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Mega…ish Sale For Mega.co

Domain Name Journal logoMega.co turned into the week’s biggest domain name sale on the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the week to 17 November, selling for $60,000 through RocketName to the New Zealand-based cloud storage service that has Kim Dotcom as its Principal Strategist.

In a week that, for the last couple of months, unusually had no six figure sales, the second biggest sale was for bix.com, selling for $46,000 through Sedo while Kentwood.com sold for $40,000 in a private sale.

On the TLD side of things there were 15 .com sales in the top 21, where there was a six-way tie for 16th place, two .com.br sales and one each for .co, .de, .la and .it.

For the sales outlet, Sedo topped with 13 sales including one in conjunction with GoDaddy/Afternic, who had five sales by themselves.

For more information on the top reported sales for the week ending 17 November, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20131127.htm.

KK.com Blitzes Weekly Sales Chart To Become Year’s Second Biggest

Domain Name Journal logoKK.com creamed the competition in the Domain Name Journal weekly sales chart for the week ending 10 November, selling for $2,400,000 through Moniker/SnapNames to easily eclipse the next biggest sale that would normally have topped the charts, ride.com, which sold for $325,000 through DomainNameSales.

Third place was taken by lsn.com, selling for $100,000 through Moniker/SnapNames.

The sale of kk.com was the year’s second biggest to date, being topped by ig.com, which sold for $4,700,000 in September.

DomainNameSales had a hand in eight sales for the week, two of which were in conjunction with GoDaddy/Afternic, who had another two sales on their own. Sedo was responsible for five sales, while Moniker/SnapNames was responsible for three.

On the TLD side of things, .com took out the top 15 positions and 19 of the top 20, while the one remaining domain was a .me.

To check out the weekly chart of top reported sales in more detail for the week ending 10 November, go to: dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20131120.htm.

.LUXURY To Be A Luxury!

Pre-registrations of .luxury domain names have commenced, but the price is a very luxurious $799.99 per year, according to media reports.

The TLD operator, Luxury Partners, LLC, was awarded .luxury by ICANN, and they have selected NameJet and Afternic (now owned by GoDaddy) to manage the Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Name selection and sales phases of the .luxury release.

According to the TLD operator in a news release, the .luxury gTLD provides a brandable platform to meet the unique needs of the luxury market. Businesses in the luxury industry will have the opportunity to strengthen their brands, better reach their target audiences, while offering consumers an easier way to find luxury products and services under the .luxury gTLD. Euromonitor International reports sales of luxury goods are expected to exceed $317.0 billion worldwide in 2013, which represents a three percent increase over 2012 and demonstrates an attractive growth segment online worthy of a registrar’s marketing attention.

Afternic has been selected to provide definition and valuation services for .luxury premium domains, and to provide marketing and sales support. .luxury premium domains will be sold exclusively through the Afternic marketplace. NameJet will be the exclusive auction platform for the .luxury Sunrise, Landrush and Premium Domain auctions. Together, Afternic and NameJet’s services will provide the end-to-end technical and marketing solutions required to successfully launch the .luxury gTLD.

“We are extremely excited to be launching our new platform with NameJet and Afternic,” said Monica Kirchner, CEO of Luxury Partners, LLC. “We are confident this partnership will enhance the value and visibility of the .luxury namespace. The .luxury brand has a unique opportunity to become the online destination for the luxury industry, providing a place for consumers and existing brands to learn, engage and transact. .luxury further creates opportunities for new entrepreneurs to establish their company in the luxury space.”

“We are excited to once again partner with NameJet and be able to bring .luxury to the public. With the additional reach of GoDaddy, Afternic will continue to lead the way in bringing valuable new gTLDs to the public”, said Bob Mountain, Chief Revenue Officer of Afternic.

“The .luxury brand has tremendous potential for small businesses and larger brands alike,” said Matt Overman, General Manager of NameJet, “The natural value of the TLD combined with our experience in the aftermarket creates a win-win for reaching the users.”


Eleven Week Reign Of Six Figure Domain Sales Comes To An End

Domain Name Journal logoThe end of a nine edition run of six figure or more domain name sales came about in the week ending 3 November with outbreak.com topping the Domain Name Journal sales chart, selling for $73,000 through GoDaddy/Afternic.

The previous nine editions which covered 11 weeks also saw two seven figure sales top their weekly charts – ig.com, which sold for $4,700,000 and eBet.com, which sold for $1,350,000 as well as hot.com top its weekly chart, selling for $850,000.

Back to the 3 November edition of the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales, vida.com came in second, selling for $53,300 through NameJet and phonetracker.com, which sold for $50,000 through Sedo coming in third.

Sedo was back to its old ways, accounting for 12 of the top 20 sales, while NameJet was responsible for four sales and Go Daddy/Afternic two.

On the TLD side of things, there were also 12 .com sales, a lower number than average, while there were also two .org and .ca sales and one each for .info, .co, .co.uk, .nu.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the week ending 3 November in more detail, go to: dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20131113.htm.

Trio Of Six-Figure Sales Top Weekly Chart

Domain Name Journal logoKosher.com proved a handy earner, selling for $200,000 through WebsiteProperties, to top the “weekly” Domain Name Journal sales chart for the fortnight ending 27 October.

Second and third was shen.com and tangerine.com, selling for $125,000 and $100,00 through FindYourDomain and Castello Brothers respectively.

The sales chart included 43 domains given it covered a fortnight and there was a five-way tie for 39th position.

DomainNameSales had a bumper week being involved in 20 sales including one with Sedo and another with GoDaddy/Afternic. Sedo was responsible for another 13 sales andGoDaddy/Afternic another five.

And as usual there were more .com sales than any other TLD with 34, while there were three .net sales, two for .org, and one each for .de, .ca, .co.uk and .info.

To check out the Domain Name Journal list of top reported sales for the fortnight ending 27 October, go to: dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20131106.htm.

Domain Name Association Launched To Educate On Domains

The Domain Name Association was launched yesterday (28 October) with the goal of educating internet users, promoting expansion of top level domains promoting the usage of domain names.The founding members serving on an Interim Board include ARI Registry Services, Demand Media, Donuts, FairWinds Partners, GoDaddy, Google, Momentous, United TLD and WhatBox?. DomainsBot Inc., Minds + Machines and RightOfTheDot, LLC are also founding members.”For too long the domain name industry has relied on ICANN to defend our commercial interests, even though this is not ICANN’s responsibility,” Adrian Kinderis, Chair of the Interim Board of the Domain Name Association Goldstein Report last week. “The formation of the Domain Name Association reflects a maturation of our industry in the corporate sphere and presents a united front in the promotion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the internet.””I strongly encourage everyone involved in the industry to join the Domain Name Association and contribute to our collective growth.”More information is in the news release below:New Non-Profit Launched to Support the Growth and Development of the Internet Domain Name Industry [news release]The Domain Name Association seeks to educate Internet users and promote expansion, usage of domain names; and curates educational resource whatdomain.orgAs the Internet faces a historic transformation with hundreds of new domain names coming online, an international nonprofit organization has been created to promote the interests of the domain name industry by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet.The Domain Name Association (DNA), launched today by companies active in the Internet sector, will educate Internet users around the world about the benefits of domain names, with a specific focus on the imminent introduction of new Top-Level Domains which will revolutionize the way we navigate the Internet. The DNA will develop educational resources and campaigns to prepare users for these changes and support the success of the new domains.Membership is open to organizations involved in all aspects of managing domain names, including domain name registries, registrars, resellers, and registry service providers. Founding members serving on an Interim Board include ARI Registry Services, Demand Media, Donuts, FairWinds Partners, GoDaddy, Google, Momentous, United TLD, and WhatBox?. DomainsBot Inc., Minds + Machines, and RightOfTheDot, LLC are also Founding members.The DNA aims to play a key role in helping individuals, businesses, and public-benefit organizations understand the benefits and take advantage of the upcoming expansion of Internet domains. It will also promote, advance, and support the common interests of the domain name industry with respect to provisioning, expanded adoption, and use of domain names.”The domain name industry sorely lacks a vocal advocacy body that is prepared to fight for our commercial interests, and this is the gap the Domain Name Association is going to fill as the first-ever domain name industry trade group,” said Adrian Kinderis, Chair of the Interim Board of the DNA.”As such, we are ideally placed to help Internet users learn about the upcoming new Top-Level Domains and to help them navigate the changing Internet landscape. We will also work to build trust, exchange ideas, educate, and raise awareness of domain related issues within the industry, and we invite all stakeholders in the domain name industry to join the DNA and work together in support of our shared objectives.”The DNA’s first priority will be to educate Internet users around the world about new Top-Level Domains. Many Internet users are unaware that these changes are coming and they may be confused when they first arrive. The DNA is already working to develop educational resources and campaigns to prepare end users for these changes and ensure the success of the new domains. An example of the group’s efforts is the informative website whatdomain.org, an educational resource about the new Top-Level Domain program.DNA membership is organized as a multi-tiered structure that accommodates various levels of interest and desire for participation in the work of the DNA. More information is available on the DNA website.Industry participants are invited to join the DNA to collaborate with peers to promote and ensure mutual success through a period of major change. DNA membership will solidify a company’s role as a critical player in the next phase of the growth of the Internet, with the opportunity to influence important industry policy decisions. Members can also leverage the DNA’s marketing and education programs in their own activities, and they will receive exclusive information via newsletters and bulletins, as well as access to research results.About the DNAThe Domain Name Association (the DNA) is a non-profit business association that represents the interests of the domain name industry. It is independent and global in scope, and its membership is open to organizations involved in the provision, support, and sale of domain names, such as domain name registries, registrars, resellers, and registry service providers.Founding members serving on an Interim Board include ARI Registry Services, Demand Media, Donuts, FairWinds Partners, GoDaddy, Google, Momentous, United TLD, and WhatBox?. DomainsBot Inc., Minds + Machines, and RightOfTheDot, LLC are also Founding members.The DNA’s mission is to promote the best interests of the domain name industry by advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet. More information is available at www.thedna.org.

GoDaddy Acquires Afternic In Preparation For Domain Aftermarket for New TLDs

Go Daddy logoGoDaddy has announced they have acquired one of the leading domain name aftermarket companies Afternic from Name.com. The move has been described by GoDaddy as creating an unprecedented level of domain name aftermarket inventory from one source and a frictionless marketplace – enabling buyers to purchase registered domain names offered for sale quickly and easily. Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

The move was also described as bolstering ICANN’s upcoming Top Level Domains (TLD) program by fuelling a more diverse aftermarket. Afternic’s Domain Listing Service (DLS) displays domain names at more than 100 different registrars – including 18 of the top-20. This gives new TLDs registries and resellers the best chance and easiest way to showcase their aftermarket domain names. As an example, instead of choosing a single registrar to sell an already registered name like Pizza.NYC – the name can be offered across the entire DLS network – giving the seller the most exposure and customers the best experience.

“Having the right domain name is vital, no matter your venture,” said GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving. “GoDaddy is working to bring the ‘domain aftermarket’ together with new registrations and make both super-simple to access. Our customers need an easy way to buy the name they want, regardless of whether it’s new or has been registered previously. This acquisition forms a registrar-led process that creates faster and more trusted transactions across the board.”

DLS gives buyers a more diverse range of results and affords sellers more exposure to customers searching for domain names. A domain name can be listed at a single registrar and also displayed across the registrar network – without any more work from the domain owner. GoDaddy plans to incorporate the DLS into its domain search results and add its aftermarket domain name inventory to the DLS in the coming months.

“The success of the new TLDs and the aftermarket relies on a tight-knit group of diverse registrars and Afternic has done tremendous work to bring everyone together,” said GoDaddy Vice President and General Manager Mike McLaughlin.

Industry partners Web.com, operator of Network Solutions and Register.com, and Tucows.com fully support GoDaddy’s new registrar-led model. “This is a terrific move by GoDaddy and a real milestone for the domain industry,” said Tucows CEO Elliot Noss. “Making it easier for customers to find, buy and manage aftermarket domain names is important. That is why GoDaddy, Tucows and other large registrars are working together for the industry and for customers.”

Afternic’s Fast Transfer network completes the transaction instantly, and will leverage the full security of GoDaddy’s world-class architecture, without requiring days for a domain name to transfer or having to negotiate confusing industry regulations.

“GoDaddy’s adoption and endorsement of Afternic as the standard for Fast Transfer will accelerate the growth of the domain aftermarket across the entire industry,” said Afternic SVP of Business Development Bob Mountain – who will remain Afternic’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Registrars around the world are realizing that the aftermarket presents a significant opportunity for revenue growth. GoDaddy’s acquisition and investment in Afternic is a win for registrars, domain owners, and customers, and will provide the necessary scale to grow the aftermarket for years to come.”

“Afternic and GoDaddy share a vision for creating a unified domain aftermarket,” said Kelly Conlin, the Chairman and CEO of NameMedia, Afternic’s parent company. “By operating Afternic with the interests of the registrars and their customers first and foremost, this transaction not only fulfills this vision, but reinforces that registrars are the very best place to find all available domain names.”

GoDaddy plans to keep the Afternic staff in the Boston area. GoDaddy is also acquiring SmartName, a domain parking service, as well as NameFind, a new service for helping entrepreneurs brainstorm a brand name for their business. NameMedia will continue to operate its BuyDomains.com marketplace of proprietary domain names and its website development group. Conlin will remain Name Media’s Chairman and CEO, while also becoming a strategic advisor to the Afternic management team following the acquisition.

Historic Single- & Two-Character .ORG Auction to Bring Great Names Online

Go Daddy logo[news release] Go Daddy and Public Interest Registry (PIR) are teaming up to auction 42 valuable single- and two-character domain names like I.ORG, S.ORG and TS.ORG on GoDaddy.com. Short and memorable, these domain names are expected to demand high interest in the aftermarket.

The historic auction of the 42 names is set launch March 18, 2013 and last 10 days. Pre-approval is required to participate in domain bidding – to submit an application visit Go Daddy Auctions.

The .ORG domain name extension is one of the Internet’s original top-level domains and one of the most trusted, according to a CARAVAN Omnibus domain consumer survey. Large corporations, non-profits, special interest groups and even SMBs can benefit from leveraging .ORG domain names to strengthen their brand message.

“We are excited for Go Daddy to begin the sale of our single- and two-character domain names,” said PIR Chief Executive Officer Brian Cute. “Throughout this process, Go Daddy has been a tremendous partner because they truly understand the value of the .ORG brand.”

Ninety-three percent of consumers want to know what companies are doing to make the world a better place, according to a Cone/Echo Global CR study. The .ORG domain name extension is widely associated with serving the public interest and is a powerful tool for companies to communicate their commitment to social responsibility.

Combined with Go Daddy’s industry-leading products and unparalleled customer support, businesses can quickly and easily supplement their image and better leverage their online performance.

“Businesses looking for short, effective domain names are going to love the .ORG auction,” said Go Daddy Director of Domain Name Aftermarkets Paul Nicks. “These names are the best of the best. I expect the auction of these single- and two-character domain names will not only generate high interest, but also help define the aftermarket prior to the introduction of new gTLDs later this year.”

To view all 42 .ORG domain names available please visit: www.GoDaddy.com/ORGAuction.

This Go Daddy news release was sourced from:

Go Daddy Outage Not Hacker Related

The Go Daddy outage Monday that saw extensive service interruptions to its webhosting operations was not caused by hackers or other “external influences” the company said, but rather “due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.”The intermittent service outages started shortly after 10:00 US Pacific Time and services were fully restored by 16:00.Once Go Daddy identified the issues causing the problems, they then advise they took corrective actions to restore services and have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again.They also advise that at no time was any customer data at risk or were any of their systems compromised.There were claims from Anonymous through the Twitter handles @AnonymousOwn2r and @AnonymousOwn3r, had caused the outage with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS).Go Daddy manages around five million web hosting accounts but there is no information as to how many were affected.

Go Daddy Suffers Major Outage With Possible Hack Attack

The world’s largest web hosting provider and domain name registrar Go Daddy found its web hosting services down and email not going through Monday afternoon after an apparent failure of the company’s Domain Name Service servers, possibly due to a hacker attack.Go Daddy announced they were having problems at 10:25 US Pacific Times saying customers were experiencing “intermittent outages” and then later at 14:43 they advised that “at no time was any sensitive customer information, such as credit card data, passwords or names and addresses, compromised.”While it seems services were restored Monday evening, it is not known, publicly at least, what caused services to go down. There were claims Anonymous, through the Twitter handles @AnonymousOwn2r and @AnonymousOwn3r, had caused the outage with a distributed denial-of-service attack (DDoS) although this has not been substantiated with Go Daddy spokespeople neither confirming or denying the claim.The WHIR reported that “while the motive is unclear at this point, Anonymous has tweeted that users of Go Daddy support censorship of the Internet, possibly referring to its support of SOPA and PIPA earlier this year. @AnonymousOwn3r has taken sole responsibility for the attack.”To temporarily cope with the outage, Wired reports that “on Monday afternoon — about four hours after it was knocked offline — Go Daddy’s administrators made a change to the company’s DNS records, indicating that they were shifting control of the servers from Go Daddy to VeriSign.”Go Daddy manages around five million web hosting accounts but there is no information as to how many were affected.