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INRegistry Offers Free IDN .IN Domains To Stimulate Demand in January

INRegistry is offering free .in Internationalised Domain Names in any of the 22 official Indian languages whenever a .in domain name is registered. Registrants will also get a free email address in the local language.

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.IN Registry Transition to Neustar Registry Platform Complete

In a short statement Friday on the TransitionSupport.in website, it was announced the transition of .in to its new Neustar-backed Registry platform was complete, with the transition completed at 00:01 (UTC) 1 March 2019.

As a result of the transition, .in and the 7 existing Internationalised Domain Names (IDNs) are now being served by over 30 global DNS locations, provided by six anycast global networks, split across multiple redundant and high-capacity network providers. All DNS traffic is protected by Neustar SiteProtect DDoS protection, providing over 10Tbps scrubbing capacity globally.

In the near future, all 22 official languages of India will be supported, once the Centre for Development and Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and NIXI complete the remaining 7 language tables (Kannada, Oriya, Assamese, Sanskrit, Santali, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Malayalam), which will be launched in the .Bharat IDN TLDs selected by NIXI.

Neustar expands Indian Registry capabilities with new appointment

Nitin Wali image sourced from Twitter

[news release] Neustar Data Infotech (India) Private Limited, the India based subsidiary of Neustar®, Inc., a trusted, neutral provider of real-time information services, today announced the appointment of Nitin Wali to support its leading Registry Solutions business in India.

Mr. Wali joins the team as Regional Director, Technical Services, bolstering Neustar’s capabilities in India, where it will soon take over backend technical operations for the Indian .IN country code Top-Level Domain (ccTLD). Mr. Wali will bring his experience and expertise in digital transformation to this project and Neustar’s wider Indian business.

Passionate about creating a meaningful impact on businesses through technology, Mr. Wali’s experience includes over two decades in the technology industry working with leaders like Oracle®, IBM®, Intel® and Verisign®.

Nicolai Bezsonoff, Vice President and General Manager, Registry Solutions at Neustar, said Mr. Wali’s appointment would strengthen Neustar’s Registry business in India as he takes a leading role in the new .IN domain Registry.

“We are thrilled to welcome Nitin to the Neustar team,” said Mr. Bezsonoff. “He brings a wealth of expertise that will be invaluable as Neustar grows its presence in India, and we’re excited to see his strategic and result-oriented mindset support a new age of success for the .IN domain namespace, cementing its place in India’s digital legacy.”

In addition to his extensive resume, Mr. Wali is embedded in the Indian business and technology community. He is an advisory board member of the India SMB forum, India’s largest small and medium-sized business (SMB) movement, which provides a voice to and recognizes innovative, globally competitive SMBs in India. Mr. Wali advises start-ups as a mentor for IvyCamp and helps foster innovation in schools and colleges as a mentor for the Atal Innovation Mission.

Mr. Wali will commence his position with Neustar in mid-January 2019, ahead of the .IN Registry technology transition, expected to take place at the end of February.

About Neustar

Neustar, Inc. is a leading global information services provider driving the connected world forward with responsible identity resolution. Neustar Data Infotech (India) Private Limited is a subsidiary of Neustar, Inc. in India. As a company built on a foundation of Privacy by Design, Neustar is depended upon by the world’s largest corporations to help grow, guard and guide their businesses with the most complete understanding of how to connect people, places and things. Neustar’s unique, accurate and real-time identity system, continuously corroborated through billions of transactions, empowers critical decisions across our clients’ enterprise needs. More information is available at https://www.home.neustar.

Indian Market Grows 7% to 5.3 Million Domain Names in 2017

There are 5.3 million domain names registered by businesses and individuals in India, with the 2 most popular TLDs being .com and .in, the only 2 with more than one million registrations.

However unlike most developed countries where the ccTLD is the most popular top level domain, in India it’s .com with 3.02 million registrations (57% of all registrations) as of 31 December 2017 easily eclipsing India’s own country code top level domain (ccTLD) .in with 1.4 million registrations (26%), according to statistics published by Zinnov.

There are 170,000 domain names registered in new generic top level domains (new gTLDs), 240,000 in .net and 180,000 in .org.

Overall registrations in the world’s second most populous country grew by 7.1% for the year compared to growth globally of 0.9%. And almost half (48%) of all domain names registered are used for websites, up from 40% at the end of 2016. The number parked for monetisation dropped from 25-30% to 11-13% and the number used just for email drpped rom 10-12% to 9-11%. Domain names used only for mobile-enabled websites roughly tripled to 8-10% from 3-4%.

Apart from the east of India which accounts for 7% of all registrations in the country, registrations are spread fairly evenly with 32% of all domains registered in the north of the country, 30% in the west and 31% in the south.

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to prefer .com followed closely by .in. Interestingly 80% of SMB registrants said cost was not a concern and over half (53%) have social media pages.

To download the full report, go to:

Results from Rising Star of the Domain Market .IN Auction

sedo-logoSedo, the world’s largest domain marketplace and monetisation provider just wrapped up the hosting of a successful auction of premium .IN domain names. In total the .IN Special Auction featured more than 100 premium .IN domains, all submitted by our users. The overall interest produced many more applications than the 100 selected, but a preset limit was in place to maintain a feasible quantity within the auction.

The total sales amount culminated in nearly $37K with the top seller, apartment.in coming close to clearing $10K. Other names like big.in, get.in and more went for respectable prices with the emphasis on the auction being about generating awareness for these names as great investment opportunities. There was global interest with bids originating from countries like China, the US, Russia and as expected India.


The event’s success can be attributed to Sedo’s promotional activities at the recent WHD.India/NamesCon India as well as outreach through our extended partner network channels and from our Country Management team.

The auction results demonstrate that .IN domains are a valuable asset, one that will continue to grow in worth over the coming years.

Overall Results

Domain: Price:
apartment.in 9,950  USD
big.in 4,999 USD
get.in 3,800 USD
blogs.in 2,500 USD
funny.in 2,000 USD
gas.in 1,950 USD
forsale.in 1,500 USD
cashmere.in 1,450 USD
vision.in 1,200 USD
pal.in 1,049 EUR
tom.in 1,049 EUR
citybreaks.in 800 USD
cigarette.in 750 USD
fest.in 500 EUR
pgl.in 499 USD
bdm.in 499 USD
nmf.in 451 USD
bkr.in 399 EUR
fantastic.in 310 USD
employed.in 250 USD
belly.in 161 GBP
printings.in 150 USD
fellowship.in 119 USD

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.IN Domains Set For Big Push By Indian Government

The Indian government is set to support a campaign to push .in registration numbers up 50 percent to 3 million in about six months from the current 2.147 million.

Indian IN ccTLD Registry logoThe advertising campaign will promote .in, which remains less popular in the world’s second most populous country than .com and will be aimed at companies, individuals and start-ups.

There will discounts for start-ups and new businesses and the campaign will play on national sentiments for Indian registrants that currently don’t use .in domains. There are also plans to promote the Hindi script .bharat gTLD alongside .in with possible complementary domains.

Another Big Week For Short Domains on Sales Chart

Domain Name Journal logoIt was another big week for short domains on the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales list, week-ending 10 May, with a four-character domain topping the chart.

The top seller was same.com, which sold for $233,333 through GetYourDomain. Coming in second and third was nfc.com which sold for €70,000 ($78,400) veilingen.nl (€31,000/$34,720), both through Sedo.

There were five three-character .com sales and three four-character domains on the top 20 chart. And on the TLD side of things there were 14 .com sales, two .com.au sales and one each for .nl, .de, .info and .in

On the aftermarket side of things, there were 15 sales through Sedo and two through Netfleet.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales in more detail, go to:

Top Reported Sales Go From Seven Figures to Five In A Week

Domain Name Journal logoOne week saw the ninth seven figure sale of the year with power.com selling for $1.261 million, the next week saw a new gTLD domain world.estate top the charts in a $35,000 sale brokered by NoktaDomains, according to the latest Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales.

Coming in second third, in sales brokered by Sedo, was bohai.com and 000000.com selling for $29,022 and $28,500 respectively.

In the top 20 reported sales, ten were brokered by Sedo while eight were by NoktaDomains. And in addition to the .estate sale, there were 13 .com sales and one each for .co.com, .de, .tv, .me, .cruises, .in and .net.

To check out the list of top reported sales in full for the week ending 16 November, go to:

Five Million Domains Added In Q1 Taking Global Total To 276 Million: Verisign

Five million domain names were added across all TLDs across the globe in the first quarter of 2014, replicating the number added in the fourth quarter of 2013, Verisign announced in their latest Domain Name Industry Brief, taking the total Domains Under Management to 276 million as of 31 March.The increase of five million domain names in the first quarter globally equates to a growth rate of 1.7 percent for the quarter, compared to 1.9 percent in the fourth quarter 2013. Worldwide registrations have grown by 19.3 million (18.5 million in the calendar year of 2013), or 7.5 percent (7.3%), year over year.The .com and .net TLDs experienced aggregate growth, reaching a combined total of approximately 128.5 million domain names in the adjusted zone in the first quarter of 2014. This represents a four percent increase year over year. This compares to the year ending 31 December 2013, when the figures were 127.2 million and five percent. As of 31 March, 2014, the DUM in .com equalled 113.2 million names (112m at the end of Q4), while .net equalled 15.2 million names, the same as for the end of Q4, 2013.New .com and .net registrations totalled 8.6 million during the first quarter of 2014. In the first quarter of 2013, new .com and .net registrations totalled 8.8 million. These figures were up on the fourth quarter of 2013 where new registrations were 8.2 million and 8.0 million in Q4 2012. This could reflect seasonal variations but it could also show new gTLDs aren’t impeding new .com registrations.In their report, Verisign provide some pieces of trivia, including the 69 percent of all .com websites are in English. Another two are that over 95 percent of networks are compromised in some way while internet users send 204 million emails per minute.Among ccTLDs, 27.1 million domain names were added, a 2.9 percent increase quarter over quarter, and a 13.1 percent increase year over year. Among the top TLDs overall, .ru (Russia) moved up one place to eighth, swapping places with .info.The largest TLDs in order by zone size were .com, .tk (Tokelau – 25.5m), .de (Germany – 15.7m), .net, .uk (United Kingdom – 10.5m – Nov 2013), .org (10.4m), .cn (China – 10.7m), .ru (Russian Federation – 4.9m – August 2013), .info (5.6m) and .nl (Netherlands – 5.5m).*Among the 20 largest ccTLDs, four exceeded 4 percent overall quarter-over-quarter growth: Tokelau (8.0 percent), Argentina (7.2 percent), India (15.2 percent) and Colombia (12.4 percent). This marks four straight quarters where Tokelau has exceeded 4 percent growth.As of 31 March, there were 283 global ccTLD extensions delegated in the root (including Internationalised Domain Names), with the top 10 ccTLDs comprising 65.8 percent of all ccTLD registrations.Again as of 31 March, there were 198 new gTLDs delegated into the root; 125 of which were delegated during the first quarter of 2014.During the first quarter of 2014, Verisign’s average daily Domain Name System (DNS) query load was 85 billion across all TLDs operated by Verisign, with a peak of 120 billion. Compared to the previous quarter, the daily average increased 3.4 percent and the peak increased 20.6 percent. Year over year, the daily average query load increased 14.8 percent and the peak query load increased 6 percent.As more companies bring their businesses online, there is an increased concern over domain name security. This quarter’s featured article, “The Domain Threat Landscape: Protecting Critical Infrastructure Requires a Layered Security Approach” provides a brief summary of domain name hijacking and some preventative measures and tools to help ensure your domain name is secure.The report is available for download from:
www.verisigninc.com/en_US/innovation/dnib/index.xhtml * Registry statistics are sourced from RegistrarStats.com, domain-recht.de and individual registries. Registries sometimes do not provide up to date statistics publicly which explains discrepancies.

.TK Rockets To Largest ccTLD, Second Largest TLD

The .TK ccTLD, one of the three TLDs with the most malicious domain registrations and whose domains are mostly given away for free, has rocketed into first place among ccTLDs with 16.7 million active registrations according to the latest CENTR DomainWire report.The tiny Pacific island of Tokelau, with a population of 1353 according to the CIA Factbook, is, along with .COM and .INFO, responsible for 82 percent of malicious domain registrations, says a phishing survey released by the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) released in April.With the mostly free domains, at the end of April 2013 the CENTR DomainWire reports there were 1.3 million more .TK registrations than .DE (Germany) with 15.4m then .UK (United Kingdom) with 10.5m.Following this was .CN (China) with 7.5m, then .NL (Netherlands – 5.2m), .RU (Russian Federation – 4.5m), .EU (European Union – 3.7m), .BR (Brazil – 3.2m), .AR (Argentina – 2.9m) and.AU and .FR (Australia and France – 2.6m).Of course, they are all dwarfed by .COM with 108.8 million registrations according to Registrar Stats.Of the top ccTLDs by registration numbers, .CN had the highest growth rate in the last six months, growing by 82.7 percent, followed by .TK that grew by 54.7 percent, .IN (India – 14.3%), .RU (12.5%) and .FR (6.4%).Other highlights of the DomainWire report were:

  • there were 64.2 million ccTLD registrations in Europe
  • the average renewal rate across European ccTLDs was 79 percent
  • the Portuguese ccTLD .PT had the highest 12 month net growth of 27 percent
  • the most common use of a domain name was for commercial reasons for 61 percent of European ccTLD registrations
  • the average number of characters in a European domain name was 10.7 characters
  • 28 out of 42 ccTLDs (67 %) in the region offer IDNs in their zone with a further 3 planning to implement ( Cyprus, Belgium and Slovakia)
  • high numbers of IDNs can be found in the Russian .IDN TLD (.PФ ) with just under 800,000 followed by .de with over 600,000.

To download the CENTR DomainWire report in full, go to: