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DENIC publishes 2015 Annual Report on ENUM

DENIC logoOn 31 March 2016, DENIC has published the 2015 Annual Report on ENUM.

The report was submitted to the Bundesnetzagentur. In the report we cover ENUM basics, statistics relevant to the reporting period, and future prospects.

With the conclusion of the 10th year of service, we highlight international trends and standardisation activities.

The report is available in German only:
2015 Annual Report on ENUM for download

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E-numbering can help India avoid 11-digit regime

India can adopt telephone number mapping to avoid migrating from 10-digit mobile number to an 11-digit number. The ever-increasing number of fresh subscribers every month has exhausted the allotment of new serial mobile numbers available with the department of telecom (DoT), forcing the industry to seek migration to the 11-digit solution.

The national numbering plan 2003 was formulated to meet the growing mobile subscriber base in the country. The 10-digit numbering pattern was projected to meet the industry growth figures for the next 50 years. However, the 10-digit number series has already got exhausted in six years.

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