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Registration and Website For ICANN75, In-Person and Virtual, Now Live

Registration for the ICANN75 Annual General Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is open and the dedicated meeting website is live.

The meeting will be held as a hybrid event from 17 to 22 September 2022 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. All participants must be pre-registered by 14 September to attend the meeting in person. The meeting schedule will be published on the ICANN website on 29 August.

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INterpol: More than 1,000 arrests and $27m intercepted in massive financial crime crackdown

Interpol logo

[news release] An operation coordinated by INTERPOL codenamed HAECHI-II saw police arrest more than 1,000 individuals and intercept a total of nearly US$27 million of illicit funds, underlining the global threat of cyber-enabled financial crime.

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ICANN: Inaugural Asia Pacific Domain Name System Forum and Pre-Event Monthly Webinars

[news release] ICANN Monday announced plans for the Asia Pacific (APAC) region’s first Domain Name System (DNS) Forum. Jointly organised by ICANN and MYNIC Berhad, which is the Registry and Registrar for .MY, the inaugural APAC DNS Forum 2022 is scheduled to take place from 30 March to 1 April 2022.

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ICANN75 And ICANN76 To Be Held In Kuala Lumpur And Cancún

ICANN announced Friday their 75th public meeting, and annual general meeting for 2022, will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 17 to 22 September 2022 and their 76th public meeting and community forum will be held in Cancún, Mexico, from 11 to 16 March 2023.

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Cancun, Kuala Lumpur & Hamburg Announced as ICANN 2020 Meeting Locations

ICANN has announced the locations for its Public Meetings to be held in 2020. Cancun, Mexico, has been selected as the location in the Latin America and Caribbean region to host ICANN‘s 67th Public Meeting, from 7–12 March 2020. The Community Forum will be held at the Cancun International Convention Center.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has been selected as the location in the Asia Pacific region to host ICANN‘s 68th Public Meeting, from 22–25 June 2020. The Policy Forum will be hosted by Dr. Suhaidi Hassan of the Internet Society Malaysia Chapter at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.

Hamburg, Germany, has been selected as the location in the European region to host ICANN‘s 69th Public Meeting, from 23–28 October 2020. The Annual General Meeting will be hosted by eco association, DENIC and the City of Hamburg at the Congress Center Hamburg.

ICANN holds three Public Meetings each calendar year in different regions of the globe. ICANN Public Meetings are a central principle of ICANN‘s multistakeholder model because they provide a venue for progressing policy work, conducting outreach, exchanging best practices, conducting business deals, and interacting with other members of the ICANN community, Board, and organization. Usually comprising more than 400 different sessions, these meetings are the focal point for individuals and representatives of the different ICANN stakeholder groups to introduce and discuss issues related to ICANN policy development. Participants may attend in person or remotely. Meetings are open to everyone and registration is free.

.MY Suffers Temporary Outage Due To “Broken Chain of Trust”

The Malaysian ccTLD suffered an outage on 15 June that led to losing the “availability of access to MYNIC’s domain services” and all .my websites being offline for hours.

Explaining the problem, MYNIC said there was a “broken chain of trust between the servers in MYNIC and Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)”.

In a post on their Facebook page and Twitter account, MYNIC, the .my country code top level domain manager, said they “are currently experiencing some Technical Issue related to DNSSEC chain with IANA. We feel sorry for any inconvenience to the customers. We are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

While some websites continued to be available during the outage, this was because of sites that had been cached around the world.

Explaining the problem, MYNIC said in a statement that their “technical team acted upon the report and are working together with Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and Verisign to resolve the problem. As part of the resolution to the problem, MYNIC’s DNSSEC key was refreshed and pushed to IANA servers.”

The outage did not result in any breaches of customer data however there were criticisms it took MYNIC 10 hours to inform registrants of the problem.

Normal service resumed at 15:00 on 16 June Malaysian time but “the availability of some .my sites will take more time to be restored as DNS servers cycles its cache.”

.XYZ Celebrates Independence Day in 5 Asian Countries With Discounted Promotions

dotXYZ logoThe .xyz new gTLD may have dropped 5 million registrations this year following very low renewal rates following discounted promotions in 2016, but it hasn’t stopped them having an eye on more discounted promotions.

Five nations in Asia – Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam – celebrate their respective independence days in August and early September. To celebrate, .xyz has joined with regional registrars to run special, limited-time sales.

So if you want a discounted .xyz domain and want to use a regional registrar, check out the .xyz website here for a list of the promotions and registrars.

APRICOT 2014 Moving To Malaysia

APRICOT logo[announcement] Following the decision to move APRICOT 2014 from Bangkok earlier this week, APIA and APNIC announce today that APRICOT 2014 will now be held in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Petaling Jaya is a satellite city of Kuala Lumpur and is accessible via Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

While it was the strong intention of APIA and APNIC to hold APRICOT 2014in Thailand, the announcement of a 60-day State of Emergency by the Thai Government in Bangkok, advice from our local hosts, and the subsequent upgrading of Thailand’s travel warnings by international governments means that hosting APRICOT 2014 in Thailand is now not possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience this change in location will cause for our delegates.

APRICOT 2014 will be held at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.  All registrations already made by delegates for Bangkok remain valid for APRICOT 2014 in Petaling Jaya.

We urge all delegates to check their visa requirements for Malaysia as soon as possible and if a visa is required, please contact your closest Malaysian Embassy urgently to ensure your application will be processed in time for travel.

A Frequently Asked Questions page is now available on the APRICOT 2014 website.

The APRICOT 2014 site will be updated regularly with new information on the event. Please check the website, the APRICOT 2014 Facebook page or follow @apnic on Twitter for the latest updates.

APIA and APNIC would also like to thank True and NECTEC for their support in helping arrange APRICOT 2014 in Thailand, and we hope that APRICOT will return to Thailand in the future.

If you need any further information, please contact us at secretariat@apricot2014.net.

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Daily Wrap: EU Says ITU Should Not Have More Power, Kiwi Fight Over TLDs, .SA, .EE, .IE Awards And Aeroflot.xxx Dispute

There may be a case for governments having more say in the way the internet is run, EU digital commissioner Neelie Kroes told ZDNet last week, but — even if this were to happen — it would not necessitate giving the ITU more power.

“Of course there are voices saying it would be better with the UN [but] I’m not in favour of the line that, if you have a problem, you can only solve it in a new structure,” Kroes said, adding that it was first worth examining the calls for more government input.

“I still think that the remarks that are made [about giving governments a greater voice] can be included in a solution within the structure of today,” she said. “I’m not aware that that can’t be done, so I’m not willing to [favour] a new structure.”

The creation of the kiwi.nz second level domain will only cause confusion, the applicant for the .KIWI gTLD has said.

Tim Johnson, chief executive of Dot Kiwi Ltd told the New Zealand Herald approving kiwi.nz was not in the best interests of internet users “or in fact the internet in New Zealand”.

“Why would potential registrants want .kiwi.nz when they could have .KIWI?”

SaudiNIC has started a process of updating Whois details for .SA domain names, sending out requests to registrants to check and if necessary update their registrant details.

ICANN’s board of directors is set to approve مليسيا., the Arabic name for Malaysia, at a meeting next week, Domain Incite reported.

The Estonian Internet Foundation announced the public procurement for an audit of the code of the information systems (Domain Registry Software Security Audit) it uses, the organisation announced last week. The bid submission deadline is 10 September 2012.

Over to Ireland and the Irish Internet Association has announced the shortlist for this year’s Dot ie Net Visionary Awards and online voting is now open.

Aeroflot, the Russian airline, has won a dispute lodged with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center over the aeroflot.xxx domain name, however the original registrant does not agree with the ruling and is threatening to appeal.

.MY Passes 100,000 Registration Landmarks

MYNIC logoThe .MY (Malaysian) ccTLD passed the six-figure registration landmark in June by passing 100,000 registrations for businesses and individuals.

“We are proud to have achieved this milestone and it gives us further impetus to enhance and expand our efforts,” said .my DOMAIN REGISTRY director, Shariya Haniz Zulkifli, according to a report in MIS Asia. “We have put in place a broad range of initiatives that are ultimately aimed at boosting the use of .my domain names, and we are confident that more and more people will adopt .my as its multiple benefits become increasingly apparent.”

“With the ever-expanding use of the Internet, a unique online identity is just as important as any conventional identity, be it for businesses or individuals,” Shariya continued. “For businesses in Malaysia, having a .my domain name enhances export and international market access potential as it enables them to take advantage of Malaysia’s standing as one of the world’s Top 20 trading nations.”

Asia Registry logoTo register your .MY domain name, check out Asia Registry here.