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TLD Updates: eeID for Estonia, .SPA GA Launch, UK-IGF, Registrar Applications for .LB, .KZ and .CAT Birthdays and auDA Foundation Applications Open

The Estonian Internet Foundation, the .ee registry, Estonian Internet Foundation, has launched a simple three-in-one personal identification service.

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.ҚАЗ Open Registration Commences 15 August

Kazakhstan Network Information CenterThe priority registration period has now closed for the new .ҚАЗ TLD, the Cyrillic internationalised domain for Kazakhstan, and open registration commences on 15 August the Kazakhstan Network Information Center has announced.

As of 15 August eligible registrants will be able to register domain names containing Kazakh alphabet characters.

The first domain name, registered for testing purposes in March 2012, was тест.қаз.

For more information, see the Order of introduction of «.ҚАЗ» domain name and Regulations of the priority domain name registration in .ҚАЗ domain.

Domain .КАЗ delegated to Kazakhstan

RU Coordination Center logo

[news release] ICANN announced that domain .каз had been approved and delegated to the Kazakhstan Association of IT companies. According to ICANN, the new internationalized top-level domain name is of some interest to the global Internet community. The Kazakhstan Association of IT companies has not yet announced terms and conditions of domain names registration in the new domain.

Like the domains of the Russian Federation (.рф) and of Serbia (.срб), the new Kazakh domain uses the Cyrillic script; however, the domain name .каз uses the Kazakh variant of the latter. About 10,000,000 people in the world speak the Kazakh language, while the number of online users in the Republic of Kazakhstan comes to 4,300,000-plus, or 41% of the population.

“The Cyrillic script is one of the most popular alphabets on the Internet and the debut of yet another domain that uses the Cyrillic script is crucial for the development of the Web as a whole, – said Andey Kolesnikov, the CC’s CEO. – Hopefully, the positive record of the registry for domain .рф will help the Kazakhstan Association of IT companies launch their Cyrillic domain”.

Presently there are slightly less than 30 countries in the world which have been delegated internationalized top-level domains. The Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese and Tamil scripts are the most popular script variants in the existing IDNs. It should be noted that strings by applicant nations submitted for the ICANN’s approval do not always successfully pass the test. For example, domains . ελ (Greece) and .бг (Bulgaria) were rejected because the ICANN commission considered these variants similar to already existing or reserved domain names.

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ICANN: IDN ccTLD Request From Kazakhstan Successfully Passes String Evaluation

ICANN logoICANN is pleased to announce the successful completion of String Evaluation on proposed IDN ccTLD string for Kazakhstan.

Details of the successful evaluation are provided here: www.icann.org/en/topics/idn/fast-track/string-evaluation-completion-k-en.htm#kz.

The IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) ccTLD Fast Track Process was approved by the ICANN Board at its annual meeting in Seoul, South Korea on 30 October 2009. First requests were received starting 16 November 2009. The process enables countries and territories to submit requests to ICANN for IDN ccTLDs, representing their respective country or territory names in scripts other than Latin. IDN ccTLD requesters must fulfill a number of requirements:

  • the script used to represent the IDN ccTLDs must be non-Latin;
  • the languages used to express the IDN ccTLDs must be official in the corresponding country or territory; and
  • a specific set of technical requirements must be met (as evaluated by an external DNS Stability Panel comprised of DNS and IDN experts).

The request and evaluation processes entail three steps:

  • Preparation (by the requester in the country / territory): Community consensus is built for which IDN ccTLD to apply for, how it is run, and which organization will be running it, along with preparing and gathering all the required supporting documentation. Requests are submitted through an online system together with additional material supporting the process at www.icann.org/en/topics/idn/fast-track/.
  • String Evaluation: Requests are evaluated in accordance with the technical and linguistic requirements for the IDN ccTLD string(s) criteria described above.
  • String Delegation: Requests successfully meeting string evaluation criteria are eligible to apply for delegation following the same ICANN IANA process as is used for ASCII based ccTLDs. Requesters submit string delegation requests to IANA root zone management: root-mgmt@iana.org.

With this announcement, a total of 28 countries/territories requests have successfully passed through the String Evaluation. Of these, 20 countries/territories (represented by 30 IDN ccTLDs) are delegated in the DNS root zone; with the remainder either readying to apply, or actively applying for, delegation of the string. Up-to-date numbers about the IDN Fast Track Program will continue to be provided on the Fast Track Process web page at www.icann.org/en/topics/idn/fast-track/ and at the ICANN Dashboard on Performance Metrics at https://charts.icann.org/public/index-idn.html.

ICANN looks forward to enabling the availability of non-Latin country-code domains for countries that meet the Fast Track Process requirements.  ICANN will continue to accept new string evaluation requests in the Fast Track Process.  Staff support is available to help all countries and territories interested in participating in the Fast Track Process. Please email idncctldrequests@icann.org for any inquiries for participation.

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