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Registry Consolidation Continues as SIDN and Uniregistry Choose CIRA to Enhance DNS Security and Performance

Canadian Internet Registration Authority CIRA logoThe top level domain business continues to consolidate as registry operators look for partners to provide services rather than provide bespoke services every time. One of those registries that has recently been aggressive in seeking partners is CIRA, the registry operator for the Canadian ccTLD, who this week announced Uniregistry and SIDN have signed on to receive CIRA’s D-Zone DNS services for their TLDs.

Both partnerships were announced at the ICANN public meeting currently underway in Abu Dhabi and follows the announcement in February of two other joint ventures with the New Zealand and Portuguese ccTLD registries, InternetNZ and Associação DNS.PT, to deliver Anycast DNS services.

SIDN who manages the .nl country code top level domain (ccTLD) for the Netherlands, with more than 5.7 million domains under management, has itself been branching into other services. Speaking at the Domain Pulse conference in Vienna earlier this year SIDN’s Michiel Henneke said the registry has been experimenting with opportunities in similar areas.

“DNS is required for e-billing so SIDN became a co-creator of a DNS billing service in the Netherlands, but there are few other markets that are as attractive when it comes to revenue as domain names and the e-billing service is just a small part of revenue. We’ve also taken over an e-identity company with 12 million users, so we believe this will be a significant contributor to future revenue.”

Uniregistry, the other partner, operates .ky, the Cayman Islands ccTLD, along with 25 new generic top level in domains (gTLDs) in the global marketplace, including .link, .game, .mom and .photo.

The CIRA D-Zone Anycast DNS that the registries have signed up to use is built for resilience with a strong footprint at each node across a global, well-peered network that is recognized as best-in-class by some of the most discriminating buyers in the industry.

CIRA’s solution started with the needs of the .CA TLD at its heart, and is now finding great partners around the world who are committed to building a better internet for their users.

Establishing one or more secondary DNS footprints is considered an internet infrastructure best-practice that can help to mitigate the risks posed by DDoS that increasingly focus on DNS providers, where they can do the most damage. The DNS is fundamental to ensuring that websites, email, and web applications remain online and optimized for performance.

.KY Now Available To All

Cayman Islands KY logoDomain names for the Cayman Islands ccTLD, .ky, are now available to anyone anywhere… for a fee.

The ccTLD previously only offered domains to local businesses and residents for free, but now a deal with Uniregistry sees domains being made available to all, including those in the Cayman Islands, for US$39.98 each.

“We’re not necessarily anticipating a huge influx of domain registrations from outside the Cayman Islands come 2September but we have been contacted by a number of registrars who want to market and sell the domain for us,” ICTA Managing Director Alee Fa’amoe told The Cayman Reporter.

Pre-existing registrants that had not responded to the changes prior to 2 September and paid the annual registration fee have had their domains automatically made available for registration.

.KY Domains Available For All In September 2015

Cayman Islands KY logo.KY domain names will be available to all as of 2 September 2015, but the regulatory body is introducing a registration fee for the first time.

The Cayman Islands Information and Communications Technology Authority has announced changes to its terms and conditions. Currently only individuals and entities located on the Cayman Islands are allowed to register .ky domains and they are free. But this costs the ICTA around $120,000 per year according to media reports.

The changes will mean anyone anywhere will be able to register .ky domains, but for an annual fee of $39.98 through the new provider of registry services, Uniregistry.

Registrants who had a .ky domain as of 2 March 2015 will have to re-apply before 2 September to renew that domain’s registration otherwise the domain will lapse and be available to all.

And there are restrictions though on how one uses their .ky domains. You will not be able to promote pornographic material, alcohol, gambling or spam.

“The .KY domain has been around longer than the ICTA, and up until now has been available free of charge to anyone who wanted to own a .KY domain name,” explained  ICTA Managing Director Alee Fa’amoe.

“The purpose of introducing the fee at this time is to give the domain some structure which will allow us to manage it better in partnership with Uniregistry. In addition, we think it will provide more accountability to the domain owners, and encourage them to actually utilise their .KY domain. We currently have approximately 10,000 domain name owners who would have to re-register and we hope that they will do so but we also look forward to welcoming new registrants before the September deadline.”

The move to better regulate the .KY domain and market internationally was welcomed by the Director of e-Government, Ian Tibbetts, who is tasked with overseeing the government’s transition to online services for many of its current customer interactions.

“I am pleased with the ICTA’s move to open the .KY domain as I believe it will strengthen the Cayman Islands’ position in the global market place, and is closely aligned with the Government’s determination to move forward with E-Government and work to enhance the perception and competitiveness of the jurisdiction,” said Tibbetts.

The ICTA is launching a public awareness campaign to educate the community about domains, specifically the importance and benefits of owning a dot KY domain. A Facebook page – www.facebook.com/ICTACayman – has been created and the public can also log on to www.icta.ky for more information or to search available domain names.