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Third Six-Figure .CLUB Sale Sees Wine.club Sell For $140,000 at NamesCon

DotClub logoThe sale of vegas.club for $100,000, announced at the NamesCon conference this week in Las Vegas, has been quickly topped.

Wine.club sold during the RightOfTheDot NamesCon Auction for $140,000, meaning it now is the highest reported sale of a domain for any of the new gTLDs. According to media reports, the sale is a cash sale whereas the previous two six-figure .club sales (including for coffee.club) were done as deals.

During the auction almost one million dollars of domains was sold, with the biggest sale being for homecare.com and homecare.net, selling for a combined $350,000.

There were a number of other .club sales, the best of the remainder being weed.club which sold for $15,000 (and had a reserve range of $5,001 to $10,000), fight.club ($13,500), tequila.club ($8,000) and birthday.club ($5,000).

While the auction was dominated by .com sales, there were a number of sales for domains from new gTLDs such as email.host and mail.host ($6,500), food.wiki ($3,100), realestate.wiki ($3,000) and wallstreet.press ($2,900).

Second .CLUB Domain Sells For $100,000

In what appears to be the equal biggest reported sale of a domain name in any of the new gTLDs, vegas.club has sold for a cool $100,000, equalling the sale of coffee.club.The sale was announced at Namescon, currently underway appropriately in Las Vegas. The domain was bought by One Degree World Systems and will include the formation of a partnership to launch and operate the Vegas.CLUB website as a destination membership club.The site will launch in the second quarter of 2015 and will offer a variety of membership tiers with varying degrees of service levels, including members-only deals on nightclubs, hotels, shows, attractions and tours as well as concierge services, VIP status at local attractions, and white glove services like personal assistants on the ground, butler and nanny services and more.At the helm of the partnership is One Degree World’s CEO Howard Lefkowitz, a travel and tourism pioneer, who built VEGAS.com into the largest city site in the world.”Being in a club is about having exclusivity, connections and personal service,” said Lefkowitz. “It’s how you get into the hottest clubs without waiting in line, get the best seats to a show and the chef’s s table in the top restaurants, how you get that special present for a loved one and have the waiter bring it to the table and how to get that document printed, signed and overnighted to its destination. Being in a members-only club opens lots of doors and ensures an experience of a lifetime with no extra effort.”Lefkowitz announced the Vegas.CLUB partnership during a keynote presentation at the NamesCon conference currently underway at The Tropicana Las Vegas. The RightOfTheDot consultancy also assisted in putting together the deal.”We’re incredibly excited and privileged to partner with Howard on Vegas.CLUB and participate in its success, because his track record in travel, tourism and entertainment is unmatched, and quite frankly nobody knows the city and its assets better than he does,” said Colin Campbell, president and CEO of .CLUB Domains. “Vegas.CLUB will be geared to those people who want to really take advantage of the city and everything it has to offer and will truly be a great showpiece of how the right domain can add tremendous marketing value.”The .club gTLD currently has 165,000 of the almost four million domains under management across all of the new gTLDS and is the third largest of the new gTLDs by registration numbers.