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ICM Extends .XXX Sunrise As Applications Approach One Million

dotXXX logoAs it approaches the one million mark for .XXX domain name expressions of interest, ICM Registry has announced it will be extending its Sunrise period, running for 50 days from 7 September, due to the volume of prelaunch interest in the domain.

ICM Registry has received nearly 900,000 expressions of interest for .XXX domain names during its pre-reservation process.

The “Sunrise” period, due to commence in fifty days time, has been designed to both permit domain registration from members in the adult entertainment business, and to assist brand managers from other industries who want to protect their trademarks ahead of wider availability.

The new Sunrise period will now run for 50 days commencing 7 September 2011 and finishing on 28 October 2011. The extended period will enable ICM Registry to receive and process all applications from existing domain name and trademark owners who have applied to either opt their brand in or out of the .XXX registry.

While ICM Registry holds responsibility for administering the .XXX domain name, it is working closely with individual domain registrars – the vendors handling the registration and exemption process for .XXX. The one-off fee to exempt, set by individual registrars, provides businesses with a cost-effective solution which to permanently safeguard their Intellectual Property (IP) within the .XXX registry. This service, which ensures web addresses are not registered by others at a later date, is without annual fees, and will only be available to rights owners during the restricted Sunrise period.

“We believe the Sunrise period offers businesses a comprehensive rights protection mechanism where they can protect their brands and trademarks,” said Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry. “We are advising businesses to either opt-in or opt-out and want to give them the best opportunity to do so at the launch of our new TLD. Given the high level of interest in the domain, we see that many businesses wish to be proactive in avoiding any brand conflicts.”

After the close of Sunrise, a Landrush period will run for 18 days where businesses from the adult entertainment industry will have premium access to remaining .XXX domains, following which general availability will ensue. Sunrise applicants using registered marks to qualify will be required to own a subsisting trade or service mark registration of national effect.

“Although the .XXX extension is targeted at the adult entertainment industry, brand owners from any industry will need to be aware of its launch,” said Jonathan Robinson, Director, IPRota. “The Sunrise period offers brand managers a unique opportunity to secure relevant trademarked terms ahead of wider availability, effectively safeguarding them.”

“We wanted to take an innovative approach to the launch of .XXX and show best practice at all stages including investing in a global awareness campaign,” said Lawley. “ICM Registry believes in consumer choice, and while we believe the .XXX will satisfy the needs of the sponsored community, we recognise there is also an audience who would like to opt-out and safeguard their IP prior to the domain going live”.

The pre-reservation for .XXX is now closed, with on-going enquiries being handled by ICANN-accredited registrars.

Europe Registry logoFor more information, please see icmregistry.com or Europe Registry, your ICANN-accredited registrar.

.CO Landrush Deadline Extended

Due to extraordinary demand for the impending .CO domain launch, according to the registry operator of the .CO domain, .CO Internet S.A.S has announced it has officially extended the deadline for people and companies to secure high-priority .CO domain names prior to their availability to the general public on July 20. The deadline for the “Landrush” phase will be extended through Friday, July 16th at 12:00 pm (Noon) US EDT.

For more information see the news release below.

.CO Internet Extends Deadline for “Landrush” to Secure .CO Domain Names

Miami, FL : July 9, 2010

July 16 Marks the Last Chance to Secure High-Priority .CO Domain Names Before General Public; More than 26,000 .CO Domains Already Claimed by Top Global Brands, Fortune 500 Cos and Others

MIAMI - July 9, 2010 – Due to extraordinary demand for the impending .CO domain launch, .CO Internet S.A.S. (COinternet.co), the registry operator of the .CO domain, today announced it has officially extended the deadline for people and companies to secure high-priority .CO domain names prior to their availability to the general public on July 20.  The deadline for the “Landrush” phase will be extended through Friday, July 16th at 12:00 pm (Noon) EDT.

The new .CO domain offering presents unprecedented opportunities for corporations, brands, web developers, agencies, entrepreneurs and others to secure high-priority, high-value domain names that have long been “unavailable” in the .com domain.  To date, .CO Internet has registered or taken applications for more than 26,000 .CO domain names, many of which have been secured by the world’s top global brands and Fortune 500 companies, such as: Amazon, American Express, Apple, BMW, Cartier, Canon, CNN, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ebay, Exxon, Facebook, Ford, Google, Hilton, Honda, IBM, IKEA, Kodak, McDonalds, Microsoft, MTV, Nestle, Nike, Nokia, Panasonic, Pfizer, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Toyota, Twitter, Unilever, Visa, Yahoo and many more. The company expects to receive several thousand more applications prior to the end of the Landrush period.

“The response to the new .CO domain offering has been overwhelming.  To keep up with the demand, our registrar partners have asked us to extend the deadline for the Landrush phase to give more people the opportunity to secure their desired domains before they are released to the general public,” said Nicolai Bezsonoff, chief operating officer of .CO Internet.  “July 16th will be the last opportunity for corporations, major brands, start-ups and individuals to secure their desired domains early.  On July 20, all unclaimed domains will be added to the general pool and released on a first-come, first-served basis.”

Pricing and Availability
During the Landrush phase, organizations and individuals wishing to secure early access to high-priority, high-value .CO domain names may do so – for a premium – through one of 10 .CO Accredited Registrar partners, including GoDaddy.com, Register.com, Network Solutions, eNom, InternetX, Dotster, Melbourne IT, OpenSRS, My.co, and Dominio Amigo, or any of the resellers within each registrar’s extended networks.

.CO domains registered during the Landrush phase are priced at a premium to reflect their high value and high demand, with prices averaging between $250 to $300, depending on the registrar. If more than one Landrush application is received for a particular domain name, it will be auctioned to the highest bidder.

About .CO Internet S.A.S.
.CO Internet S.A.S. is the Registry Operator for the .CO top-level domain.  .CO Internet was formed by a strategic venture between Arcelandia S.A, and Neustar, Inc. (NYSE: NSR). The .CO domain offers individuals and businesses a truly global, recognizable and credible option in branding their online presence. Thanks to leading-edge technology, enhanced security and unprecedented rights protections for brand owners, the .CO domain is poised to become the world’s next premier web address. For additional information, please visit www.COinternet.co.

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You Must Have .ME

Dot ME logoPresently .Me domains are gaining momentum as the hottest new destination for Web addresses that have hit the market. Due to their universal appeal and quality to be easily remembered they have become essential to brand yourself or a company in the online market. Furthermore, some “premium” names such as. Contact.ME, Drive.ME, Kiss.Me, Youand.Me, Insure.me have the potential to create a completely new perception of the websites.

The people and brands have foreseen the huge potential of the new .Me domain names and snapped them up at a price of $99.98 during the opening bid period in June. However, many domain names received more than one application and were put up for auctions.

More than a thousands auctions are currently open for popular and it is not inexplicable why .many of them are going so high and why so many trademark domains are being auctioned.

However many of the landrush auctions have ended, and we’ve already witnessed some high sales. Toyota.me was sold for $90,025, while the attractive domain name of insure.me scored the very impressive $68,000 price. Other big sales include:

only.me $33,405

aweso.me $24,189

skoda.me $20,010

brand.me $18,540

lasvegas.me $15,105

chatwith.me $15,035

korea.me $15,015

solve.me $13,116

picture.me $10,240

recruit.me $10,155

Original article : http://www.domaininformer.com/news/editors/080902hottestnewdestination.html

Opinion : With the play on words for each respective website that has come through the .ME maddness, people are finding new ways to represent their companies and their products. What domain informer have written all plays true in the hearts of corporations and domainers.

100,000 .ME domains Registered

ME Registry announced today it has registered more than 100,000 domain names. This milestone comes a little more than two weeks after opening for live, real-time registrations by the general public and less than four months after opening its doors.

“We believe the huge demand for .ME reflects the public’s interest in having a personal connection with the Web,” said Predrag Lesic, the registry’s executive director. “From interesting topics, to organization names, to brands, .ME sites give personality to the content on the Web sites associated with them.”

More than 100 registrars currently offer .ME domains through their registration platform. .ME has seen its greatest interest among English speaking countries including the United States (71%), the United Kingdom (6%), Canada (4%), and Australia (2%).

Rank Country Code Country Percentage
1 US United States 71%
2 GB United Kingdom 6%
3 CA Canada 4%
4 AU Australia 2%
5 IL Israel 1%
6 DE Germany 1%
7 FI Finland 1%
8 AE United Arab Emirates 1%
9 SE Sweden 1%
10 NL Netherlands 1%

More than a thousand auctions are currently open for popular .ME domains, with the highest bid over $32,000. Auctions for .ME have been extremely popular, with some of the top completed auctions to date being:

Name Final Bid
lasvegas.me $15,105
chatwith.me $15,035
picture.me $10,240
baidu.me $10,005
onlinecasino.me $10,005
tag.me $10,005
secure.me $10,005

Original article : http://www.businesswire.com/portal/site/google/?ndmViewId=news_view&newsId=20080805005776&newsLang=en

Battle for .EU domains after sunrise

The first sunrise period for the registration of the new european domains has come to a provisional end. From 7th December 2005 till 6th February 2006 a large number of applications have been filed to EURid. This institution was installed by the European Union and is acting as the registration agency for the .eu-domain-names.  All applicants must now prove their priority rights (e.g. trademarks) on which the registration was based on within a strict deadline of 40 days.

The registration rules include an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in the case of complaints being filed against a decision made by PricewaterhouseCoopers or EURid or a complaint against the use of a domain-name by a third party. The ADR procedures implement that an independent arbitration tribunal will examine whether domain-names were appointed according to the registration rules and no third party rights were restricted.

To read the article further  :http://www.aufrecht.de/news-und-beitraege/eu-domain-names-the-battle-after-sunrise-alternative-dispute-resolution-adr-puts-new-domains-on-hold.html