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What domain names tell us about the Australian same-sex marriage vote

Live Melbourne gTLDMarriage equality and domain names aren’t usually thought of in the same breath. But when this week’s postal survey results showed that the majority of the country voted in favour of same sex marriage (yay!), we saw an interesting uptick in domain name registrations come through almost immediately after the results were announced.

Traditionally, domain name registrations are a window into the trends and important moments in our society. When something major happens, you can often see the keywords reflected in new domain name registrations ­— the original Twitter #hashtag, if you will.

That didn’t change this week, either. Enterprising Melburnians pounced on the business opportunities to come —  gayweddingphotography.melbourne,  hersandhers.melbourne, and queerweddings.melbourne were all registered since the ‘yes’ result was announced.

These domain names join already existing businesses and entrepreneurs, like www.gaycelebrant.melbourne, who are leveraging their city and offering localised, personal services to their consumers. After all, for an event as major as a wedding, you want someone who knows the landscape.

But you don’t need to be a business offering wedding services, either. Using a local domain name like .melbourne or .sydney is a smart choice for couples, both before and after the big day:

  • Spread the word to family and friends. Instead of sending numerous emails about the venue, travel, accommodation, registry, and all the other wedding details, set up a website instead. Family and friends can check out the URL to get all the need-to-know information in one location.
  • Share photos, videos, and more. Forget the Facebook albums. After the big day, use your website to share the best photos, videos, and can’t-miss moments.
  • Give glimpses into your life. Long after the wedding is over, your site can remain useful. Use it to share big life updates without having to wait for the annual Christmas card. Buying a first home, moving to a new city, or having a baby are all milestone moments that are perfect for sharing on your website.

When it comes to current events, time is of the essence. Use our ‘Find a Domain‘ search to see if your favourite wedding-related domain name is available, and start celebrating!

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How to use a local domain extension to increase sales leads through community branding

Live Melbourne gTLDWith more Australians going online than ever before, a web presence has become an essential component of any successful business. And Aussies are spending more money online too – almost $20 billion in the last year alone.

A local domain extension can offer an important edge for any business seeking to take advantage of the countless opportunities offered by the internet.

By connecting your business directly to the community it serves, these extensions can cut through search engine clutter, improving your brand exposure, boosting sales and helping to establish an important community presence.

The benefit to businesses that emerge at the top of search engine results cannot be overstated, and there are countless success stories from business owners who have experienced those benefits firsthand.

Proof is in the pudding

Kelly Jordan has been using a local domain extension for her photography business for 12 months now, and has noticed immediate results.

A professional photographer who has been working in Melbourne for more than eight years, Ms Jordan had already built a successful birth photography business from the ground up. But as with all talented entrepreneurs, she is always on the lookout for innovative ideas that can help her brand.

After she began using local domain extension www.birth.melbourne, her business was quickly rocketed to the top of online search results.

“We are now the first organic result in Google when using almost any combination of birth photography terms” Ms Jordan says. “That was well beyond our realistic expectations and has been a huge boost for our Birth by Kelly Jordan Photography sub-brand.

“Inbound queries for Melbourne’s premier birth photography service as well as our family and newborn portraiture businesses have been significantly increased as a direct result”. 

How it works

Domain extensions work by anticipating the search elements potential clients will look for.

By merging the location and the kind of business being sought after, local domain extensions can provide a keyword boost in online search.

“With www.birth.melbourne, we get hits from people searching for birth photography if they are searching from Melbourne, or if they are specifically searching for birth photography in Melbourne,” Ms Jordan said.

By offering efficient online exposure, Ms Jordan regularly links up with new clients more swiftly than before and has seen her business flourish.

Expand your network

As Ms Jordan’s own experience shows, domain extensions can offer a convenient alternative to expensive ad campaigns as a way of increasing brand exposure.

Ms Jordan’s original website without the .melbourne domain extension remains active, and the two sites cross-populate to generate even more business.

With a local domain extension to snare new business and an independent website highlighting all of her services, Ms Jordan is able to drive traffic between both sites.

It has been a roaring success for Ms Jordan, and she advises any other small business owner thinking about it to try a local domain for themselves.

Explore using a local domain extension to connect with the clients who matter the most – the ones in your local community.

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It’s hard to believe that two years have passed since Melbourne became the first city in Australia to have its own Top-Level Domain. And just like its namesake, the most liveable address on the Internet has grown in leaps and bounds – boasting almost 10,000 registrations since it launched in 2014.

dotmelbourne-turns-twoIn that time, .melbourne has partnered with events like the Melbourne Festival, organisations like Destination Melbourne, iconic Melbourne businesses like St Kilda Burger Bar, Flower Drum and many more.

Any organisation based or operating in Victoria can register a .melbourne domain name, and the good news is that the greater availability of names offered in .melbourne means there are lots of generic phrases and key words still up for grabs. Some studies have even shown that a local web address like .melbourne can improve search engine ranking.

If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level and give your business a boost, then take advantage of Melbourne’s style, personality and culture and snap up your own piece of .melbourne.

As part of the birthday celebrations, .melbourne domains are currently on sale. Get a great deal on a domain name today!

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How a local domain name can drive more traffic to your hospitality business

Foodies are proud of their cities and neighbourhoods and love nothing more than sharing their local dining experiences with friends.

DOTmelbourne logo

Restaurants are tuned into this hyper-local word of mouth and know that it is more valuable than many advertising campaigns. But with social media and New Top-Level domains (TLDs), word of mouth is moving online.

Bringing the buzz online

As the foodie scene continues to boom it becomes increasingly difficult to make your restaurant or cafe stand out from the crowd online. And hospitality businesses often find it very difficult to translate their local word-of-mouth buzz into website clicks.

You might be so hot right now in Melbourne or Sydney, but what if a quick Google search reveals you share a name with a diner in Chicago? And worse, they rank above you on search engines?

.sydney and .melbourne domain names

One way you can stand out and increase traffic to your website is to use a .sydney or .melbourne domain name.

These tie into a trend where users are becoming accustomed to adding their city into search queries. Users can get city-specific information and avoid the clutter about similar events or businesses in other cities or other countries.

When St Kilda Burger Bar was looking for a short, punchy domain name that included its location it came up short, until it snagged the superb address: www.burger.melbourne.

“With a .melbourne domain name,” says owner Rabih Yanni “we were able to achieve this [shorter name] while aligning our business online with everything that is loved about Melbourne and burgers. We could not do this under other domain name options.”

Short, punchy domain names

For Sam Peasnell of Dexter Meat & Buns, the number one motivator when looking for a domain name was brevity, but this isn’t always something you can do with a .com domain. For example, if he’d registered www.dextermeatandbuns.com it would be unwieldy, hard to read, and wouldn’t geo-target consumers at the city level.

“The biggest motivating factor for www.dexter.melbourne is that we could have the name ‘Dexter’ on its own,” said Mr Peasnell “To have something new, to have something cool and something that sums up our brand in two small words is invaluable for our business.”

Using a local Top-Level Domain name has really made both St Kilda Burger Bar and Dexter stand out online. Instead of being yet another long domain name lost in cyberspace they’ve become part of a hyper-local online community that reflects their civic pride and neighbourhood standing. This gives them the opportunity to take the buzz from their passionate foodie regulars and share it with everyone in the city who is looking for dining inspiration online.

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Why campaigns should choose a local domain over a big spend on social

Sydney gTLD logoWhether we like it or not, we live in the age of ‘cut-through’ politics, where politicians put their better energies towards what plays well with voters.

We are all accustomed to the fact that our politicians tweet, hashtag and post selfies with the best of us, and implicit in this activity is a belief in social media’s power to deliver votes.

But does it? A closer look at digital sharing might curb one’s enthusiasm for overdoing it.

Social media analysts say actual cut-through from use of social media – or the rate at which a regular post on Facebook, for instance, reaches its intended audience – is diminishing.

“Social media is becoming more expensive,” says social media consultant Jenni Beattie, owner of Digital Democracy and lecturer in emergent media at the University of Technology, Sydney. “You have to spend more money today than you might have done a few years ago just to reach the same audience.”

This has to do with the way social media companies are evolving. Facebook, for instance, is now a listed company, and with that comes an understandable focus on making money through advertising dollars.

But those savvy in digital marketing know there are other ways to achieve this all-important ‘cut-through’ without huge advertising outlays.

The advent of new location-specific domain names in Australia means websites now have the chance to append an address with either a .melbourne or .sydney suffix.

With brands and politicians having to work harder to achieve the same ends with their social media policies, a feature like a location-specific domain can offer a local name an edge when it comes to searchability.

Many US politicians have cottoned on to the power of location-specific web addresses and well-chosen domain names.

The success of President Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign underscored just how powerful a political strategy can be when it marries the ruthlessly local with the digital.

This simple but effective strategy was not lost on Adam Bandt, the Federal Member for Melbourne. He was searching for new ways to connect with his supporters in his inner-city Melbourne electorate when he decided to invest in a .melbourne address.

“Our campaigns are driven by grassroots action across Melbourne, and we feel that having the www.adambandt.melbourne domain will help bring our offline grassroots community online,” said a spokesman for Mr Bandt. “The community sees Adam as synonymous with Melbourne and Melbourne’s values, and the www.adambandt.melbourne domain further connects Adam and Melbourne together.”

Clearly, local domain names are an affordable and effective way to get a competitive edge in your digital strategy.

Ms Beattie explains that the upshot of social media becoming more expensive has been a tightening in the Facebook algorithm, making it harder for a regular ‘post-to-page’ to appear in someone’s newsfeed unless it has been ‘promoted’ or paid for.

She says organic reach, or the measure of page appearances in a fan’s newsfeed, is now down to between two and five per cent, versus around 16 per cent back in 2010-2012. That means, for your regular politician posting a hard-hat or happy snap of themselves on the campaign trail, for instance, there is only between two and five per cent chance it will be seen by its core audience – unless that promotion is paid for.

“That has changed things for a lot of users of Facebook,” says Ms Beattie. “If you are a brand or a politician or a small business you have to have a good Facebook budget now to be able to reach the people you used to reach cost-free years ago. As a result, the rate of investment now in social media is much greater than it has been in the past.

“All the different types of social media platforms – Twitter is the same – have an algorithm component. It’s harder and harder to reach people and you have to have a good budget as well. People can’t just organically reach people like they used to through social media.”

For precisely the same reasons as Adam Bandt MP registered his .melbourne domain name, more politicians in Australia would do well to consider a local domain name if they want to reach out to grassroots supporters, says Ms Beattie.

Nowadays, to run a social media campaign effectively, a politician requires staff to respond to queries and posts almost 24/7, not to mention the outlay on advertising to promote content.

An investment in a local domain name could be considered a “micro-investment”, Ms Beattie says, at least when compared to the costs of true social media engagement.

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Melbourne’s Own gTLD Launched Today

The first Australian city specific gTLD was launched today (12 November) for the city of Melbourne.As of 10:00 Melbourne time all eligible Victorians and service providers to the State are able to register a domain name ending in .melbourne on a first-come, first-served basis.The gTLD is a partnership between the Victorian government and the City of Melbourne and with the assistance of ARI Registry Services, which will manage domain operations.”ARI Registry Services on behalf of the Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne is proud to launch this digital asset for use by all Victorians,” said Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services.”This is a major coup for Melbourne that gives our great city its very own piece of internet real estate and tells the world that Victoria is a leader in the digital economy,” said Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips at the launch.”The name .melbourne takes our city to a new level of digital recognition on a global scale, which will see it become a quintessential part of our great city’s brand.””The new domain opens up a range of new opportunities for our local businesses to innovate by securing a unique online space fundamentally associated with Melbourne.”

“I’m pleased to see Melbourne’s business community including the iconic Flower Drum Restaurant, Bank of Melbourne and Melbourne Festival already enthusiastically embracing .melbourne.”The Bank of Melbourne has been an enthusiastic ambassador for the gTLD.”Bank of Melbourne are proud to be one of the first in the city to get a .melbourne domain name,” said Bank of Melbourne’s Head of Brand & Marketing, Jac Phillips. “We are Melbourne’s local bank, with our call centre, our branches, our head office and of course our customers all here in Melbourne. Melbourne is our place of business, so the domain name is a natural fit.”Another ambassador Melbourne Festival Executive Director, Katie McLeish said their new .melbourne web address would further emphasise the festival as a key event on the city’s calendar.”Melbourne Festival is thrilled to be an ambassador of the .melbourne initiative. Each Festival brings an array of dance, theatre, music, visual arts and outdoor events from renowned and upcoming Australian and International companies to Melbourne. Our new online address, festival.melbourne, will help us to better promote the Festival and cement our place as the city’s leading performing arts event.”Successful candidates who apply for a .melbourne domain name during Landrush will be notified between 9 to 12 November and will join Melbourne Festival and other first-to-market businesses to use a .melbourne address.

Melbourne Joins Cities With Own gTLD – Landrush Starts 1 October

The new gTLD for Australia’s second largest city, Melbourne, becomes available for businesses and brands in the state of Victoria to apply for from 10:00 Australian time on 1 October.

In addition, a number of iconic businesses have signed up to become ambassadors for the new gTLD. Some of these include the Flower Drum restaurant, the Melbourne Festival and Bank of Melbourne.

.melbourne ambassadors showcase businesses big and small that have recognised the opportunity presented by this digital innovation. They will serve as inspiration, and help get the word out, for the rest of the community to take advantage of this new marketing opportunity.

Melbourne joins cities and regions such as Berlin, Paris, London, Saarland, New York, Vienna and soon Sydney, among many others, to have their own gTLD.

To start, there will be a Landrush period for businesses and brands. The new gTLD offers opportunities for businesses, and the Bank of Melbourne’s Head of Brand & Marketing, Jac Phillips said the bank snapped up the chance to own bank.melbourne.

“Bank of Melbourne are proud to be one of the first in the city to get a .melbourne domain name. We are Melbourne’s local bank, with our call centre, our branches, our head office and of course our customers all here in Melbourne. Melbourne is our place of business, so the domain name is a natural fit.”

Another ambassador of a .melbourne web address is biketours.melbourne, a micro business operated by passionate Melburnian, Michelle Brown which offers sightseeing tours around the city.

Successful candidates who apply for a .melbourne domain name during Landrush will be notified between 9 and 12 November and will join Melbourne Festival and other first-to-market businesses to use a .melbourne domain. Melbourne Festival Executive Director, Katie McLeish said their new .melbourne web address would further emphasise the festival as a key event on the city’s calendar.

“Melbourne Festival is thrilled to be an ambassador of the .melbourne initiative. Each Festival brings an array of dance, theatre, music, visual arts and outdoor events from renowned and upcoming Australian and International companies to Melbourne. Our new online address, festival.melbourne, will help us to better promote the Festival and cement our place as the city’s leading performing arts event.”

Similarly, the Marriner Group’s General Manager Glenn McGuinness hoped their new web address would help better promote the many world-class theatre shows they attract to the city.

“As the custodian of prized heritage venues such as the Regent and Princess theatres, Marriner Group play host to many of the biggest shows of the entertainment world, like Once, The Lion King and Grease. There will be no better promotional tool to showcase theatre in Melbourne than our new theatre.melbourne web address.”

Other businesses to become ambassadors of a .melbourne web address include Eureka Skydeck, Destination Melbourne and the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

Following the landrush application period during October, .melbourne web addresses become available on a first-come first-served basis from 10:00am on Wednesday 12 November. There will be a premium for .melbourne domains, in part to deter cybersquatters. Prices are expected to start from approximately $65 depending on registrar and services provided.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services – the Melbourne-based technology company managing .melbourne – said the milestone would mark one of the most significant technology infrastructure projects in the State.

“A .melbourne web address will allow Victorian businesses and individuals to show an online affiliation to the city and increase geographical relevance to their target audience. There is also potential for businesses to be rewarded with added search engine optimisation benefits.”

Second Round Of New gTLD Applications On ICANN Board Agenda: auIGF Discussion

The prospect of a second round of applications for new gTLDs is on the agenda for ICANN, with discussions likely to take place at an upcoming board meeting, possibly as early as September.

“The board will soon start discussing the possibility of opening a second round of applications for new gTLDs, said ICANN board member and auDA CEO Chris Disspain at the Australian Internet Governance Forum Wednesday in a discussion on new gTLDs focussing on the upcoming .melbourne.

The earliest possibility for discussions is an ICANN board retreat, scheduled for early to mid-September.

The conference was preceded by the announcement of the winners of the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA), a collaboration between auDA and InternetNZ, that recognise organisations, businesses and individuals who excel in delivering accessible, innovative, informative and secure resources to a diverse and wide community on the Internet.

“The concept of the ANZIAs came from discussions between Keith Davidson (the then CEO of InternetNZ) and me over several glasses of red wine,” said Disspain. “We wanted to be able to reward those organisations, individuals and businesses we had seen develop incredible online resources, for the benefit of all Australians and New Zealanders. The Internet is a place where everyone is able to exchange ideas and communicate, on a level playing field. The ANZIAs are a way to acknowledge the world-class initiatives that are created, in both of our countries.”

There were winners in six different categories:

  • Diversity: Cultural Infusion
  • Innovation: ARTS:LIVE – The Song Room
  • Information: Policy Online (APO)
  • Access & Digital Skills: Get Up To Speed Program – The Training Collective
  • Security & Online Safety: RealMe – New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
  • The Leonie Dunbar Memorial Award for Community Websites: Apollo Bay Community Website Inc

A full list of winners and those highly commended is available at www.internetawards.org.au

The upcoming launch of the .melbourne gTLD was also the focus though of one session. Questions were raised about the cost, due to the $50 wholesale premium being charged to registrars. But ARI Registry Services CEO Adrian Kinderis, who will provide registry services, justified the cost for three reasons – respect for the Australian country code .au, preventing cybersquatting and that it’s expensive to run a TLD, so with less names, costs have to be higher to pay the bills.

Kinderis also believes that the use of a city gTLD such as .melbourne will also help internet users find their desired destination.

If you’re searching for Melbourne, the results for .melbourne will be ranked higher, Kinderis believes. The same with brands. Searching for a brand will rank websites using the brand gTLD higher than other sites.

But for registrants using domains in more generic TLDs, Kinderis believes they will in the main not be ranked highly in search results.

.MELBOURNE One Of 300 Passing ICANN’s Initial Evaluation

The first Australian generic Top Level Domain application has passed its initial evaluation. On Friday ICANN said ‘.melbourne’ has passed its technical and financial evaluations, with the number passing this stage now reaching 300, and being the next step in getting the gTLD up and running.The .melbourne is being led by the Victorian State Government, City of Melbourne and technology provider ARI Registry Services and is the first of 41other Australian applications, largely representing that .melbourne gained a relatively low number in the prioritisation draw (350th) compared to say, .sydney (1352nd), out of an overall pool of approximately 1900 applicants globally.Melbourne will be joined by the likes of London, Tokyo, New York and other high profile world cities and regions securing their own piece of online real estate.The plan for .melbourne is that it will usher in a unique online community for local people and businesses that will be targeted to their needs. .melbourne will be the home of trusted and genuine online content about Melbourne and Victoria.Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, congratulated the Victorian Government and City of Melbourne on their collaborative vision and investment in the long-term digital strategy for the people of Victoria.”Geographical locators have always been important as a part of identifying where an online business is physically located. The success of, and immense value in, the .au brand is testament to this. .melbourne is part of an evolutionary change that will take this identification to another level,” Mr Kinderis said.”The State Government of Victoria and City of Melbourne have long recognised the value of a strong city brand. Through .melbourne, these governments now have an important and unique digital asset to amplify the global reach of Melbourne with every domain name registered under it.””.melbourne will become a quintessential part of the city’s business brand. Internet users will turn to .melbourne for familiar, trustworthy and local online content while savvy businesses will use the namespace to tap into the booming ecommerce potential of the city,” Mr Kinderis said.Following today’s successful completion of ICANN’s evaluation process, Mr Kinderis said ARI Registry Services will continue to work with the Victorian State Government and City of Melbourne on the remaining necessary steps, with the view of .melbourne being available in 2014.Businesses and Melburnians interested in registering a domain name under .melbourne are advised to stay tuned for a launch announcement expected in the coming months.

Key Australian Capital City Domains Up For Sale

Domain Guardians logoDomain names for four of Australia’s capital cities have gone been listed for sale.

Sydney.com.au, melbourne.com.au, brisbane.com.au and adelaide.com.au have been listed for sale, as well as auction.com.au, at namesell.com with the sale being brokered by Domain Guardians.

The domains are offered for sale as a bundle, as groupings of one or more, or as individual domains and come up for sale prior to the launch of the top level domains .sydney and .melbourne, which the state governments of New South Wales and Victoria have applied for respectively.

Mike Robertson from Domain Guardians said the sale presents an opportunity for a major player to own the commercial domain names mirroring four of Australia’s five largest capital cities.

“These domains/websites could provide a local entity or leading international corporation with a unique opportunity to become the dominant online player in Australia.

The sites are owned by companies involving three partners – former journalist Rod Ashcroft, businessman Michael Tancredi and It-specialist Phill Bertolus, reported The Australian newspaper.

Mr Tancredi told the paper that the trio originally bought the domain names around 1995-96 for “no sale price”. They had been developed as basic tourism sites.

“There is no other situation in the world where a company or individual owns 85% of the country’s capital city domains,”said Robertson. In the US, most leading corporations are lucky to own one two capital city domain names.

“Sydney.com.au is the No.1 ranked website in the Google.com.au search results when you search on the word ‘sydney’.

Mr Robertson said sydney.com.au and melbourne.com.au are lightly developed as tourism websites and already generate attractive revenue streams.

He said there is huge scope to broaden the websites to include residential and commercial property sales, car sales, job listings, auctions, travel, tourism, accommodation and entertainment and make these the stand-out websites for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

“All traffic coming to the site is organic and free – grown from strategically placed backlinks dating back to the ’90s. The owners have never spent a cent driving traffic to sydney.com.au or any of the other city domain websites. “

For auction.com.au, Mr Robertson said the domain name is for sale, either as part of a bundle with the city websites or as a separate sale.

“The domain name auction.com.au, commercially developed, could be one of the biggest online sales platforms in Australia.