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Record Number of .FI Domains Registered in 2009

A record number of .FI-domain names were registered in 2009. The total of registrations was  48,009 taking the total number of registrations to 225,625 at the end of the year.

This means a growth of 20 per cent year-on-year 2008. However, the statistics only comprise new registrations, not renewal of domain names.

FICORA, the policy and registry body for .FI domain names says there are most likely many reasons behind this growth including .FI-domain names gaining wider publicity than before.

For more detailed information on .FI domain name statistics and other activities relating to domain name, see the report from FICORA here. [PDF, 41 KB](in Finnish)

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FICORA Proposes Reduction in .FI Domain Registration Fees

FICORA has proposed to the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications that fees for .FI domain names should be reduced as of 4 January 2010. The proposed new fees apply to the application, transfer or renewal of .FI domains and will be €13 for one year, €36 for three years or €55 for five years.

FICORA also announced that domain name fees will be dropped so that .FI domain name activities would defray the costs in the future.

The proposed reductions come about following a substantial increase in the total number of .FI domain names registered in 2009. FICORA estimate that the total number of new domain names registered in 2009 will be 45,000.

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