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Another Republican Hopeful Beaten to Domain, But Forks Out Over $100,000 For It

Following the commotion over Carly Fiorina missing out on getting carlyfiorina.org, it has emerged another Republican presidential candidate also missed out on a key domain.Only days before he launched his bid to be the Republican candidate, Rand Paul used his re-election committee to pay $100,980 to Escrow.com for a “domain name” on 27 March. The domain had been used though by friends of the campaign, unlike the Fiorina domain, as it was used as a pro-Paul website. Previously Paul was using the domain randpaul2016.com, which now redirects to his new domain.In politics the sum paid is regarded as a lot of money. “Holy crap,” a top Republican digital strategist told the National Journal when informed of the price. “That’s a ton.”Patrick Ruffini, a veteran GOP digital strategist, said that he had never heard of a campaign paying so much for a URL, though he was not shocked. “It’s very much a seller’s market,” Ruffini said, adding that owning a candidate’s “FirstnameLastname.com” was the gold standard in the digital world. “I would argue that almost nothing else matters.”The domain has had a number of owners, both supporters and opponents.”In 2008, it was owned by opponents of his; more recently, by supporters,” reported the Washington Post. “But not so supportive that Paul got it on the cheap, apparently.”Other candidates have done better on the domain-name front according to another report, this one in the Los Angeles Times. “Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, who announced his candidacy last month, owns his own name. So does Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner.””But Jeb Bush and Chris Christie both have potential problems with domain squatters.””The Christie domain is owned by a man who shares the New Jersey governor’s name while jebbushforpresident.com, which mocks the former Florida governor, is owned by a gay couple from Oregon.”