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After Seven Weeks, Run Of Six Figure Sales Comes To An End

Domain Name Journal logoThe seven week run of six figure domain name sales topping the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales came to an end in the week to 14 August with xylem.com topping the charts for the week, selling for a comparatively modest $47,100 through Afternic.

Coming in second was bxe.com, which sold for $40,000 again through Afternic while PremierOutlets.com sold for $26,000 through Sedo to come in third.

Overall there were 18 .com sales in the charts, this week including 22 sales with a four-way tie for 19th place, and including the top nine sales. There were two .se sales and one each for .co.uk and .org.

Including the top two sales on the chart, Afternic has five sales, but they were bested by NameJet with nine sales and Sedo with six sales.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the week ending 14 August, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20130821.htm.

Afternic and NameJet to Offer Auctions and Premium Domain Sales for New TLD .BUZZ

[news release] Afternic, the world’s largest premium domain marketplace, and NameJet, a leading domain name auction platform, have been selected by dotStrategy to launch the .BUZZ top level domain (TLD), having just passed ICANN Initial Evaluation.

Afternic has been tapped to define and value the .BUZZ reserve auction list, and to provide marketing and sales support for premium domain names.  .BUZZ premium domains will be sold through the Afternic marketplace.  NameJet will be the exclusive auction platform for the .BUZZ Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Domain auctions.  Together, Afternic and NameJet’s services will provide the end-to-end technical and marketing solutions required to successfully launch the .BUZZ registry.

“We are thrilled to be working with .BUZZ to bring their premium domains to the market”, said Jason Miner, Chief Operating Officer for Afternic.  “We created the Afternic marketplace to provide more choices for domain buyers the world over, and working with registries like .BUZZ who are creating unique new domain name options, gives domain buyers more choice in finding the name that’s right for their business.”

The .BUZZ TLD provides registration space for domain owners seeking to label their internet-based content as noteworthy, or creating buzz around a brand, product, service, or event.  Appealing to content marketing groups, bloggers, advertisers and journalists, .BUZZ will be the destination for visitors seeking the latest information on a variety of topics.

“Leveraging the expertise of Afternic and NameJet is a crucial component of our go-to-market strategy.  Not only do we benefit from their proven technology platforms, we will be reliant on their established distribution networks to get .BUZZ domains into the hands of end users,” remarked Bill Doshier, President of dotStrategy.

“NameJet is excited to be involved with the launch of the .BUZZ registry,” said Matt Overman, NameJet General Manager. “Bill’s passion for social media and entrepreneurship is contagious. As consumers have more and more TLD options, .BUZZ will be well positioned to capitalize on the public’s need for real-time access to the latest news.”

In addition to the uncontested application for .BUZZ, dotStrategy has also applied to operate the Top Level Domain .FUN.

.BUZZ will be announcing Sunrise auctions in October, with Landrush planned for December, and domains available to the general public in early 2014.


About Afternic
Afternic is the world’s largest domain marketplace, offering millions of currently registered domains for sale through leading registrars worldwide that deliver millions of queries into the Afternic marketplace. Afternic is part of NameMedia, a leader in the acquisition, development and trading of digital real estate through a network of highly targeted websites and a marketplace for premium domain names. The company’s website development focuses on creating compelling online communities in niche categories. The company’s marketplace allows owners of premium domain names to sell domains, and for domain buyers to review the largest available inventory. Through its ownership of one of the largest domain portfolios in the world, its innovative website development platform, and its broad distribution, NameMedia now serves more than 50 million visitors to its network of websites and sells domains to customers in more than 100 countries. Headquartered outside Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts, more information is available at www.namemedia.com.

About NameJet
NameJet is a joint venture between Demand Media, Inc. (NYSE: DMD) and Web.com Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:  WWWW), who together own four leading ICANN-accredited registrars (eNom, Name.com, Network Solutions and Register.com).  Launched in 2007 with core auction software and technical infrastructure operating since 2004, NameJet serves domain investors, Fortune 500 companies and their representatives, small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as a diverse and global mix of individual investors. It has processed more than 200,000 domain auctions, establishing itself as a trustworthy and transparent auction platform that is customer-focused and user-friendly. For more information, go to www.namejet.com.

About dotStrategy
dotStrategy is an Arkansas-based company, with a principal place of business in Conway, Arkansas. The company is the creation of Bill Doshier who formed dotStrategy in February 2012 for the purpose of applying to ICANN for the Top Level Domains .buzz and .fun.  The mission and purpose of the new .buzz Top Level Domain is to provide registration space for domain name registrants seeking to label their Internet-based content as noteworthy and as what’s happening right now. Creating buzz around a brand, product, service, news, event or location is the goal of advertising and marketing professionals. .buzz will be the prime online destination for Internet users seeking the latest news on a variety of topics. On a grand scale, .buzz will foster a “buzz community” where fresh local, national and global buzz align to offer worldwide updates of the latest news and events.

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Two Six Figure Sales Wake Up Weekly Sales Chart

Domain Name Journal logoFollowing a week when the top selling domain couldn’t top $30,000, there were two six-figure domain sales in the week ending 3 April according to the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales.

The number domain on the chart was elend.com, which sold for $140,000 through Sedo, while adib.com came in second, selling for $117,000 through Go Daddy Auctions.

Third was schokolade.de, selling for a very tasty €63,000 ($80,640), also through Sedo.

Overall Sedo led the sales outlets, responsible for seven of the top 20 sales, while DomainNameSales was responsible for six with one sale in conjunction with Domain Holdings, and another in conjunction with Go Daddy Auctions, which had another three sales on the chart as did NameJet.

For TLDs, .com was more than its usual dominant self, with 18 of the top 20 sales, with a .biz sale adding to the aforementioned .de sale.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the week ending 3 April, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20130410.htm.

Mojo.com Gets Its Mojo With $300,000 Sale

Domain Name Journal logoMojo.com certainly has… it’s mojo! It was the top domain name sale in the fortnight to 10 February, selling for $300,000 through Domain Advisors, making it one of a trio of six-figure sales for the week.

Second was Apuestas.com (“bets” in Spanish) which sold for €165,000 ($221,100), which sold through Sedo and third was mobile.xxx, which Domain Pulse previously noted sold for $160,000 in a premium sale through ICM Registry.

Overall there were 28 .com sales in the top 40 chart, one sale was removed to remain anonymous, as well as two .org and .net sales and one each for .xxx, .co, .it, .pl, .info, .me and .de.

Sedo once again topped the list of the most popular marketplace, but as it has been in the last 12 months, the company has seen increased competition, particularly from Go Daddy Auctions with eleven of the week’s sales and Afternic with seven and NameJet four.

To check out the fortnight to 10 February’s top reported sales compiled by Domain Name Journal, go to: dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20130220.htm.

2012 Ends On Silver Lining With Trio Of Six Figure Sales, Including Silver.com For $875K

Domain Name Journal logoThe final Domain Name Journal report on the top weekly, or in this case fortnightly, sales saw three six-figure sales top out the chart, with the biggest sale going to silver.com, which sold for $875,000 through WebsiteProperties.

In the chart covering the two weeks ending 30 December, the second biggest sale was stockphoto.com, which sold for $250,000 through Flippa followed by nye.com, selling for $175,000 through NameJet.

Sedo was responsible for 13 sales on the chart, which took in 41 sales with a three-way tie for 39th position, while Afternic and Go Daddy Auctions were responsible for nine sales each followed by NameJet with eight sales. One of the sales on the chart was a combined effort from Sedo and Go Daddy Auctions.

On the TLD side of things, .COM took out the top 13 sales and 31 of the 41 sales. There was also two sales for each of .US, .INFO, .NET and .DE and one each for .RU, and .ORG.

To check out the full chart compiled by Domain Name Journal of the top reported sales in the fortnight ending 30 December, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2012/20130109.htm.

Half Million Dollar Sale Tops Charts Second Week In A Row

Domain Name Journal logoFor the second week in a row, a half million dollar sale topped the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the week ending 4 November with the sale of freewebsite.com selling for a nice $500,000 in a private sale.

Second biggest sale also made it into six figure territory with freesexcams.com selling for $150,000 through eRealEstate while cartransport.com came in third, selling for $85,400 through Afternic.

There was quite a mixture of marketplaces in the top 20 sales for the week with Go Daddy Auctions topping this list being responsible for the sale of five domain names, followed by DomainNameSales with four, including one in conjunction with MediaOptions. Afternic had three sales and NameJet and Sedo, the latter who usually tops the list, with two sales each.

Not unusually, .COM topped the list with a whopping 19 of the top 20, the only exception being a .com.au sale.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales in the week ending 4 November, go to:

Fourth Week For Six-Figure Domain Sale To Top Chart

Domain Name Journal logoFor the fourth week in a row a six-figure sale topped the Domain Name Journal sales chart in the week ending 5 August, with designers.com selling for $118,000 through Sedo, who were responsible for the top three sales for the week.

Second for the week was xinjiang.com, selling for $55,000, followed by wod.com, which sold for $51,570.

Overall Sedo was responsible for eight of the top 21 sales (a two-way tie for 20th place), while AfternicDLS was responsible for five, NameJet and DomainNameSales (although two in conjunction with Go Daddy Auctions) three. Moniker/Snapnames and DNArab/Flippa took out the two remaining sales.

On TLDs, .COM as usual had a dominant week with 17 of the 21 sales as well as two co.uk, and one each for .NET and .FR.

To check out the top selling reported domain names for the week to 5 August as compiled by Domain Name Journal, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2012/20120815.htm.