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TLD Updates: .ZUERICH Sunrise, Singapore Launches Search For New Businesses plus Singapore National Day Promotion, TLDCON 2021 Registration Opens, LACTLD Turns 23 and NamesCon Delayed To September

The Sunrise period for the new gTLD for Switzerland’s largest city and canton by population, Zürich, commences on 30 August, and will run until 29 October.

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Latin America and the Caribbean Reach 10 Million Registered Domains

The number of domain names registered across ccTLDs in Latin America and the Caribbean passed the ten million mark according to an announcement from the Latin American and Caribbean Association of ccTLDs (LACTLD) in November.

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ICANN: Registration Now Open for the 2020 LAC Domain Names Week

[news release] Registration is now open for the 2020 LAC Domain Names Week, which will be held virtually. The theme of this year’s event is “Understanding the Ecosystem and Learning New Opportunities.”

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ICANN: Inauguration of the Centro de Emprendimiento e Internet in Paraguay | Center Calls for Applicants for the First Training Course

ICANN logoThe Centro de Emprendimiento e Internet is an open initiative from Paraguay’s National Secretariat for Information and Communication Technologies (SENATICs), the Latin American and Caribbean Country Code Top-Level Domain Association (LACTLD) and ICANN.

The goal in establishing the Center is to contribute to the evolution of the Internet ecosystem in Latin America and the Caribbean region. The Center will serve as a knowledge repository and networking point for acquiring and sharing expertise, resources, training and support for the implementation of initiatives and projects in digital environments.

Initially, the Center’s focus will be on regional capacity building on the topic of the Domain Name System (DNS) industry ecosystem. The training and education will provide opportunities to team up with relevant partners to share experiences, build a network of experts and find new avenues to advance and strengthen the sector.

The idea for the Center came from discussions between SENATICs and ICANN. These discussions resulted in an agreement to support the development of the Internet DNS industry in Paraguay and in the region. LACTLD joined the efforts to create synergies among the regional country code operators. The Center is now open and is seeking a wide range of partnerships from the industry.

Regional stakeholders from the Internet governance community formed an Advisory Committee to guide the implementation and strategies of the Center. The committee is composed of Andres Piazza (General Manager of LACTLD), Antony Harris (Executive Director of CABASE), Ernesto Bojorquez (Commercial Director of NIC.mx), Gabriela Szlak and Celia Leman Friedman (eInstituto), Gonzalo Navarro (CEO at ALAI), Leon Sanchez (Partner at Fulton & Fulton SC), Mark King (Caribbean Region, Barbados), Rubens Kuhl (Manager NIC.br) and Vanda Scartezini (Polo Consultores Associados).

The Center’s inauguration event will be on 12 October 2016 in Asunción, Paraguay. This celebration will coincide with the first day of the Center’s first training course.

The Center seeks community participation:

  • Call for applicants for the first training course. The Center asks candidates from the region to apply for the Center’s first course. The course, to be held on 12–14 October, will cover the business, marketing and legal aspects of the DNS industry. The Center will grant travel support for the 10 candidates who best demonstrate an interest in developing the domain name industry in the region, sharing what they learn in their local communities, developing business models and contributing for the further development of the Center. Learn more and apply.
  • Call for partnerships. The Center invites contributions from interested partners (regional organizations, private sector companies, individuals) to contribute to the consolidation of the Center, including replicating activities in other countries. If you are interested, email daniel.fink@icann.org.

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ICANN and LACTLD Deepen Cooperation and Promote Greater Regional Involvement in Internet Policy Development

ICANN and LACTLD, the Latin American and Caribbean Country Code Top-Level Domains Organization, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which they agreed to explore opportunities to collaborate on topics of common interest. The official signing took place today in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. ICANN is a nonprofit corporation with a mission to help ensure a stable, secure and unified global Internet. LACTLD is a nonprofit association that promotes cooperation and information exchange among regional top-level domains (TLDs).

Photo (from left to right): Daniel Fink (ICANN), Albert Daniels (ICANN), Alex Dans (ICANN), Andrés Piazza (LACTLD CEO), Göran Marby (ICANN President and CEO), Clara Collado (LACTLD Board), Rodrigo de la Parra (ICANN)
Photo (from left to right): Daniel Fink (ICANN), Albert Daniels (ICANN), Alex Dans (ICANN), Andrés Piazza (LACTLD CEO), Göran Marby (ICANN President and CEO), Clara Collado (LACTLD Board), Rodrigo de la Parra (ICANN)

Göran Marby, ICANN‘s President and CEO, and Andrés Piazza, LACTLD´s Executive Director, signed the MoU during the Dominican Republic’s Internet Week. Both organizations were participating in the event – ICANN holding its third Latin America and Caribbean Domain Name System Forum (LAC DNS FORUM), and LACTLD hosting a technical workshop.

“It is a great milestone for LACTLD, and a huge pleasure for me personally, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with ICANN, which will work as a channel for strengthening our long-standing cooperation in the region,” said Andrés Piazza.

Both organizations emphasized the importance of exploring opportunities to build a cooperative working relationship that strengthens the capacity and capability of ccTLD operators in the region. An accompanying goal is to encourage LACTLD members and regional stakeholders to get involved with ICANN´s policy development processes.

“Part of our job as a support organization includes deepening our engagements with partners around the world,” said Göran Marby, speaking about LACTLD. “Your work in the region is vital, and I’m proud to sign an MoU that will make your voice heard in important discussions about shaping the Internet.”

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EURid: Languages on the move in the Internet landscape

EURid logo“Only by pursuing a policy of multilingualism in Internet access can we give effect to our policy of an Internet that is truly global, and truly accessible to all,” states European Commission Vice-President, Neelie Kroes, in the foreword of the IDN World Report 2014 produced by EURid with UNESCO in cooperation with Verisign and the country code Top Level Domain regional organisations (CENTR, LACTLD, APTLD and AFTLD).

The annual report is being presented today during a workshop at the Internet Governance Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, which takes place from 2 to 5 September.

Internationalised domain names (IDN) were first launched at the second level (eg παράδειγμα.eu) in 2000. From 2009, it became possible to register domain names entirely in non-Latin scripts (eg 例子.中国). At the end of 2013, there were 6 million IDNs (including second level names and IDN TLDs). Although this is a large number, it is just 2% of the world’s registered domain names (270 million).

EURid, the registry manager of the .eu Top Level Domain, has been supporting IDNs at the second level since late 2009 and has applied for the .eu in Greek and Cyrillic to ensure that the EU citizens can enjoy a complete IDN experience when writing languages that are not based on the Latin alphabet. “We are proud to have supported multilingualism through IDNs since the very beginning and to offer an extended customer support in all 24 official EU languages and, hopefully in the near future, the .eu TLD in Greek and Cyrillic,” commented EURid’s External Relations manager Giovanni Seppia.

The report contains evidence that shows that, far from being “internationalised”, IDNs are intensely localised. They are strongly linked to local language content, and although they occur in diverse writing systems, the location of such scripts is closely coupled to countries and regions where related languages are spoken.

New gTLDs promised to fulfil unmet needs in the domain name system. One obvious need is for enhanced linguistic diversity. With 90% of new gTLD strings (eg .photogra- phy) either in English language, or understandable in English, that opportunity has been lost – for now.

“The growth potential for Internet penetration is in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Latin America where English is not the primary language. For IDNs to fulfill their potential, multiple actors need to make changes to hasten universal acceptance, so that IDNs can be used seamlessly in every environment,” concludes the report’s main author Emily Taylor.

Download the report

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LACTLD GM Resigns To Further Peruvian Political Ambitions

Erick Iriarte, General Manager of the Latin American and Caribbean ccTLDs Organization (LACTLD) has announced his resignation to further his political ambitions in the upcoming Peruvian election.Iriarte is a candidate for the Peruvian Congress and will be missed at both regional and international meetings such as ICANN, being a very popular figure.During the last three years under Iriarte’s leadership, he was fundamental to LACTLD in strengthen its role in the regional and global arena, introducing a relevant number of workshops for the benefit of LACTLD membership. During this time the LACTLD grew to 35 members, from ccTLDs and other TLDs with interests in the region.LACTLD is a non-profit organisation that aims to represent the interests of the Latin America and the Caribbean ccTLDs, as well as promote communication and cooperation between ccTLDs managers.”My political campaign for the Peruvian Congress has taken more time from my original responsibilities, and in top of it the chances to obtain that position has increased which requires a greater commitment to my country,” said Iriarte. “Even professionally detached from the organisation to allow me to attend personal commitments, my great affection for LACTLD makes me stay compromised with its goals and its community, for whom I’ve dedicated the last three years of my life. All of this, for a greater compromise with my country”.”LACLTD will be always grateful for Erick’s management during the last three years for the way he served its community. He was instrumental to engage the ccTLDs in LACTLD activities while securing the necessary resources to strengthen the organization, representing us through different international events and feeding us with relevant industry information”, said Oscar Robles, Chairman of the LACTLD Board.The LACTLD Board coming soon will start the formal search for the new General Manager.