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New gTLD Registrations Surge Past 6 Million With More Winners and a Few Losers

New gTLD registrations are still surging upwards with the six millionth registration occurring on 7 June according to nTLDstats.com. Currently there are over 6.033 million domains registered.The six million registrations are across 650 gTLDs, although 281 of these have less than 100 registrations with the bulk of these still in their Sunrise periods or are brand gTLDs. And 104 have more than 10,000 registrations.So there have been quite a few winners. And a few losers. Among the winners is .xyz, the market leader in the total registration count with well over 960,000 registrations. And even though it is estimated several hundred thousand of these were given away for free, it would still be far and away the largest gTLD when it comes to paid registrations.Second on the list of total gTLD registrations is .网址 (.website) however almost all of these registrations are to one registrar and it’s difficult to know how what they’re being used for. Third is .science that has gained close to 300,000 registrations in under four months with one registrar accounting for 85 percent of all registrations.Fourth is one of the big success stories – .club. The gTLD boasts that their 247,000 domains, along with all of the Donuts domains across their gTLDs, are fully paid for. Fifth is .party and it, like .science, has the same registrar making up 90 percent of its 187,000 registrations.The Chinese .wang is sixth with 173,600 registrations and appears to be doing well while .berlin is seventh but this includes a number of free domains. From a peak of over 157,000 registrations it is now down to 153,200 registrations three months into the first of the renewals. But next week over 60,000 domains that were either given away or sold cheaply come up for renewal and undoubtedly it will take a hit. But even if none of these are renewed, an unlikely worst case scenario, it would still be the eleventh largest of the new gTLDs.Rounding out the top ten are .top (129,300 registrations), .link (120,100) and .realtor (102,500). The latter’s numbers though are one of the more unlikely to be sustained. The registry operator has given away domains to real estate agents across North America, but with highly restrictive conditions, it’s unlikely that many will put up money when it comes time for a paid renewal.The .nyc gTLD is also performing well in eleventh place with 79,400 registrations, while .click (69,800) and one of the earliest gTLDs and a Donuts gTLD .guru (69,000) are also doing well.Indeed, while there are some that one could argue should have or could have done better, or even much better, the only other gTLD whose numbers one could question is .ovh among the top 103 with registrations above 10,000. The .ovh gTLD has close to 63,300 registrations but 90 are reserved and the rest through one registrar. And none appear to have been paid for.The most successful backend registry is Donuts with 1.365 million registrations across 186 gTLDs while CentralNic has 1.106 million registrations across 22 gTLDs followed by Neustar with 933,400 registrations across 48 gtLDs then ZDNS (588,100/14), Uniregistry (445,800/21), Rightside (281,500/36), Afilias (212,500/64), TLD-BOX (207,400/7) and Minds + Machines (199,645/24).Some of the losers would appear to be .whoswho, never likely to have big numbers of registrations, but seven months into General Availability has 61 registrations. And while there are others with lower numbers, .rich hasn’t proved very rich with 406 registrations so far and .HIV has struggled with the registry operator now offering the gTLD for sale hoping their unique model for raising funds for charity has some appeal to a larger registry that bring some economies of scale to the project. And in the battle of Democrat v Republicans, the Democrats are winning with 1,356 registrations to 805. But it couldn’t be said either has set the political establishment alight!

.HIV Reluctantly Up For Auction

The .hiv new gTLD is to be put up for auction with a reserve price of $200,000. The decision, made reluctantly, has ultimately come about due to the gTLD not gaining the registrations anticipated at launch. Registrations since though have been doing a better job at meeting projections.The .hiv registry operator is hoping that another registry operator, probably one that operates multiple strings, will be able to take over its operations and run them on a more cost effective basis.It’s not all doom and gloom. Registrations earn the registry $179 each, which is generally four to ten times that of other gTLDs. The gTLD also has a high rate of use with only 33 percent of .hiv domains parked, compared to around an average of 60 percent for other new gTLDs.The gTLD raises money through an innovative micro-giving system, to help generate web traffic through visible social responsibility. This approach and its social mission has brought the gTLD universal support within the communities engaged in the fight against AIDS and 400+ clients, with pioneer users including global brands like Hyundai, TED, WIRED and Paulaner.”We have always run our organisation with one vision in mind: we want the .hiv TLD to spark a global movement for the end of AIDS”, says Carolin Silbernagl, Co-Founder and CEO of the dotHIV Registry in a statement on the Innovative Auctions site. “In the eight months since our launch we have gained a lot of insight about what it needs to reach this. The reason why we are offering .hiv for sale is because we see how successful it can be. However, we realised that dotHIV is not the right vehicle for the next phase – the TLD needs a bigger and more international home to truly spread its wings.”As of 31 March the gTLD had 410 registrations (currently this has increased to 441) of which 345 are fully paid and 63 were given away free to HIV charities. And seven months into General Availability, the registry was able to generate a net income of $83,000 from the sale of domain names. Of these 85% were handed over to the registry’s own charity, where it waits for domain visitors to send it to HIV-related projects, 1¢ for each click on a .hiv domain.The TLD will be sold through a simultaneous ascending clock auction, facilitated by Innovative Auctions Limited, the facilitator of the Applicant Auction for resolving contention for the new gTLDs. The auction format will be similar to the Applicant Auction. .hiv has a reserve price of $200,000 and the auction will be held on 3 to 4 June, 2015.

DotHIV Launching With A Social Purpose, To Raise Funds For AIDS-Related Projects

The launch of dozens of new gTLDs has seen a range of business plans and aims. And one that is quite unique is dotHIV, which has the launch of its General Availability on Tuesday 26 August at 14:00 UTC. Every .hiv domain name registered and every .hiv website visited will see a part of the registration fee going towards raising awareness and funds for projects around the world working to prevent the transmission of HIV and end AIDS.”Imagine simply using .HIV as you use .COM. Each time you visit website.HIV, buy a ticket on movies.HIV, or shop at store.HIV, a small donation would reach HIV and AIDS projects,” said Carolin Silbernagl, co-founder of dotHIV and CEO of the TLD dotHIV Registry.The unique, inbuilt micro-donation capability is the main innovation of .hiv domain names. Every time a user clicks on a .hiv website, dotHIV donates 0.1¢ and thus releases funds to help support HIV projects across the globe. These micro-donations do not come at further expense to the user or the website owner.For brands, the easiest way to use a .hiv domain name is to simply redirect visitors from website.hiv to their standard .com homepage. No need to run an extra website, the content remains the same, only now it has a social benefit. This “Digital Red Ribbon” not only helps generate web traffic but shows social responsibility as well as commitment to digital innovation. And it involves the website visitors: Every click on a .hiv domain is doing good.”Beginning today we will stand with other TLDs like .com and .org. It will now be possible to click on .hiv addresses like amazon.hiv, gmhc.hiv and sport.hiv and make a difference in the fight against AIDS,” says Carolin Silbernagl, co-founder and CEO of the dotHIV Registry. “A .hiv address is available for a starting price of $17 a month. This is not simply the right thing to do, it is a good investment as the money flows to projects that provide access to HIV medicaments. .hiv addresses save lives,” continues Silbernagl.”Worldwide, approximately 35 million people are living with HIV. Worldwide, 2.5 billion people use the Internet – .hiv unites them all. “Companies and organisations over the world can use .hiv as their ‘Digital Red Ribbon,’ as a symbol of solidarity and one that contributes to organisations helping people living with HIV,” says Ina von Rosenstiel, Managing Director of the dotHIV charitable association.The website for the initiative is click4life.hiv and below is more information and an FAQ about dotHIV.Money raised through registrations and website clicks will support innovative projects that commit themselves to better access to life saving treatment and to projects that use new digital technologies for their work with HIV and AIDS. The focus is on small, community-based organisations. Local initiatives know best what the needs of their populations are but often lack the resources to do what they need to as effectively as possible. Initial projects are organisations in Rwanda, United States, Turkey and South Africa.In future, HIV and AIDS organisations worldwide can apply for funds from dotHIV on a regular basis, which will then be voted for by the internet community at click4life.hiv.

dotHIV Gets Onboard With NZ Bobsled Team Through The Ice Channel

DotHIV is the exclusive charity-partner for New Zealand’s bobsled team in the lead up to the 2014 Winter Olympics, the gTLD Applicant announced on World AIDS Day, 1 December. The partnership aims to bring awareness to the fight against AIDS through the German-based initiative.Bobsledding and the fight against AIDS don’t really go together at first sight. But Tim Johnson, who manages the bobsled team also comes from the domain-business. And as the domain business and bobsledding are both high-speed, the NZ Bobsled Team and dotHIV decided that they should harness this energy for a shared social goal.”This cooperation is absolutely unique! Both projects are somewhat “exotic” in their field – and both pursue an ambitious goal,” said Carolin Silbernagl, founder of dotHIV. “Tim and his bobsled team want to make it to Russia in 2014 and we want to help to beat AIDS with the power of the Internet.”A new design was created especially for the sled, racing suits and helmets of the team: the whole sled will be black and pink so it looks like a shark hungry for success with the message: “.hiv fights AIDS with bits and bites.” The helmets of the team will also be covered with shark’s teeth along the ventail.”I have been a big fan of the dotHIV initiative right from the start and I am delighted that we can partner with them and use our sled to give some visibility to their work and their important mission,” said Tim Johnson, Campaign Manager for the NZ bobsled team. “Maybe they will bring us luck!”The new sled will be revealed after the World Cup on 3 December at the training camp of the team in Whistler, Canada – and just two days later it will zoom through the ice channel at the North Americas Cup in Calgary, Canada for the first time with the big goal of the Winter Olympics in 2014.”We’re really excited about this partnership, there is a real buzz amongst our team and we can’t wait to unveil the sled,” said Martin White, Team Captain of the NZ Bobsled team. “Our sled will certainly get noticed and might raise a few eyebrows, but that’s what this is all about -bringing awareness to the dotHIV initiative and the cause that it supports.”

Sedo Inks Partnership With New gTLD Registry to Support .HIV Domains

Future Nonprofit Registry Prepares for its Introduction to the Internet by Enlisting the World’s Largest Domain Marketplace

Suppport dotHIV logo[news release] Sedo, the world’s largest domain name marketplace and monetization provider, today announced a partnership with dotHIV, the future nonprofit registry behind the new .hiv gTLD. The partnership is also marked by the occasion of World AIDS Day 2012 on Saturday, December 1st.

Since 1988, World AIDS Day has taken place on the first day of December to highlight AIDS awareness, call people to action, and show solidarity with loved ones suffering from HIV and AIDS. The dotHIV initiative, based in Berlin, is joining the fight by aiming to establish the .hiv domain extension as the red ribbon of the digital age. To prepare for the domain’s pending introduction to the Internet – which is projected for late 2013 – dotHIV has partnered with Sedo to leverage its decade-long experience in the domain name business and help further its cause.

Among other roles, Sedo is helping dotHIV by appraising and auctioning premium .hiv domains, supporting preregistrations for people and organizations wishing to reserve names before the official launch, and evaluating the entire .hiv namespace to ensure that important .hiv domain names reach the best end users.

By offering its services at a significantly reduced cost, Sedo is helping dotHIV’s mission of contributing a majority of its revenue to projects and initiatives that fight HIV/AIDS. More than 70 percent of the registry’s revenue – with an ultimate goal of at least 80 percent – will be distributed to relevant charities. The remaining funds will be used to finance registry operations, manage donation distribution and raise awareness of the digital red ribbon as a means for the world to beat AIDS together.

“By announcing this partnership on the occasion of World AIDS Day, we hope to raise awareness of our social cause on a global basis,” said Carolin Silbernagl, dotHIV’s co-founder and CEO. “Since forming dotHIV two years ago we’ve been working constantly to attract the right partners, and with Sedo’s full-service domain marketplace now on board, it’s a real step in the right direction. Sedo’s expertise and international network bring us closer to establishing .hiv domains as the red ribbon of the digital age.”

Sedo’s experience makes it uniquely qualified to offer specific services that support the landmark introduction of new gTLDs, such as .hiv, into the root of the Internet. With a limited number of domain extensions currently in existence and very few introduced in recent memory, Sedo offers new registries a unique perspective into the factors for success.

“The dotHIV initiative is both an innovative and an impressive social project,” added Sedo’s CEO, Tobias Flaitz. “We are looking forward to putting our know-how and our expertise to good use to help our new partner in the worldwide fight against HIV and AIDS.”

About dotHIV (www.dotHIV.org)
The charitable organization dotHIV was founded in 2011 with the goal of establishing the new Top-Level Domain .hiv (like .com or .de). It is the first domain extension with a purely social purpose and is intended to create new global awareness for the issue of HIV/AIDS, reduce the stigma associated with living with HIV, and to generate funds to support causes all over the world. The first .hiv domains should launch at the end of 2013, making this year’s World AIDS Day the last without a .hiv digital red ribbon. As well as Deutsche Aids-Hilfe (German AIDS Support), we count among our partners and supporters the advertising agency thjnk (formerly kempertrautmann) and the donation platform betterplace.org.

About Sedo
Sedo, an acronym for “Search Engine for Domain Offers,” is the leading domain marketplace and monetization provider. Headquartered in Cologne, Germany and with offices in London, England and Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled the world’s largest database of domain names for sale, with more than 16 million listings. The success of Sedo’s model has attracted a global base of more than 1 million members.

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