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.ME Turns Three With Over Half Million Registrations

Dot ME logoIt is now three years since the relaunch of the ccTLD for Montenegro, .ME, and they are celebrating with over 530,000 registrations in 200 countries.

“In that time, the dot-ME domain has transitioned from one country’s Web identity to the most effective personal domain name extension in the world,” says Predrag Lesic, Executive Director of the .ME Registry. “Dot-ME has truly ‘gone global,’ having registered more than 530,000 domains in 200 countries.”

The popularity of the ccTLD in English-speaking countries was not unexpected given the popular use of the word “me”. American registrations account for more than half (52.92%) of .ME registrations while another 7.68 per cent of registrants are located in the United Kingdom. Then comes German (3.82%), Canada (3.81%) and Japan (3.63%).

But, it is the percentage of .ME growth quarter-to-quarter and year-to-year that proves the domain is a consistent top choice among persons and companies looking to be sure their web address stands out from the crowd. During the Registry’s last fiscal year (July 2010-June 2011), the registration of .ME domains grew by 27 per cent; which, according to VeriSign’s May 2011 Domain Name Industry Brief, is more than three times the average industry increase during the report’s measured 12-month period (7.9%).

.ME has also become extraordinarily popular recently for its value in the world of mobile apps and as a URL shortener for some of the world’s biggest companies, such as WordPress (WP.Me), Facebook (FB.Me), Yahoo (ME.Me), VKontakte (VK.Me) and Time Magazine (TI.Me).

“Some might argue that dot-ME has put the young country of Montenegro in a worldwide spotlight,” notes Lesic. “We certainly are proud of dot-ME’s international presence and of the Registry’s accomplishments in successfully marketing the domain for its value, simplicity and brand presence online.”

Europe Registry logoTo register your .ME domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

400,000 .ME Domains Registered in 2 Years

Dot ME logo[news release] Just two years after the world first heard of Montenegro’s top-level domain, .ME, more than 400,000 .ME domains have been registered. Several by some of the biggest names on the Internet — including Facebook, Yahoo, WordPress, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. These companies have snapped up .ME domains to draw attention to their online products and services.
“In every case, dot-ME naturally draws the online audience in with a call-to-action, a catchy phrase or by creating a simple and abbreviated destination domain,” notes Predrag Lesic, CEO of the .ME Registry. “FB.Me is a perfect example. These four letters link mobile users with Facebook in a simple, efficient way”.

WordPress did the same thing, creating WP.Me as its URL shortener, so the website’s hundreds of thousands of blogging members can easily connect friends and fans to their writings.

One of the best fits of the year is Despicable.Me. This website was originated by Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment to promote this summer’s much-anticipated 3-D CGI feature, Despicable Me, which opens in theaters July 9. Online at Despicable.Me, fans who have been watching trailers in theaters and on television for months, can learn more about the animated film starring Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Miranda Cosgrove and legendary actress Julie Andrews.

Many more online entrepreneurs are finding .ME to be an ideal destination domain. Fits.Me, for instance, is a virtual fitting room clothing companies can use to help their customers determine how a piece of clothing will fit individual bodies.

More and more interested parties worldwide can appreciate the intrinsic value of a .ME domain. In fact, more than a quarter-of-a-million dollars in call-to-action, catch phrase and personal .ME domains were sold at auction in May, including Trade.Me for more than $18,500 and Smith.Me for $5,100.

For other examples and articles about the many clever uses of .ME, visit ExploreTheWorldOf.Me.

To learn more about the .ME Registry, developing a .ME business idea through non-auction allocation of a .ME domain, or to find out how to register a .ME domain, go to www.Domain.Me.

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Europe Registry logoTo register your .ME domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Last Hours for “Call-To-Action” .Me Auction

Dot ME logo42 Unique Domain Names Available via Moniker & SnapNames Showcase Auction Series

Ending today (May 11) at 15:15 Eastern US time, an auction for some of the best call-to-action .ME domains closes on Moniker and SnapNames. If you ever wanted to LookAt.Me, Feel.Me or Design.Me, you can bid on .ME here.

“Moniker was the first to auction catch phrase and call-to-action dot-ME domains in September 2008. The exposure we got at that time was wonderful and certainly made partnering with Moniker and SnapNames easy when it came to this auction,” stated Predrag Lesic, CEO of the .ME Registry. “The acquisition of memorable dot-ME names by some of the biggest players on the Internet like WordPress, Facebook, Yahoo and Universal Pictures, has raised the awareness of dot-ME domains among the general public and greatly contributed to the overall interest in our names,” adds Lesic.

To view the complete catalog and bid, go to: https://www.snapnames.com/store/event.action?ig=526. Among the 42 domains available, there are 12 three-letter domains up for grabs including: Let.Me, See.Me, Set.Me, Log.Me, Job.Me and Hot.Me; and other great call-to-action domains such as Adopt.Me, Bug.Me, Inform.Me, and Improve.Me.

“Today, when the expansion of online business depends upon standing out from the crowd, a catchy marketing message wrapped in a domain name could be a winner,” noted Monte Cahn, founder of Moniker.com. “In a world with over one-point-eight billion Internet users, personalizing a website with two simple, yet powerful, words can be one of the most valuable marketing tools you can use to attract new customers.”

For examples of some of the many clever uses of .ME, visit ExploreTheWorldOf.Me.

To learn more about the .ME Registry, developing a .ME business idea through non-auction allocation of a .ME domain, or to find out how to register a .ME domain, go to www.Domain.Me.

You Must Have .ME

Dot ME logoPresently .Me domains are gaining momentum as the hottest new destination for Web addresses that have hit the market. Due to their universal appeal and quality to be easily remembered they have become essential to brand yourself or a company in the online market. Furthermore, some “premium” names such as. Contact.ME, Drive.ME, Kiss.Me, Youand.Me, Insure.me have the potential to create a completely new perception of the websites.

The people and brands have foreseen the huge potential of the new .Me domain names and snapped them up at a price of $99.98 during the opening bid period in June. However, many domain names received more than one application and were put up for auctions.

More than a thousands auctions are currently open for popular and it is not inexplicable why .many of them are going so high and why so many trademark domains are being auctioned.

However many of the landrush auctions have ended, and we’ve already witnessed some high sales. Toyota.me was sold for $90,025, while the attractive domain name of insure.me scored the very impressive $68,000 price. Other big sales include:

only.me $33,405

aweso.me $24,189

skoda.me $20,010

brand.me $18,540

lasvegas.me $15,105

chatwith.me $15,035

korea.me $15,015

solve.me $13,116

picture.me $10,240

recruit.me $10,155

Original article : http://www.domaininformer.com/news/editors/080902hottestnewdestination.html

Opinion : With the play on words for each respective website that has come through the .ME maddness, people are finding new ways to represent their companies and their products. What domain informer have written all plays true in the hearts of corporations and domainers.

.ME Lives up to the Hype

London, United Kingdom — The internet’s latest and most personal domain extension has seen huge popularity after public launch. At 4pm (GMT) July 17 the public were given the opportunity to register the new .ME domain name extension. Over 5,500 .ME domain names were registered within the first two days of public launch by UK accredited registrars, making it the second most popular registration country, second only to the US.

“While English speaking countries led the way in registration volume, many non-English speaking countries such as Germany, China, and France made a strong showing,” said Predrag Lesic, the Me registry’s executive director. “We believe this bodes well for the international success of .ME as the only domain name that is all about You.”

Within the first minute of the launch over 5,000 names were registered worldwide as both individuals and businesses alike rushed to secure their preferred .ME extension. At the end of the first two days of the launch more than 50,000 new domains were registered worldwide.

Original article : http://www.domaininformer.com/news/press/280708METLD.html

Applications for the .ME reaching 30,000

30,000 applications have arrived to date for the registration of Montenegrin Internet domain .ME, the domain company have announced.

The company announced that the next round of registration, functioning on a first-come, first-serve basis, would start on July 17, during which all available domains would be awarded to the first bidders that meet required conditions.

The General Sunrise Period began in May, when only trademark owners could have applied for their .ME domain. .ME domain names that receive more than one application will be awarded through an auction process. .ME is expected to be utilized as a personalized Web address and as a catchy business marketing tool around the world. The .ME Landrush (pre-registration) period began in early June, and Open Registration is set to begin on a first-come, first-served basis in mid-July. Two-year minimums are required on all .ME domain names registered during the Landrush and initial Open Registration periods.

The complete .ME registration schedule is as follows:

* May 6 to May 20: General Sunrise Period. During this time, anyone with a trademark is eligible to apply for a .ME domain.

* May 20 to June 6: Quiet Period. The registry will be closed to registrars. Sunrise auctions will begin for names that were bid on by multiple parties. .ME domain names that receive only one application will be awarded.

* June 6 to June 26: Landrush. This was the first opportunity for the public at large to apply. Anyone who doesn’t have a trademark, but is interested in a specific .ME domain, can apply during this period. This is also when Sunrise challenges begin.

* June 26 to July 15: Quiet Period. During this time, the registry is closed to registrars. Names for which there was only one application during the Landrush Period are allocated. Landrush auctions will begin for names that received multiple applications.

* July 17: Open Registration. Domain names are registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Original article : http://www.themontenegrotimes.com/mnt/20080707741/Business/30000-applications-for-.ME-domain.html

Open Registrations start soon for .ME

The .ME Registry is about to open domain name registrations on a first-come, first-served basis, and if initial indicators are accurate, the .ME domain names will move quickly. Open Registration Officially begins July 17.

The .ME Registry concluded its Landrush Period June 26. The 20-day time span was the first opportunity for the public to apply for .ME domain names. More than 80 different accredited registrars from 24 countries are offering the catchy domain extension.

In the Landrush already, applicants from around the world will be receiving some excellent domain names such as Click-On.ME, ChatWith.ME and Optimize.ME illustrating just a few of the catchy names being awarded, said Predrag Lesic, the registrys executive director.This extension really does lend itself to creative and attractive names whether for business or personal use.

Right now, the official Quiet Period is in effect. During this Quiet Period, the .ME Registry will be making domain awards, and in cases where multiple applications for the same name were received, auctions will be held. To date, through Sunrise and Landrush, the .ME Registry has received more than 30,000 .ME applications.

This has been one of the quickest, most efficient contract-to-market timelines for any domain name extension, said Lesic. Open Registration is a prime time to secure your dotME.

Two-year minimums are required on all .ME domain names registered during the Landrush and initial Open Registration periods.

To read the press release : http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20080701005316&newsLang=en