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FICORA Introducing Improved .FI Service

.FI logoFICORA is promising to introduce an improved registry service for .FI domain names next week that they say will offers users a more user-friendly way of applying for, renewing, terminating and paying for .FI domain names taking into consideration the modern requirements for electronic services better than before.

The renewed service introduces DNSSEC support to improve the information security of FI domain names. The service also contains full IPv6 support, which is critical since it is believed that IPv6 connections will grow strongly in the future as available IPv4 addresses can no longer be assigned.

The improvements in the service contain added information on domain names for different user groups, such as companies, organisations and private persons. The service provides answers to such questions as who is entitled to apply for a domain name, to whom are FI domain names granted, what can be registered as a domain name, what are domain names used for and how are they applied for.

The service has a specific section for service providers who can be authorized to apply for a domain name and assist domain name applicants in matters concerning the name server, server status and email servers.

To implement the new service, which also includes a new website that is currently working, it will not be possible to apply for new .FI domain names or make changes to existing ones this weekend, from 08:00 Saturday 17 September till 10:00 Monday 19 September local Finnish time.

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.FI To Introduce DNSSEC

[news release] FICORA will introduce the Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSec) for Finnish domain names. The security extension provides a powerful protection against forgery of domain names as well against other forms of attack. The introduction of the system guarantees that people using the internet are only shown the actual website that they intended to call up.

The security extension will be taken into production in the fi-domain name service in autumn 2010, but the testing of the system begins in summer 2010. At this point no measures are required from Internet users or domain name holders, but network operators are responsible for the introduction of the security extension. The service will be opened for the users of Finnish domain names in March 2011.

About DNSSec

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) is an extension to the domain name system, with the purpose of improving the information security of the name service. The name service can be compared to a telephone directory that covers the entire world, and every domain name (e.g. www.dnssec.fi) in this directory has been given a unique IP address (e.g. of its own.

When DNSSEC is in use, all responses to name service queries are digitally signed. This technology allows you to ensure that responses to name service queries come from the correct sender and that the information has not been modified en route. In other words, DNSSEC guarantees the integrity and origin of information.

A key pair, consisting of a public key and a private key, is needed in order to create a digital signature. The private key is kept secret and the holder alone has access to it. The public key is published in its own record in the name service. The digital signature can be verified by using the public key corresponding with the private key.

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Record Number of .FI Domains Registered in 2009

A record number of .FI-domain names were registered in 2009. The total of registrations was  48,009 taking the total number of registrations to 225,625 at the end of the year.

This means a growth of 20 per cent year-on-year 2008. However, the statistics only comprise new registrations, not renewal of domain names.

FICORA, the policy and registry body for .FI domain names says there are most likely many reasons behind this growth including .FI-domain names gaining wider publicity than before.

For more detailed information on .FI domain name statistics and other activities relating to domain name, see the report from FICORA here. [PDF, 41 KB](in Finnish)

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FICORA Proposes Reduction in .FI Domain Registration Fees

FICORA has proposed to the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications that fees for .FI domain names should be reduced as of 4 January 2010. The proposed new fees apply to the application, transfer or renewal of .FI domains and will be €13 for one year, €36 for three years or €55 for five years.

FICORA also announced that domain name fees will be dropped so that .FI domain name activities would defray the costs in the future.

The proposed reductions come about following a substantial increase in the total number of .FI domain names registered in 2009. FICORA estimate that the total number of new domain names registered in 2009 will be 45,000.

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