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MMX Targets One Million .VIP Registrations And Asian Expansion Of Its New gTLDs

Minds + Machines Group, aka MMX, who operates 26 new gTLDs with over 852,000 domains under management has announced it is targeting one million .vip registrations as part of an expansion into Asia.

In a statement to the London Stock Exchange MMX reported they have successfully launched .vip into the Chinese market with over 586,000 registrations today, making it a leading gTLD in China as well as one of the top 10 new gTLD's worldwide. Following .vip's success in China, MMX is now looking to target other territories within Asia and is pleased to announce that Japan's leading registrar group, GMO, has commenced marketing .vip into Japan.

GMO accounts for approximately 90% of gTLD registrations in the Japanese market and is an important strategic partner for the Company.  Alongside .vip, GMO is also marketing .work, another gTLD in the MMX portfolio.

MMX noted there has been interest from certain new distribution partners in South East Asia and India for certain TLDs within its portfolio and is additionally reviewing its options for extending its retail distribution footprint more widely into these regions.

Within China, MMX reports it is participating directly in the auctions of .vip premium names currently being held by eName, one of the leading registrars in China. Within the first five days of the auction, gross sales of .vip premium inventory released by MMX through the auction has reached CNY1.1 million (approx. US$160,000). The eName auctions will run through to the end of March 2017 and continue to evidence the underlying asset value and popularity of .vip in China.

MMX is targeting global registrations of .vip to surpass one million by the end of 2017.

MMX is additionally progressing submissions to MIIT, China's regulatory body for the Internet, on up to a further eight of its wholly owned TLDs, which (if approved) will allow mmx to target the growing Chinese SME market with its extensions. China currently accounts for over 46% of new generic top-level domain registration and remains a growing and important market.

MMX is also expanding in the US strengthening its distribution and sales channels team with the appointment of a highly experienced new business development director who will focus on further monetisation of MMX's premium inventory across its portfolio of TLDs in North America.

Additionally their .boston new gTLD is scheduled to be released for 'general availability' in September 2017. The Company is working together with its distribution and retail partners to implement a strategy to support the launch.

In relation to the Company's geographic TLDs, mmx is also pleased to report that Heads of Terms have been signed with a distribution partner which the Directors believe should lead to a material increase of registrations in two of the Company's geographic gTLDs over the next twelve months.

“Following the positive progress of 2016 reported in January, I'm delighted that the momentum has continued into 2017,” Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, commented. “Significant progress is being made on a range of initiatives that should deliver meaningful standard name registration growth and awareness across a number of our TLDs in 2017, as well as premium inventory sales which typically benefits the profile of our top-line billings. We are well placed for further future growth and, with operating expenses under control, we look forward to the rest of 2017 and 2018 with confidence.”


MMX Abolishes Premium Renewal Prices For New Premium Domains

mmxco-logoRegistrants of premium domain names for any of the new gTLDs wholly-owned by MMX (formerly Minds + Machines), and whose domains were first registered on or after 6 January 2017, will now pay the standard domain renewal prices the company announced. MMX is the second new gTLD registry to announce such a move that will appeal to, among others, domain investors.

The largest of MMX’s new generic Top Level Domains is .vip, which recently gained approval from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that will allow its domains to be legally sold and hosted within the country. It currently has over 568,000 registrations. The announcement applies to the 25 new gTLDs that MMX wholly owns, the largest being .work (78,000 registrations), .bayern (31,000), .casa (18,000), .miami (11,000), .nrw (11,000) and .beer (11,000), their only gTLDs with more than 10,000 registrations.

“MMX is committed to delivering the most domain-investor-friendly premium name programs in the industry,” said Toby Hall, MMX’s CEO. “We started the process of rebooting our strategy in July last year, when we alerted our many registrar partners that 100% of our premium names sold after January 6th 2017 would have standard, GA renewal prices. As an added incentive to strengthening our existing partnerships and building new ones, we are likewise revisiting the price tiering of all our premium inventory across the portfolio. The upshot of our new Premium Program is that all registrants will ultimately have access to much more affordable purchase opportunities with sharply reduced carrying costs.”

“We were able to successfully pilot the concept of premium inventory renewing at standard prices through the launch of our .VIP extension in May last year,” said Michael Salazar, MMX’s COO & CFO. “The support was exceptional and provided the validation to implement the strategy across our wider portfolio. We look forward to seeing how this Program develops in 2017.”

“The ultimate goal of the Program and the wider initiatives MMX is putting in place is simple: we want to demonstrate we are great partners to have in your corner,” said Solomon Amoako, VP of Channel Management and MMX’s most recent appointment. “If you’re a domain investor, a registrar, an aftermarket platform, a broker, or an affiliate, we’re here to structure deals that can provide excellent profit potential both for yourselves and your end-customers.”

The announcement comes two weeks after Rightside announced it was lowering the cost of domain name renewals across its 40 new gTLDs such as .news (78,000 registrations), .live (78,000) and .rocks (75,000). Rightside’s newly launched Platinum Edge program enables registrars to sell their Platinum domains at a low renewal rate while also providing marketing support and materials to registrar partners.

Platinum domains represent the highest value inventory across Rightside’s 40 new TLDs, as determined by popular search terms and geographical and industry specificity. The Platinum Edge program allows registrars to offer individuals and brands the best possible domain for their needs.

Chinese Government Approval For .CLUB, .VIP and .XYZ Means Further Big Growth Opportunities

The Chinese government’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has given official approval for the .club, .vip and .xyz new gTLDs meaning they can now apply for relevant local licenses to be hosted within the country. Previously only .com and .net operated by Verisign had this official approval.It’s a hugely significant opportunity for the three new generic Top Level Domains as previously registrants were required to host their domain names in these gTLDs outside the country. China already accounts for at least 40% and possibly around half of all registrations for all new gTLDs. However one probable trade-off is that the Chinese government can order domain names, and hosted websites, to be deleted it doesn’t approve of.The three gTLDs are among the top ten when it comes to registration numbers. According to nTLDstats.com, .xyz is the largest with 6.671 million registrations while .club is the fifth largest (881,300) and .vip ninth (531,500) accounting for almost 3 in 10 (29.89%) of all registrations.China’s significance can be shown by it accounting for a growing number of registrations, both for new gTLDs and legacy gTLDs, particularly short domains and even more so short numeric domains, and all three new gTLDs having offices there.While there are almost twice as many .cn domains registered within China than .com – around 20 million .cn compared to 11 million .com, .com domains attract higher premiums from investors according to the Coreile Letter blog with .com being considered a “door to the world [for] a Chinese enterprise, and every Chinese company aspires to have a ‘grand’ entrance.”Additionally, many numbers rhyme with Chinese characters. Coreile gives the example of “520” that “rhymes with (sounds like) the Chinese characters 我愛你 (I love you), which is perfect for a dating website.” And the third reason given by Coreile is that Chinese companies like to use acronyms for their domains, practice not as common for western companies. “For example, Jing Dong upgraded from JingDong.com (and 360buy.com) to JD.com and Zhu Ba Jie from Zhubajie.com to ZBJ.com. This is possible because these acronym names correspond to the fully spelled out Pinyin names. In other words, Chinese consumers have no difficulty remembering either an acronym name or its fully spelled out Pinyin name.”According to nTLDstats.com, there are almost 12 million (11.910 million) domain names registered to registrants within China out of 27.015 million across the 1,209 new gTLDs that have been delegated, however there are also 7.390 million domains that the registrant is unknown, usually through the use of Whois proxy services. There is only one additional country that accounts for over one million registrations – the USA (2.707m).For .club, the registry saw China as a huge opportunity even before their launch, regularly visiting the country since January 2014, months before its official launch. Since then they’ve seen significant growth in registrations from domain investors in China with more than 400,000 domains having been registered there and more than US$2 Million in .CLUB premium name sales made to Chinese investors. They are now one of only five formal government licenses for foreign domains so will be eligible for ICP (Internet Content Provider) numbers. An ICP number is required for every website hosted in mainland China.”The Chinese market is extremely important to us, and we’ve worked very hard at understanding how the regulatory system there works and how we can work with the government as it evolves,” said CEO, Colin Campbell. “We’re very proud to be among the first foreign domain name registries approved. While we’ve already enjoyed some success in China, we now look forward to expanding the reach and popularity of .CLUB to the many businesses and entrepreneurs developing their online presence in China. Being an approved registry opens the door to great expansion for us in the Chinese market.”The word “club” in English is widely used and recognised in China by existing clubs and small businesses, making .club a logical and meaningful domain extension. With over 140 million .com and .net names and nearly 20 million .cn names already registered, businesses looking for good, brandable names are looking further afield for new choices such as the .club new generic Top Level Domain.Likewise MMX, operator of the .vip new gTLD, was very pleased, with CeO Toby Hall saying the “MIIT approval is a major milestone for MMX and the continued successful development of our dot VIP domain. We share the China domain industry’s opinion that regulatory approval will provide for another wave of top-level domain growth in the region. Influential Chinese registrars will now be able to market this select group of approved new gTLDs more actively to the important local Chinese SME end-market for usage. We are deeply honoured to be one of only three registries to be approved in this first round of approvals.”

MMX Reveals $7.1 Million Investment By Chinese

MMX, or Minds + Machines, certainly sees a bright future in China. In an announcement to the London Stock Exchange Tuesday, the company announced a Chinese investment company based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands will be buying £5.5 million ($7.1m) worth of shares in the new generic Top Level Domain company.”The first half of the year has been transformational for MMX with the Company achieving its stated goals of transitioning into a lean pure-play registry business, able to operate incisively across three time-zones and, more importantly, crossing-over into operating profitability for its ongoing operations, a transition which is ahead of management’s expectations,” said Toby Hall, CEO of MMX, in a statement. “As underlined by our H1 success in China, both the industry as a whole and MMX itself have reached an inflexion point where the historic excitement surrounding new gTLDs is now beginning to be reflected by tangible results and meaningful progress. China and the Far East are leading the way and MMX has demonstrated it can and will continue to play a meaningful role in this region and the gTLD market as a whole.”Given the continued strength of our cash balances and the strong performance of our ongoing operations in H1, the Board is therefore delighted to also announce today a tender offer for 100,000,000 ordinary share at 13 pence as well as the private subscription for 42,307,692 Ordinary shares at 13 pence by Goldstream Capital Master Fund I, advised by Goldstream Capital Management Limited, a private fund incorporated in the Cayman islands which is wholly owned by Hony Capital, a leading Chinese equity investment company. The Company is confident that Goldstream and Hony will be able to greatly assist MMX’s long term plans in China and the wider Asia region.”The executive management team is optimistic for the outcome of the year as a whole as we continue to stream-line operations, outsourcing where possible and investing in sales and marketing as appropriate. We remain excited about the medium and long term prospects for 2017 and beyond across our three markets of focus: Asia, Europe and the US.”MMX also reported strong earnings growth with billings for the first half of 2016 increasing over 300 percent to US$8.05 million (H1 2015: US$2.0 million) significantly helped by the successful launch into China in the period. Also in the first half of 2016, revenues doubled to US$7.4 million (H1 2015: US$3.6 million).MMX is also in the process of migrating technical back-end services onto Nominet’s platform. Nominet is the registry for .uk and also provides registry services for .wales and .cymru.MMMX provides backed registry services for ten new gTLDs, the largest of which is .vip which has 460,000 domain names registered, totalling 584,000 domains according to nTLDstats.com. It also operates 26 new gTLDs, including .vip.

.VIP Registrations Jump 50% In 3 Days To 405,000 On Back Of Chinese Demand

Minds + Machines logoThe number of .vip domain registrations grew 49 percent in the three days from 3 to 6 June, the registry announced.

As of 16:00 UTV on 6 June there were 404,892 registrations which would mean the gTLD would sit seventh on the nTLDstats.com list of new gTLDs when it is updated.

The gTLD has been a financial boon for the Minds + Machines Group with billings and orders received since its launch on 17 May 2016 now exceeding US$5.5 million.

“The exceptional take-up we are seeing of .vip is being achieved without using a freemium strategy or equivalent to boost numbers – the latest surge coming from standard name registrations bought through the registrar channel,” said Toby Hall, CEO of MMX. “This bodes well for renewal rates and the long-term reputation of the domain. We very much look forward to the ongoing growth of .vip billings.”

.VIP was awarded “China’s Most Welcomed New gTLD 2016” at the Global Domain Summit in Hangzhou this weekend MMX announced. Both the Summit and .VIP are new to China, with .VIP being born only 17 days before the major new domain investment conference was staged for the first time. The award, granted by the largest gathering of Chinese domain name investors and professionals in history, beat out more than 1,000 other new gTLDs currently delegated to the internet. .VIP has also been awarded the Outstanding Performer in the Chinese IDC industry at HostingCon China.

The Chinese domain investors have taken to the new gTLD market and of the 21.442 million domains registered across the 1,025 new gTLDs that have been delegated, account for 10.116 million registrations where the registrant is known or 47.18 percent of the market. The registrant is unknown in 17.06 percent of registrations while the USA accounts for 10.04 percent, Cayman Islands 6.52 percent and Germany 2.48 percent.

For .vip while the numbers aren’t known, Chinese registrars account for around 90 percent of all registrations indicating Chinese registrants are dominating the gTLD’s registrations.

Chinese Go Big On .VIP As Total New gTLD Registrations Pass 18 Million

The .vip new gTLD entered General Availability on 17 May and has had the biggest launch of any of the new gTLDs, reaching 203,720 registrations five days later.The figures are from nTLDstats.com and show .vip is now the 18th largest of the new gTLDs with almost 210,000 registrations. Registrations have been dominated by Chinese registrars with 20 of the top 25 registrars for .vip domains being based in China. And up until 22 May, these registrars “The strong launch has also been a boon financially for the .vip registry, Minds + Machines (MMX). The company noted that in terms of billings and orders received for .vip domains by 22 May, the combined total to date is US$3.2million, and the gTLD was acquired via auction for $3.1 million.MMX is confident that renewal rates have the potential to be meaningful as no “freemium” strategies or equivalent were used during the launch phase to generate initial volume.”The Chinese market for top-level domains is real and we are delighted to have accessed this key region through the .vip launch,” said Toby Hall, CEO of MMX. “It is a major milestone for the Company, the new management team and our business model centred on working with best-in-class partners across every aspect of our business so as to best monetize our assets while maintaining a tight control on central overheads. It demonstrates that, when properly executed, how quickly the initial investment costs for a domain can be recovered and the potential for a strong recurring revenue established. The .vip launch equally illustrates how as a b2b business we do not have to burn funds on marketing to reach end-consumers and achieve outstanding results. Not only is .vip creating an exceptional platform through which to grow our presence in the expanding Asia market, it is providing an excellent template on how best to reach end-markets that can be potentially mirrored across our portfolio.”And the launch of .vip has contributed to the total number of domains registered across all new gTLDs surging past 18 million with total registrations now standing at 18.009 million. The largest of the new gTLDs remains .xyz with 2.885 million followed by .top with .2.377 million and then .wang with 1.070 million. These are the only new gTLDs with registrations passing the one million mark.Overall there are 24 new gTLDs with more than 100,000 registrations and 163 with more than 10,000.It’s not just with .vip that China dominates registrations. Of all domains registered, the registrant is located in China for 9.642 million domains or 53.54 percent. Registrants are located in the USA for 10.6 percent (1.910m) and German registrants come third with 2.92 percent of all registrants (525,000). For 14.2 percent of domains the location of the registrant is unknown.On the registry side of things, the largest is XYZ.COM with six new gTLDs and 2.897 million domains followed by Famous Four Media (15 new gTLDs and 2.855 million registrations) followed by Jiangsu Bangning Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. with 2.377 million domains for its .top gTLD. Donuts is the fourth largest new gTLD registry with 193 new gTLDs and 1.704 million domains.Of the backend registry providers, CentralNic is the largest with 35 new gTLDs and 4.194 million registrations followed by ZDNS with 17 new gTLDs and 4.134 million domains, Neustar with 144 new gTLDs and 3.792 million domains and then Rightside with 2.222 million domains and 232 new gTLDs.

Daily Update: .WEB, Amazon Making .MOI Closed, New Direction For MMX

Domain Incite logoThe .web gTLD, possibly one of the more desirable of the new gTLDs by registrations, could be live later in 2016 according to a Domain Incite report.

“Following the withdrawal last week of an application for the plural .webs, an auction for .web could happen in the next couple of months, enabling a go-live date possibly in 2016.”

There were seven applicants – Google, Web.com, Donuts, Radix, Afilias, Schlund Technologies, Nu Dot Co.

In another Domain Incite report, “a group comprising some of the largest domain registrars has claimed Amazon is attempting to close off a new gTLD that it previously indicated would be unrestricted.”

“The 12-strong group, which includes Go Daddy, Network Solutions and Tucows, also claims that the company’s proposal for a ‘Registration Authentication Platform’ is anti-competitive.”

Minds + Machines, now known as MMX, recently restructured offloading their “loss-making registrar activities and [outsourced] the technical back-end functions of its registry service to focus purely on marketing the top level domains,” reported Proactive Investors.

“Core to this strategy of being a pure-play registry is a philosophy of partnership: a strategy of working with the best partners so as to reduce our central overheads and achieve both marketing reach and operational scale at every point along the way,” said Toby Hall, whose appointment as chief executive officer was ratified by the board on Tuesday.

The report also noted there was “a sharp fall-off in the compensation payments it receives for failing to win generic top level domain (gTLD) auctions, from US$20.9mln in 2014 to US$7.9mln in 2014, saw the group fall into the red in 2015.”

“Adjusted underlying earnings (EBITDA) were negative, with the company posting a loss of US$2.5mln versus a profit the year before of US$20.9mln.”

“Whilst cost savings from the restructuring will largely be realised in the second half of the year, the business is already on a much sounder platform and our absolute focus is the profitable growth of our domains under management,” said Hall. “With this in mind, we confidently look forward to the launch of .vip in China in May.”

Nominet Partnership With Minds + Machines Moves It Into Top 10 Global Registrys

Nominet logoNominet announced last week they had come to an agreement with Minds + Machines (MMX) that will see the .uk registry become the registry for an additional 28 generic top level domains.

It’s claimed to be the largest transition of gTLDs to date, a significant step forward for Nominet in the Registry Service Provision (RSP) market and one which catapults them into the top ten RSPs globally.

The move sees them add the 291,000 domains from MMX to the 13,000 .cymru and .wales domains Nominet already provide registry services for as well as the 10.711 million .uk domains to take their total domains under management to over 11 million.

The partnership with MMX builds on Nominet’s expertise in running TLDs. From working with brands like the BBC, Comcast and Bentley to build their personalised online spaces; to our experience in geographic TLDs such as .cymru and .wales. But this is their first foray into gTLDs. And Nominet says they’ll be actively pursuing other opportunities in this space.

ICANN has also previously selected Nominet as one of their few emergency back-end registry operators (EBERO) for new gTLDs and they are the only one to have done a live test to date. This experience ensures Nominet can successfully manage what they believe is the largest migration of gTLDs to a new back-end registry services provider so far.

They are reported to be, according to Domain Incite, “among the 20-plus companies that have responded to Public Interest Registry’s request for proposals, as its back-end deal with Afilias comes to an end.”

In their announcement of the partnership, MMX also said they have signed an agreement for Uniregistrar, Corp., part of Uniregistry, to take over MMX’s loss-making consumer-facing mindsandmachines.com branded registrar operation.

“These two transactions allow us to reboot our business as a pure-play, high-value registry group with dramatically reduced overheads,” said Toby Hall, CEO of MMX. “Firstly, the Nominet agreement provides us with the flexibility to now significantly scale the business, on economically sure-footing, safe in the knowledge our domains will be running on a world-class platform. Secondly, the Uniregistry agreement sends a definitive message out to the registrar channel that we are here to partner, not compete, while ensuring existing customers of our consumer-facing registrar are migrated onto an award-winning platform. As such, we believe these two agreements will transform our operations and cost-base.”

Daily Wrap: M+M Takes Control of .BOSTON, .NG Grows in 2015 and Top December Keywords For .COM and .NET

Minds + Machines logoThe .boston gTLD has changed hands, with Minds + Machines, which currently operates 24 gTLDs that have gone live including .work, .london and .beer, taking a 99 percent interest in Boston TLD Management LLC, the owner of rights to the .boston gTLD, and the agreement of its subsidiary, Minds + Machines Limited, to act as the Registry Service Provider.

Minds + Machines provides backend registry services for an additional four gTLDs including .bayern.

“Over the last five years MMX has worked hard to establish itself as the owner/operator of choice for cities and municipalities on geo TLDs. We intend to continue growing this part of our portfolio as relevant opportunities emerge,” said Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines.

“We look forward to working with BTM, Boston Globe Media, the City of Boston and our distribution partners to ensure the successful launch of .boston later this year, which we believe will become a major digital asset to the City of Boston, its businesses and communities.”

The Nigerian ccTLD is growing, albeit more slowly than most. During 2015 the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) said a total of 22,113 new .ng domains were registered, an increase of 3,240 on 2014 with 14,462 renewed.

Verisign have released the top ten trending keywords in .com and .net for December 2015. For .com the top ten keywords had a heavy Chinese influence. They were clinic, fund, wang, lice, cai, fang, dai, lian, jin and traffic. For .net there was also a Chinese influence, but not as strong. The top ten .net keywords were porn, pure, perfect, parts, stem, zhai, edit, fang, dairy and tshirts.

From Law Firms to Bar Associations to Legal Media and Technology, “.law” Domain Gains Momentum Throughout the Legal Profession

LAW gTLD logoMinds + Machines Group Limited, the owner of the new “.law” top-level domain, today (19/10) announced that beginning October 19, 2015, .law domain names may be applied for by qualified lawyers on a first-come, first-served basis at standard rates. The seven-day Early Access Program, during which .law domain names were priced higher to accommodate initial demand, ended at 1600 UTC on October 19.

Antony Van Couvering, CEO of Minds + Machines, commented, “The early interest in .law by the legal community has been outstanding. The legal profession seems to agree with our foundational policy: that every name sold under .law or .abogado must belong to a qualified lawyer and that there is real value in domain names governed by meaningful, verified policies.”

Early Adopters Lead the Way

Early adopters of .law domain names include prestigious state associations such as The Florida Bar; leading law firms across the country including Orrick, Skadden, and DLA Piper; the leading legal media outlets Law360 and ALM Media; professional legal organizations such as DRI-The Voice of the Defense Bar, and the American Association for Justice, which is working with .law to ensure its members are aware of this opportunity; and many other firms, organizations, and individuals.

“Interest is coming from all corners of the legal profession,” Lou Andreozzi, CEO of Dot Law, Inc. said. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure names that can help rebrand, expand, or otherwise promote the legal profession. Many of the associations have indicated that, in addition to their own use, they will provide access to the new domain names as part of their membership benefits. Law firms large and small have expressed interest not only in their names but also in practice areas. They see this as an investment to help ensure their position as a leading practice. It is exciting to consider the possibilities.”

With over 100,000 members, The Florida Bar is the organization of all lawyers who are licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida to practice law in the state. “As The Florida Bar continues to serve an ever more diverse and engaged constituency, it is important to look for new tools with the potential to help our membership leverage their resources in order to best serve their clients,” said Pete Sweeney, Chair of The Florida Bar Member Benefits Committee. “We are excited to be among the first organizations to receive the new .law domain names and make them available to our members.”

Orrick is a global law firm focused on serving the technology, energy, infrastructure, and finance sectors. “Law firms are constantly looking for new and more valuable ways to share market insights and content with our clients, and we applaud efforts to innovate in this area,” said Orrick Chairman Mitch Zuklie. “We are delighted to be an early recipient of a new .law domain name.”

Free Registration Opened Up to Law Schools

In addition, Minds + Machines is proud to announce its law school program, which will provide a .law domain name to accredited law schools, and will waive registration and renewal fees for the domain name. U.S. schools are the first to be afforded this opportunity; outreach to non-U.S. law schools is planned for the near future.

“We are proud to announce a program to provide accredited law schools with a dedicated .law domain name, without charge to the school,” said Carl Jaeckel, COO of Dot Law, Inc. “For many law schools, their web and email addresses do not reflect that they are a law school or may be long and convoluted, such as ‘initials of law school dot initials of university dot edu.’ We hope that these new domain names will provide law schools with a tool to easily identify their position in the legal community.”

Seton Hall Law School, the only private law school in New Jersey, is a leading law school in the New York metropolitan area. “We are delighted that the .law domain provides Seton Hall Law School with an extraordinary array of new branding opportunities for both the law school and our specialized programs,” said Kathleen Boozang, Dean and Professor of Law, Seton Hall Law School. “setonhall.law distinguishes us as a leader in legal education and in the broader legal marketplace, regionally and globally.”

About .law and .abogado

.law and .abogado are new restricted top-level domains (TLDs) that aim to promote trust in the professional legal community by creating exclusive online spaces in which lawyers can present themselves in a distinctive and memorable manner. Only qualified lawyers are eligible to secure a .law and/or .abogado domain name. A qualified lawyer is a professional who is licensed to practice law by an approved regulator of legal services in a given jurisdiction. For full eligibility criteria, please see the .law and .abogado Eligibility Policy. More information on .law is available at join.law.

About Minds + Machines

Minds + Machines (LSE:MMX) is a leading owner and operator of new generic top-level domains (“gTLDs”) including “.law,” and provides registry services to a range of high-profile clients. The Group also provides domain name services to consumers through its wholly owned registrar operations in the U.S. and Europe. For more information on Minds + Machines, please go to http://investors.mindsandmachines.com.

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