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What’s That Coming Over The Hill: Is It A .MONSTER? With A .BABY To Follow.

OK, apologies to The Automatic, but it’s come over the hill on 1 April and .monster has now launched its General Availability. It will be followed by another new gTLD relaunch from the people behind .xyz with .baby’s relaunch commencing on 2 April. Both new gTLDs were originally delegated to other parties and subsequently acquired by XYZ.COM.

XYZ.COM now has 9 new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs) under their stewardship, with CentralNic providing backend registry services, with over 2.3 million domains under management. This makes them the fifth largest new gTLD registry by DUM. Over 99% of all their registrations is for .xyz, which has almost 2.3 million registrations and is the second largest of the new gTLDs by registration numbers according to nTLDstats.com.

.Monster is being promoted as a TLD for creative thinkers, masters of their craft, and modern-day renegades. The team says .Monster domains are for scary good ideas. .monster was originally delegated to online employment company Monster Worldwide, Inc.

The launch, or rather relaunch, of .baby will see over 50,000 .baby domain names released at standard pricing on 2 April at 14:00 UTC. The list of .baby domains dropping is available here.

The .baby gTLD was originally applied for by 6 applicants, including Google, but Johnson & Johnson won it at auction, paying $3,088,888. This was the ninth highest amount paid to date for a new gTLD at an auction to resolve a contention set but way below the $135 million paid for .web by Verisign, the $41,501,000 paid for .shop by GMO Registry and 25,001,000 paid for .app by Google.

However Johnson & Johnson didn’t ever seem to have their heart in it. After hitting General Availability in April 2016, registrations peaked at around 600 when it seems to have been transferred to the .XYZ registry.