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CIRA Explains Why Registering ccTLD Domains Benefits the Local Internet Community

Registering domain names in a country code top level domain often has benefits to that country’s local internet community. In the case of Canada’s ccTLD, Byron Holland, President and CEO of CIRA who manages .ca, recently explained how in a post on the company blog. Continue reading CIRA Explains Why Registering ccTLD Domains Benefits the Local Internet Community

IIS To Offload Their Registrar Business, .SE Direkt

The Swedish ccTLD manager IIS has decided to offload its registrar business, .SE Direkt.

.SE Direkt, which has almost 122,000 .se domain names under management with 87,000 customers (almost 67,000 corporate and 21,000 private individual customers), sells domain names but doesn’t offer additional services such as webhosting, which most registrars offer these days as a means of making money. The domain name registration business isn’t particularly lucrative when it comes to profitability.

Domain names registered through .SE Direkt currently cost SEK270 (€26) (SEK216 excl. VAT). The price increased from SEK255 to 270 as of 1 October 2017. .SE Direkt’s market share is 7%, which has increased from 6.8% in 2016. There are currently 1,768,495 domain names for the Swedish country code top level domain.

.SE Direkt commenced operations in 2009 when the business model with registrars was established. The idea was that it would act as a stopgap and that domain name registrants would gradually switch to other registrars. The number of customers has not since declined at the expected rate, but is now after ten years down at a level that makes IIS believe the timing is right to no longer continue with the registrar business.

The transfer includes domain names and customer agreements with .SE Direkt and the possibility of a license to use .SE Direkt’s trademark and/or domain name for up to two years.

To ensure that the buyer has the necessary experience and skills required, IIS places, among other things, the requirement that the purchaser should be, or will become, a registrar. Indicative bids with responses to the “Information for stakeholders” [pdf, Swedish only] must be submitted by 17 October 2018.


IIS Releases .SE & .NU Zone Files

IIS .SE Sweden logo[news release] As of today (16 May), IIS will be providing information about .se and .nu domain names that are visible to the internet public. This means that the registered and delegated domains in the Domain Name System (DNS) will now be visible as the zone files for the IIS top-level domains are being released to the public and made available for download for the first time.

The underlying reason for making the zone files for .se and .nu available is our endeavor at IIS to promote transparency and openness. IIS has made the assessment that the zone files do not contain any confidential information and, therefore, there is no reason not to make this information available.

“Our hopes are that services will be built that enable laymen to use the information and that disclosure will positively impact research into the Swedish internet infrastructure,” says Patrik Wallström, IT security expert at IIS.

What is a zone file?

A zone file is a text file that contains all of the delegated domain names for a top-level domain and the related information. Domain names require the information in the zone file to be able to function at a technical level. In addition to the domain names that IIS administers, a zone file also contains its associated name servers and all the DNSSEC information.

What does this mean for domain name registrants?

In practical terms, this has no practical implications for existing owners of .se or .nu domains. The information in the zone file has never been considered confidential, even if zone files have never previously been published in full.

However, this could have an impact on parties that, for various reasons, do not wish to publish a domain name that is not in use. New brands and temporary campaigns are typical examples of names that many wish to keep under wraps before their launch. If the owner of a .se or .nu domain wishes to keep the domain name secret, no delegation should be written to the zone file. The registrar (reseller of .se domains) that the domain name is registered with can assist with this.

  • More information regarding the zonefiles can be found here.
  • The zonefiles can be downloaded here.


CENTR welcomes its new Board of Directors

CENTR small logo[news release] CENTR is happy to announce that it has elected its new Board of Directors at the association’s 55th General Assembly in Budva, Montenegro. Jörg Schweiger (DENIC, .de) was elected as Chair of the organisation’s Board of Directors. Pierre Bonis (AFNIC, .fr) and Irina Danelia (Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ) were also elected as Board members. All new terms are effective as of 17 February 2016. They join current Board members Elisabeth Ekstrand (IIS, .se) and Danko Jevtović (RNIDS, .rs/.СРБ), who were elected on 19 March 2015. Danko Jevtović has also been appointed Treasurer of the Board.
Jörg Schweiger studied computer sciences and economics. Before joining DENIC in 2007, he held various IT management positions in the insurance business. After 7 years as Chief Technology Officer, he became DENIC’s CEO in 2014.
CENTR Board Members 2016
Pierre Bonis has 15 years’ experience in the field of ICTs, both in government (foreign affairs and digital economy ministry) and in the private sector (AFNIC). He has been Deputy CEO at AFNIC since 2012. He graduated in literature, philosophy and law.
Irina Danelia is a physicist by training and a graduate from the Moscow Lomonosov University. She has nearly two decades of service in executive positions in the international and Russian telecommunication industry. She has been an executive at the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ for more than 6 years.
CENTR wishes to warmly thank the contribution and unabating commitment of its outgoing Chair Giovanni Seppia (EURid, .eu), as well as outgoing Board members Richard Wein (NIC.AT, .at), who was first elected in 2006 and re-elected as Treasurer since, and Lise Fuhr (formerly DK Hostmaster, .dk), who was elected in February 2012. CENTR further congratulates the newly elected Board Chair and members, and wishes them great success in their new positions.
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Daily Wrap: .SHOP/.SHOPPING Auction Gets Weird, and Nordic Domain Days

IIS .SE Sweden logoThere is an auction coming up for the .shop and .shopping gTLDs and Domain Incite reports that it is getting “weird”.

The report notes that there are three ways the auction could play out, and it’s possible that the winning bidder(s) may not have to pay out anything in the auction.

There is reportedly a growing issue with security and DDOS attacks and IPv6 according to a report in Dark Reading. According to the report “because IPv6 occupies such a relatively small space, Internet security implementations that take it into full consideration are also lagging. This leaves a lot of networks vulnerable to distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.”

Nordic Domain Days is coming in late November and will be held in Stockholm. Nordic Domain Days will be part of the long-running and very popular Internet Days (Internetdagarna) organised by IIS, the registry for .se and .nu.

There will be a focus on the interaction between registrars and registries. Representatives from more than 10 registries including .se, .no, .fi, .dk, .nu, .de, .nl, .cloud, .global and .one will be present.

Registration costs 1000 SEK (approximately €106) plus 250 SEK (VAT) and more information, along with registration, can be found here.

2015 CENTR Awards finalists revealed

CENTR small logo[news release] CENTR today announced the shortlisted candidates in each of the five categories of the 2015 CENTR Awards, which aim at highlighting ccTLD registry projects, teams and people that are making a difference in the industry.

Marketing category:
• AustriaLoves.at – “Darlinks” of the nation, NIC.AT (.at)
• Domain Pirates campaign, IIS (.se)
• “Without a name it remains a dream” campaign, Registro.it

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) category:
• OPTIMISE Fund, IEDR (.ie)
• Browse in Catalan, Fundació PuntCAT (.cat)
• Community Investment Program, CIRA (.ca)

Research and Development (R&D) category:
• Zonemaster by Afnic and .IIS (.fr, .se)
• Knot DNS by CZ.NIC (.cz)
• turing by Nominet (.uk)

Security category:
• Rapid adoption of DNSSEC, Norid (.no)
• Collaboration on auditing the ISO27001 ISMS, Christa Falkensammer (SWITCH [.ch]), Boban Krsic (DENIC [.de]) and Christian Proschinger (NIC.AT [.at])
• Turris Project, CZ.NIC (.cz)

Contributor of the Year category:
• Lise Fuhr (DK Hostmaster, .dk) and Mathieu Weill (Afnic, .fr) (combined nomination)
• CZ.NIC (Registry as a whole)
• Marcos Sanz (DENIC, .de)
• Kristof Tuyteleers (DNS Belgium, .be)

All shortlisted nominations in the first four categories were forwarded to Jury members, who have until 18 September to submit their choices. “This shortlist is very promising”, says Carolina Aguerre, LACTLD General Manager and Chair of the 2015 CENTR Awards Jury. “We really look forward to diving into the details of each project.”

This year, the CENTR community will also be voting for the Contributor of the Year Award. Votes are open to full and associate CENTR members, with one ballot per member.

The winners this year’s edition will be announced at the 2015 CENTR Awards Ceremony in Brussels on 7 October.

Congratulations to all participants!

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