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AFNIC Appoints Marketing & Innovation Director

AFNIC logoAmong a number of appointments announced by AFNIC, the French registry, this week was the interesting appointment of a Marketing and Innovation Director.

AFNIC has established four organisation departments, an Information and Operations Department, a Legal and Registry Policy Department, a Financial and Administrative Department as well as the Marketing and Innovation Department.

The changes are part of AFNIC’s goal of, as they say, meeting the challenges posed by the on-going changes in the internet ecosystem. And it is the latter that AFNIC seems most pleased about, appointing Bertrand Louveau.

Louveau graduated from the IPAG Business School with a joint Masters degree in Business Administration in London and Munich. He then became a specialist in strategy and business development in predominantly technological sectors, with wide-reaching international experience.

Before joining AFNIC, he was Director of International Development for Mobile Distillery, the leader in software development for mobile applications. He has previously held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for several companies specializing in wireless solutions and electronic components, in particular for Answer Systems – Wipro Technology, the leader on the Indian market for IT offshore services.

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AFNIC Report on IPv6 Released; IPv6 Team Developed

AFNIC logo[news release] With only a few weeks to go before IPv6Day, scheduled for 8 June 2011, AFNIC is taking action by publishing a special report on IPv6. It is also setting up a dedicated IPv6 team for the web community to benefit from its expertise in this area. Read on for more information.

AFNIC has published a special report on IPv6. The ten-page file contains several diagrams and is backed by sound references. This special report:

  • puts the phenomenon of IPv4 address exhaustion into context,
  • details the issues surrounding this phenomenon and the unavoidable migration from IPv4 to IPv6,
  • concisely highlights the advantages of IPv6, outlines the roles of the various network stakeholders and describes communication models that must take IPv6 integration into account,

provides practical recommendations to support IPv6 deployment in the field.

Download the report entitled “IPv6: passport to the Internet of tomorrow”

AFNIC has been prepared for IPv6 integration for ten years. Today, it wants to share its experience with the largest possible audience. So for IPv6Day next 8 June, AFNIC is going to give the web and research community access to a specially created team. You can reach them on ipv6day@afnic.fr. The team of AFNIC experts will strive to answer in the shortest delay all questions and queries relating to this vital issue.

This AFNIC news release was sourced from:

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DNSSEC Opened To Registrars In Final Step to Deployment

AFNIC logoOn 19 April, AFNIC opened DNSSEC to all its registrars. Now registrars will be able to use their automated EPP or Extranet interface to communicate signature elements concerning domain names to AFNIC.

This will ensure the security of domain names by activating an authentication chain. This is the final step of the deployment of DNSSEC which AFNIC started last September by signing the .FR and .RE TLDs.

After 19 April, registrars will be able to ask AFNIC for domain names to be secured with DNSSEC. This crucial step secures the authentication chain. In particular, DNSSEC prevents attacks by cache poisoning, i.e. attacks which aim to capture and divert queries without users realising it, with the risk that users may disclose personal data in the belief that they are on the legitimate site of the attack victim.

With its expertise in DNSSEC, AFNIC will now seek to propagate its know-how.

For more information on .FR, see the AFNIC website at www.afnic.fr.

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Workshop on Introduction of .FR IDNs

AFNIC logoA workshop on internationalised domain names will be held by AFNIC, the French registry, on 10 February in the lead up to introduction of IDNs to the .FR ccTLD.

More information is in the news release below:

IDN workshop organised by AFNIC
As part of the opening of the .FR TLD to Internationalised Domain Names (IDN), AFNIC is organising a workshop on the issue in Paris on 10 February 2011. In addition to being a venue for exchanging and sharing information, the workshop is organised around two keynote presentations:

  • “The impact of new IDN characters on SEO and naming strategies”
  • “The rules for opening to IDNs”.

Hosted by Isabel Toutaud, Legal Affairs Director for AFNIC, the workshop will allow speakers and the audience to actively participate in the formulation of the IDN policy for the .fr TLD. It will be attended by a number of well-known personalities on the Internet market:

  • Oliver Garry of the French Legal and Administrative Information Directorate (DILA), Louis Pouzin (Eurolinc), Sylvain Hirch (Iptwins), Michel Alessio (French Ministry of Culture) and Alexander Villeneuve (SEO Camp) will present their vision of the new naming opportunities and the importance of selecting accented characters.
  • Gérard Gourjon (Nameshield), Professor Cédric Manara (specialised in legal issues), Luke Seufer (Eurodns) and Herman Sobrie (EURid) will share their experiences of the various types of opening procedures.

Details of the morning

  • 8:30: Welcome coffee
  • 9:00: Introduction by Stéphane Bortzmeyer
  • 9:15: First round table
  • 11:00: Second round table
  • 13:00: Cocktail Lunch

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.FR Domains Grow by Over 20% in 2009

AFNIC logo.FR domain name registrations increased by 21 per cent in 2009 according to the latest Domain Name Industry report released by AFNIC, the registry for .FR domains.

The growth in .FR registrations is a ten point percentage lead over the average growth rate for other top level domains, although the growth in .FR was held back by restrictive registration practices that were only eased in the last few years. In 2009 an additional 300,000 domain names were registered.

Other highlights of the report was research that found a strong preference by French people for .FR domain names with 78 per cent of respondents believing that a .FR domain name shows a link to France, while three-quarters (76%) of respondents use the .FR ending when they are choosing domain names to use.

The full French Domain Name Industry Report is available here.

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AFNIC publishes 2010 French Domain Name Industry Report

AFNIC logo[news release] For the fourth year running, AFNIC has published its French Domain Name Industry Report. Produced in partnership with Télécom Sud Paris, this new, complete and extremely detailed edition, highlights items such as the comfortable growth this year of some 21% in the .fr TLD, the development in the secondary market for domain names, or the signature of the .fr zone with DNSSEC last September.

Issued for the first time in 2007, the French Domain Name Industry Report is designed to enable better understanding of domain names and the stakeholders involved by providing the keys for the analysing the market as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Based on quantified data, including the retrieval of non-confidential information from the AFNIC data base, public news sites and opinion surveys, the report develops themes as diverse as the equipment rate of the French population in computers, the terms most used in domain names, or the rates offered by registrars.

The robust health of the .fr TLD, the favourite extension in France

  • The 2010 edition of the Report shows that, despite the sharp slowdown in the growth of domain names last year, the .fr domain name is doing well : with an annual growth rate of 21%, the .fr TLD has kept a 10-point lead over to the average growth rate for other Top Level Domains. The .fr TLD is gaining some 300,000 domain names per year, today standing at the 1.87 million mark. It currently represents one third of all the domain names registered in France.
  • The report also looks at the opinion poll carried out by AFNIC last June, which shows the strong preference of French people for the .fr TLD : for 78% of the respondents, .fr represents a bond with France, and 76% of them spontaneously use it to search for the site of a French company.
  • Finally, according to the same document, the secondary market for domain names is continuing to expand. The annual number of transactions for .fr domain names grew 30% in 2009. The median sales price for .fr domain names stood at around 650 euros in the first half of 2010, the record for the “credit.fr” extension reaching some EUR 600,000.

A registrar market which is continuing to restructure

  • The restructuring of the market for registrars of .fr domain names is continuing with an 8% decrease in the number of registrars, now estimated to be 800.
  • In addition, for the first time the Report highlights the catchment areas of registrars of .fr domain names, i.e. the number of départements covered by the customer base of each registrar in France, thereby enabling an assessment of the commercial scope of registrars. It shows that a small portion of registrars (15% on the private individual market, 6% on the corporate market) has a local customer base estimated at a few départements, while 30% to 40% cover almost all of metropolitan France.
  • Finally, the report indicates said that the median price of a domain name has remained stable, estimated at 12 euros, in line with the other extensions.

Technological changes to come

  • The Report also looks at the deployment of IPv6, which is still as modest as far as servers are concerned : for example, while 6% of the DNS servers for domain names are IPv6-compatible, this ratio is only 1% for web servers and even less for e-mail servers.

Note Download the French Domain Name Industry Report – 2010 Edition PDF (8.8 Mo – 128 pages)
URL: http://www.afnic.fr/actu/observatoire or http://www.afnic.fr/data/actu/public/2010/afnic-french-domain-name-report-2010.pdf



(Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération )

Non-profit organization, AFNIC is in charge of the administrative and technical management of the .fr (France) and .re (Reunion Island) Internet domain names.
AFNIC brings together public and private members: representatives from the French government, Internet users and Internet Service Providers (Registrars).

This AFNIC news release was sourced from:

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French Domain Name Law Considered Unconstitutional by Constitutional Court

The French Constitutional Court has declared that article L.45 of the French Electronic Communications Act, the legal framework for domain name management under .FR, is unconstitutional however it ordered that the current rules remain in place until 1 July 2011.The order was given on 6 October to AFNIC, the registry for .FR, by the French Constitutional Court who considered unconstitutional article L.45 of the French Electronic Communications Act.The order from the court includes provisions that mean past decisions and any decisions made up until 1 July cannot be challenged on the basis of its decision.This decision by the court considers that while intellectual property is taken into account, freedom of communication and freedom of trade are not.The decision does not challenge AFNIC’s role as the registry for .FR. Consequently, the current policies of .FR will remain unchanged until a new legal framework is adopted.

DNSSEC Deployment Commences for .FR

AFNIC logoThe deployment of DNSSEC in the .FR (France) ccTLD by AFNIC commenced on 14 September. The next steps will see deployment of DNSSEC pursued by DNS servers, administrators, registrars and ISPs.

DNSSEC is a protocol designed to help secure the DNS against attacks by cache poisoning. The purpose of such attacks is to capture and divert requests without users realising it, the risk being that users may disclose personal data in the belief that they are on the legitimate site.

In the next few days, the public key associated with the .FR TLD will be published in the root servers. As of next week, AFNIC will start consultations with the registrars, in order to set up the system enabling them to publish the signature information for domain names under .FR, such as afnic.fr.

The work of AFNIC will then continue with the set-up of training and assistance services for registrars and DNS server administrators wishing in turn to deploy DNSSEC. For their benefit, AFNIC is also publishing a comprehensive issue paper devoted to DNSSEC issues and operation, with the questions to ask in order to prepare its deployment.

Finally, from September 20th, onwards, AFNIC will be releasing version 3 of “ZoneCheck”, its DNS configuration test tool, a free software tool that integrates DNSSEC configuration tests, and is available on www.zonecheck.fr.

For more information in French and English on the deployment of DNSSEC in the .FR ccTLD, see the AFNIC website at www.afnic.fr.

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AFNIC Survey Finds French Prefer .FR Domain Names

AFNIC logoA continuing trend from research by or for ccTLD registries is that residents of a particular country have a preference for their own ccTLD. The research is similar to that conducted by other registries such as Nominet (.UK).

The latest to publish research following this trend is AFNIC who found almost two-thirds (62%) of French residents would prefer to register a .FR domain name.

.FR domain names are available to be registered by residents of France and French territories. And the survey of 555 people found the .FR top level domain essentially conveys a sense of belonging to the French territory.

Other findings were that three-quarters (76%) said that when they search for a website of a French company, they would immediately type in the .FR domain. Also this assumes that people are typing in a domain name and not using their preferred search engine.

.FR remains associated with such as French speaking values (67% of those interviewed), belonging (30% of those interviewed) and proximity (20% of those interviewed). A triple combination which remains stable since 2006.

More information on the survey conducted on behalf of AFNIC can be found in the news release in French and English on their website at www.afnic.fr.

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AFNIC Launches Public Survey On Making .FR Available To EU Residents, Business

AFNIC logoFrench domain names are likely to be available to all European Union residents and businesses following the commencement of a public consultation that seeks to open up the .FR ccTLD.

The consultation, taking place from 12 July to 12 September 2010 seeks to open up .FR in late 2011. AFNIC have devised a questionnaire that seeks to identify issues of concern to internet users, registrars, registrants, intellectual property firms, among others. The questionnaire seeks comment on:

  • information to be provided by domain name registrants
  • compliance criteria
  • initiating compliance checks
  • respective roles of AFNIC and registrars
  • response times granted to registrants
  • consequences of the compliance checks
  • information to the public on data accuracy
  • updating of administrative data
  • administrative contact.

The public consultation is described by AFNIC as part of AFNIC’s responsibility as the government-appointed .FR registry. AFNIC is due to open the .FR top level domain to businesses and individuals residing within the European Union within two years. AFNIC is also committed to ensuring open and transparent dialogue – including calling for public comments – as part of its policy decision process. The launch of the public consultation follows the talks debate in General Assembly on 11 June.

Input into the consultation process can be done by answering the questionnaire before September 12th, 2010. Responses can be sent by email (consultation@afnic.fr with the subject “AFNIC – Survey on availability of .FR to European Union”) or post (AFNIC, Immeuble International, 78181 St Quentin en Yvelines cedex, France).

The questionnaire is available for download at www.afnic.fr/data/actu/public/2010/afnic-survey-fr-europe-2010-07-12.pdf.

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