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First 6-Figure Domain Sale In Second Week of the Year

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The year was not quite 2 weeks in and Domain Name Journal has already got its first 6-figure sale charted on their top reported domain name sales chart with barri.com taking out top place for the week ending 12 January, selling for $100,000 through NameExperts to the Barri Financial Group in the USA.

Coming in second and third were kiru.com and spaceelements.com which sold for $75,415 through VPN.com and $33,333 through GoDaddy respectively.

While there first sale on the chart wasn’t until fourth position, Sedo still managed to take out 11 of the top 20 sales while Uniregistry and the .GLOBAL Registry had 2 sales each. On the top-level domain side of things there were 16 .com sales, including the top 13, and 2 for .global and one each for .io and .ie.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 12 January in more detail, go to: http://dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2020/20200122.htm

Afilias To Acquire .GLOBAL From Cloud Names

Afilias announced Monday it was acquiring the .global new gTLD from Cloud Names to add to its stable. It will be Afilias’ 22nd new gTLD and add 48,650 domain names to the 172,700 domain names under management it currently has. It’s currently 63rd on the nTLDstats chart when it comes to total registration numbers.

Afilias already provides backend registry services to .global and given Cloud Names, the current operator, only has this one new gTLD under its management means it’s likely they will exit the new gTLD business as a company. .cloud was delegated in June 2014 and entered General Availability in September 2014 and has been on a gradual but continuous rise ever since. Originally there were 2 applicants for .cloud, with Donuts withdrawing its application in what appeared to be a privately negotiated deal.

Afilias also provides backend registry services for 191 new generic top level domains, the largest of which is .xin with 94,000 domain names under management and .global is second, and in total has close to over 452,000 DUM.

As Afilias has been the registry services provider for .GLOBAL since it was delegated, the change of ownership has little practical impact on registrar customers and none on registrants. Afilias in their announcement says that some paperwork will need to be updated, and Afilias will provide support for the administrative changes.

“Ailias is pleased to acquire another successful TLD” said Hal Lubsen, Chief Executive Officer of Afilias. “Rolf Larsen and his team have done a great job building .GLOBAL to the success it is today, and Afilias looks forward to continuing to work with our registrar partners to expand the franchise.  Many website owners want to give their message a global appeal, and a .GLOBAL address is, by definition, a great platform.”

“We are glad that Afilias is taking over .GLOBAL” said Rolf Larsen, Chief Executive Officer of Dot Global Domain Registry Limited. “As our technical partner from inception, Afilias has the scale, organisation and financial resources to enable .GLOBAL to reach its full potential” he continued. “We are working closely together to minimise the impact of this change on our customers.”

Pair of Big 6-Figure Sales Top Weekly Sales Chart

A pair of big six-figure domain name sales have topped the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 9 December, with files.com coming out top selling for $750,000 through Sedo/Name Ninja while plants.com came in second selling for $450,000 through Sedo. There was a huge gap back to third with we.global selling for $22,000 through the .GLOBAL Registry.

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There were 13 .com sales in the top 21, with a three-way tie for 19th place, 3 for .global and one each for .co, .co.uk, .store, .ca and .nyc. On the aftermarket side of things there 14 sales Sedo had a hand in (13 solo) and 3 through the .GLOBAL Registry.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 9 December in more detail, see:

.GLOBAL Turns 4 With Consistent Growth

The .global new gTLD has turned 4 years old and the Dot Global Domain Registry has published some highlights of the last 4 years, including a detailed infographic, as part of their celebrations. In the 4 years since it has launched, looking at nTLDstats, there has been consistent growth with total registrations in the zone file now standing at 42,500, and the number of parked domain names standing at 27,900 (63.10%). However Dot Global Domain Registry claims the figure is 54.2% while only 15.8% are “developed”.

Ever since the launch, Dot Global notes their new generic top level domain has seen a strong and steady growth rate. They say they have earned the trust of brands and other professionals by continuously working hard to maintain a clean namespace free of malicious registrations. As a result, the actual usage and renewal-rates are high, which indicate that users both invest in and stick to their chosen .GLOBAL domain name.

Some of the statistics compiled by the registry include the average retail registration fee is $55, while the average renewal fee is $70 and there are 1.4 .global domain names per registrant. Renewal rates are trending up with 63% at the end of year 1, 73% at the end of year 2 and currently 82%.

“Business products and services” is the sector with the most registrations, with more than twice as many as the second most popular, “organisations or communities.” There are also a healthy number of global brands with their .global domain name, although many redirect to local sites. However of the first 4 Domain Pulse tried pop band UB40 (ub40.global) and the Toyota Research Institute (tri.global) both use their .global domain as their main site.

Most registrants come from the USA (over 15,000) followed by the UK (~7,000) and Australia and Germany (both ~2,500).



Another 3-Letter .COM Sale Tops Weekly Chart

Domain Name Journal logoIt’s a case of another 3-letter .com domain name topping the Domain Name Journal chart of (usually) weekly sales. But whereas last week eth.com topped the chart in a $2 million sale, this week it was ezy.com in a €50,000 ($58,116) sale through Sedo.

It’s a huge difference for a seemingly similar domain name. But as DNJ notes, ETH is an abbreviation for the red hot cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Coming in second and third for the week ending 29 October were abcapital.com and cousins.com, selling for $34,488 and $30,000 respectively through Logan Flatt and a private sale. And again in their report, the domain name abcapital was acquired in June in a SnapNames auction for $2,300.

On the TLD side of things, there were 14 .com domain names, 3 for .global and one each for .info, .one and .de. Sedo topped the aftermarket outlets with a hand in 15 sales while the .GLOBAL Registry sold their 3 domains.

To check out the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales for the week ending 29 October in more detail, go to: