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nna Kendrick is the 2020 McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrity

[news release] Actress Anna Kendrick, best known for her roles in musical comedy Pitch Perfect and HBO Max series Love Life – tops McAfee’s U.S. list of most dangerous celebrities to search for online. For the fourteenth year, McAfee researched which famous names generate the riskiest search results that could potentially trigger consumers to unknowingly install malware on their devices.

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92 % down on phishing Says HKDNR

It seems HKDNR have released a report in response to the McAfee Report with .HK domain names being the primary domain name for scam’s and phishing.

“HKDNR is committed to providing a safe Internet environment for the community and has put in place various measures against suspicious websites,” said Jonathan Shea, CEO of HKDNR. “We have been working closely with the Office of the Telecommunications Authority Hong Kong Police and Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre (HKCERT) to monitor and control the situation,”.

“We actively review our systems and domain name registration procedures and policies. In particular, we have implemented more stringent documentary requirements to combat suspicious applications in order to keep pace with the fast-changing Internet world,” he added.

Certain Risks with ccTLDs

A McAfee study shows that .HK domains are more likely to dangerous or be malware-prone on the Web.

The McAfee Mal Web report, which serves as a safety guidebook to risky online neighborhoods, reveals that 19.2 percent of all Web sites ending with the .hk domain pose a security threat to Web users, followed by China (.cn), the Philippines (.ph), Romania (.ro) and Russia (.ru).

By contrast, the safest domains on the Web are Finland (.fi), Japan (.jp), Norway (.no), Slovenia (.si), and Colombia (.co).

In general, the chance of downloading spyware, adware, viruses, or other undesirable software from surfing the Web increased 41.5 percent over 2007, the report found.

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