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Efty Adds Power of Live Chat and Mailchimp To Their Marketplace

Always looking for ways to generate more offers and inquiries for domain names listed with them, Efty has added 2 new integrations to the Efty Market that will help communicate with visitors in real-time and build an email list of potential buyers.

The first is Efty has teamed up with Tawk.to to bring forever-free live chat to the Efty marketplace site, allowing communication with buyers in real-time, either from the advanced Tawk.to dashboard or directly from a mobile device. Tawk.to is jam-packed with features to provide winning support to visitors and allows sellers to act quickly when an interested buyer comes knocking.

The second addition is MailChimp. Domain name investors often forget to build an email list and this is the easiest way to build an email list of prospective buyers.

Efty Streamlines Checkout Process With New Escrow.com Integration

To further streamline its payment processes, Efty has integrated the recently introduced Escrow.com Platform application programming interface (API) into its online payment processes for buyers and sellers of domain names using its services.

Escrow.com, the world’s most secure payment system from a counterparty risk perspective, already underpins Efty’s domain sales payments system with new integration while Efty has made a name for itself in the domain name sector with its popular commission-free, domain name sales platform.

In a statement announcing the integration Efty notes that Escrow.com has safely processed over US$3.5 billion in transactions with its secure escrow service. It released its API in public beta late last year, giving businesses and individuals the ability to build the functionality of the Escrow.com Platform directly into their online platforms.

Efty has become the latest prominent domain name industry player to adopt the full capabilities of the Escrow.com API. The integration protects both buyers and the sellers on the Efty site, with Escrow.com acting as a trusted third party, holding the funds for big-ticket items, allowing handover of the domain being transacted to occur prior to funds being released.

“Escrow.com has had a longstanding relationship with Efty, and together we have helped people sell and buy thousands of domains over the years,” said Escrow.com General Manager Jackson Elsegood. “With this new integration of the Escrow.com API, Efty is able to tap into the full potential and latest functionality of the entire Escrow.com Platform.”

“The new Escrow.com API allowed us to integrate Escrow Pay into Efty,” said Efty Head of Product Doron Vermaat. “With Escrow Pay, we remove a lot of friction from the escrow process because buyers are now redirected to a wizard on Escrow.com where they can complete an escrow transaction in a few easy steps.

“At Efty, we’re always looking for the most buyer-friendly workflow possible, and this new integration allows us to deliver on that while ensuring that sellers are protected from counterparty risk with no chargebacks, ever. At the same time, buyers can be assured that their money is safe and secure, held in trust, until they are satisfied they have received what they are paying for,” Mr. Vermaat said.

Efty Marketplace Now Has SSL (HTTPS) Encryption For Some

efty-logoEfty announced this week that they’re bringing SSL (HTTPS) encryption to their marketplace for all users on their Growth, Pro and Lifetime plans. However if you’re not on one of these plans, too bad. Your security isn’t important enough it seems. Of course, for those not on one of the plans mentioned, Efty is happy for you to upgrade.

Efty explain the reason for the introduction of SSL is that earlier this year Google started labelling any websites that do not have SSL installed as “Not secure”. Enabling SSL not only helps keep your visitor’s information safe, having SSL on your marketplace keeps their mind at ease because it provides authentication and trust.

Web browsers Efty explain give visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar, to make sure visitors know when their connection is secured. This means that potential buyers will trust your website more when they see these signs and will be more likely to buy from you or submit an inquiry. Another good reason to make the switch to SSL is that Google has confirmed that it is factoring HTTPS as a ranking signal for SEO.

Efty Teams Up With Payoneer To Add Safe And Secure Escrow Transactions

efty-logoEfty has announced they’ve partnered with global payments company Payoneer to add secure, licensed and global domain name transactions to the Efty platform through its escrow services.

To celebrate the launch of this service on Efty’s platform, Payoneer is giving away free escrow transactions to Efty users for the entire month of April, 2017.

Payoneer is a digital payments company that powers cross-border transactions to over 200 countries, in 150 local currencies. It’s used by thousands of major internet brands, like Airbnb and Google as well as millions of small business owners such as online sellers in China and service providers in India, rely on Payoneer to power their cross-border payments.

A deep integration with Payoneer’s escrow API enables users to place Buy It Now (BIN) buttons on For-Sale landing pages and domain name marketplace, which will allow buyers to purchase their domain names with the help of the licensed and secure online escrow payment service. With it’s easy to use interface, Payoneer’s escrow service is one of the easiest and most secure ways for businesses to pay and get paid online.

Efty says lately they’ve seen an increasing demand for alternative domain escrow services from their users and feel that Payoneer’s world-class technology, seasoned team, and competitive pricing are the perfect partner to fill the gap and help with the core mission to help users sell more domain names without paying a dollar in commission. Payoneer’s global payment capability enables our sellers, who are based all around the world to receive payments quicker, in their local currency and at lower costs than with traditional payment methods

To promote Efty’s partnership, Payoneer will waive the escrow fee for all Efty sellers for the entire month of April.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to set up Payoneer Escrow for your Efty account today.

Efty Helps Domainers With Extra 33 Landing Pages

efty-logoEfty has launched an additional 33 landing pages with a variety of topics. The new landing pages are for-sale landing pages (with industry-specific images), buy-it-now (BIN) landers and UDRP-safe landing pages.

Currently Efty power 50,000 for-sale landing pages and the new pages have gallery offerings to suit a variety of interests. Today’s landers, Efty notes, are fast, stable, and responsive, and offer a gallery with some of the very best designs in the industry to choose from. As of this week there are an additional 33 of the for-sale landing pages.

The new landers include three buy-it-now landers, three UDRP-safe landers, three aimed specifically at India-based users that should protect .in and .co.in investments from a potential UDRP and 24 industry specific landers for industries such as arts, business, brandable, shopping, entertainment, computers and technology, finance, sport, real estate, adult and more.

Efty originated in 2013 and aims to improve the way domain name investors manage, market and monetise their portfolios. They also offer a free trial.