focus around three main strands: · technical – with particular emphasis on innovative and practical solutions · organization – with an emphasis on seeing new trends in risks, · law – with particular emphasis on the real possibility of prosecution of offenders.

SECURE 2011 will be held on 24-26 October in Warsaw, Adgar Plaza Conference Center, Postępu 17 A.

Current information on the conference is available on: www.secure.edu.pl

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