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10×10: Ten gTLDs and Ten Registrars Pass 10,000 Mark For New gTLDs

ICANN new generic Top Level Domains logoTen new gTLDs and ten registrars have now passed the 10,000 registrations mark. The gTLD with the most registrations continues to be .guru with 47,944 as of 4 April, while .berlin is closing the gap with 44,386 according to nTLDstats.com.

In the period 22 March to 4 April there were 2,186 .guru registrations, while from 22 March to 3 April there were 4,226 .berlin registrations.

However total numbers vary from the nTLDstats.com home page to the page for individual gTLDs. But it is clear that .berlin is closing the gap on .guru.

For registrars, GoDaddy continues to dominate with 130,344 registrations and three in ten (30.01%) registrations.

Meanwhile, the top ten gTLDs are with registrations and market share are:
1.     .guru     47,944     11.04%
2.     .berlin     44,386     10.22%
3.     .photography     31,138     7.17%
4.     .tips     18,379     4.23%
5.     .today     18,340     4.22%
6.     .email     18,328     4.22%
7.     .company     13,141     3.03%
8.     .technology     12,681     2.92%
9.     .directory     11,582     2.67%
10.     .center     10,424     2.40%.

And on the registrar side of things, the top ten gTLDs with registrations and market share are:
1.     Godaddy LLC     130,344     30.01%
2.     1&1 Internet AG     43,973     10.12%
3.     Enom, Inc.     41,092     9.46%
4.     united-domains AG     39,077     9.00%
5.     Cronon AG     17,144     3.95%
6.     Name.com, Inc.     14,685     3.38%
7.     Tucows Domains Inc.     13,386     3.08%
8.     Mesh Digital Limited     13,221     3.04%
9.     PSI-USA, Inc. dba Domain Robot     13,217     3.04%
10.     Key-Systems, LLC     11,564     2.66%

ICANN asks Demand Media for answers after HostExploit report

ICANN is asking Demand Media’s eNom division for answers following complaints from Internet security groups, says an IDG report.

The report says that eNom has come under fire following a “report from HostExploit, a volunteer-run anti-malware research group. According to HostExploit, eNom is host to an unusually large number of malicious websites and is a preferred domain name registrar for pharmaceutical spammers.”

ICANN is now looking into the matter Kurt Pritz, senior vice president of services at ICANN told IDG.

According to the HostExploit report, “some eNom resellers are violating ICANN rules by allowing customers to provide false Whois database information, not following ICANN deletion policy and generally not complying with their obligations as resellers.”

To read the IDG report in full, see:

Phil Bricks Sports Vs Enom

It seems that Enom has another legal battle against them formed by Dan Philbrick a Sporting Goods store owner in Dover USA. This is not the first time Enom has gone to battle against a Reputable institution In January, Virgin Enterprises Ltd. filed a federal suit against eNom for registering virginairlines.com, although Virgin voluntarily dismissed its complaint a few weeks later, according to court records in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

The Web site’s address was one letter off that of Philbrick’s sporting goods shop in Dover, and visitors could use the site to search for adult content, and find things racier than the picture of the smiling college student. Plus, since that content appeared under a “Welcome to philbricksports.com” banner, Philbrick worried that potential customers would be driven away from his shop.

Philbrick did not take lightly what he saw as a threat to his store. He recently filed suit against eNom Inc., the Washington-state based technology firm that registered the domain name, charging it with trademark infringement.

Original article : http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?headline=Philbrick+pushes+%27piracy%27+case&articleId=ebe6fda2-d961-41c5-a327-b34e590a948f