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Domain Sales Go On Holidays For A Week

Domain Name Journal logoIt seems like domain name sales went on a holiday in the week to 17 August after a string of six-figure sales topping the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales.

In the latest edition of the sales chart, dtp.com topped the chart selling for $35,000 through Sedo. Second and third was essentials.com and loa.com, selling for $32,000 and $21,000 respectively through Hilco Streambank.

There were 14 .com sales in the week with one each for .com.mx, .co, .nl, .ag, .com.au and .me. And on the aftermarket side of things, Sedo had a good week with 15 sales while Hilco Streambank and Flippa had two each. The remaining sale was through Netfleet.

To check out the chart in more detail for the week ending 17 August, go to: