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.MP & .TEL Domains

The simple concept behind both companies promoting the .TEL and the .MP extension is this: You’ll get your own name in a domain, a .tel or .mp, and then use it as a hub for your online identities and content. The sites will offer some blend of a business card function, like Plaxo, and personal feed aggregaton, like Friendfeed.

The pitch from both is similar: Instead of sending people to a page that’s heavily branded by someone else (for example, Facebook), you can give out your domain. Keep that updated with your contact info, and then as long as people know your domain, they’ll have a way to reach you.

The question that may be raised is the free domain name .MP will it have the same effect as the .TK extension ?Chi.mp has  OpenID authenticators . It’s convenient for users. Chi.mp founder Tony Haile’s vision for Chi.mp’s utility is quite similar to the promise of OpenID and to the concepts in DiSo and the Social Graph API, emerging protocols for sharing social network data between sites.

This could be the future of contacting your clients or even family across the world.

Original article : http://news.cnet.com/8301-17939_109-10034627-2.html