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Afilias Relaunches .GREEN

Afilias dotGREENAfilias, a leading domain registry operator, announces the relaunch of the .GREEN TLD. .GREEN (dotGreen) celebrates the global green movement by providing a space that helps organizations and individuals show their support for green principles.  The relaunch includes a new logo, new websiteand more activity designed to build awareness and accelerate adoption.

Those interested in learning more about the .GREEN TLD are invited to visit get.green.  This new website promotes the use of .GREEN and highlights sites from registrants who are already using the new TLD. These include: abs.green (International platform for architects, engineers, scientists and the building industry); nuterra.green (Nuterra’s team of wastewater–biosolids and organic waste– professionals has a 100% project success track record in designing, building, and servicing projects); relan.green (which is “on a mission to create a more sustainable future for generations to come”) and ethos.green (ETHOS: GREEN POWER SIMPLIFIED)

Estimated at more than $5 trillion, the green marketplace can now use .GREEN addresses for products, companies, organizations and individuals who want to express their support for green initiatives across the planet. Many companies and organizations today have undertaken their own programs to become greener – using less energy, contributing less waste, and doing more recycling. Many provide products and services that are specifically designed to do something in a greener manner, and these are marketed under a green positioning. .GREEN is the new Internet address that helps them express that support on the Internet.

“We are grateful for the support of Green community so far and look forward to serving more members going forward,” said Roland LaPlante, chief marketing officer of Afilias. “Internet users are increasingly searching online for green solutions, be it products, services, vacations, housing, etc. With trillions of dollars being invested in “green projects” and millions of people changing their habits, this is the TLD that will make it easier to find green solutions online.”

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TLDH Secures .WEDDING, Sells .GREEN, In Auction With $2.23m Gain

TLDH logoTop Level Domain Holdings has announced following private auctions last week they secured the uncontested application rights for .wedding but lost out on .green.

The net cost to TLDH for securing the sole application status for .wedding was approximately $2.23 million (circa £1.39 million), once the proceeds of the .green private auction are taken into account. The above figure includes the rebate that TLDH will receive from ICANN for withdrawing its application for .green and commissions payable to the auctioneer.

“The latest private auction rounds have once again delivered an excellent result allowing us to add a key string to our portfolio without unduly impacting our cash reserves,” said Fred Krueger, Chairman of TLDH. “We likewise are pleased with the progress being made in transitioning the Group into an operating business trading under the brand of our registry and registrar services, Minds + Machines.”

TLDH now has a portfolio of 26 uncontested applications in which it has a commercial interest.

Separately, further to the announcement of 31 January 2014, TLDH reported that the documentation associated to the change of name and change of status from an investment company to an operating company is at an advanced stage of preparation and the Board anticipates the Circular and Notice of General Meeting in relation to the above will be posted to Shareholders in early March.

DotGreen Withdraws .GREEN Application As Unable To Compete In Looming Auction

One of the applicants for the .green TLD, DotGreen, has withdrawn their application. The applicant was a truly community based group gaining support from a wide range of environmental groups. However competition from the three other applicants, some of the largest of those applying for TLDs, in the end proved too much.The three other applicants – Top Level Domain Holdings, United TLD and Afilias – are all much better financed, and if the TLD went to auction would all have easily outbid DotGreen.”Six years ago, I had a vision for a new .green TLD that would serve the world, and boost environmentalism online, while contributing a new income stream to dedicated non-profit channels,” said Annalisa Roger, founder of the DotGreen Community, in a statement. “Since then, we’ve been further inspired by the Green Community as we shared our vision globally. We have seen the successful launch of ICANN’s new gTLD program, collaborated to grow a company specifically to apply for .green, created a non-profit public charity, and enjoyed interacting in the diverse Internet and ICANN communities.”The statement went on to say:
Competition for .green surfaced at ICANN’s big reveal on June 6, 2012, when existing Internet registry operators positioned themselves as managers for .green. Since then, DotGreen, supporters, and the global green community exercised all options within the framework of the new gTLD applicant guidebook and we would like to express our sincerest gratitude that the Green Community has had this conversation around a new TLD. The outpouring of public support included posting online comments and writing letters to both ICANN and the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) during every stage of the program, contributing to the multi-stakeholder process. We are very proud of that!Despite these efforts, it is not possible for us to move forward at this time without an auction scenario that would award .green to the highest bidder.We believe an auction is counterproductive to the collaborative nature of the green movement. Awarding .green management to the highest bidder, disregarding community support, collaborative partnerships, and business practices subverts the meaning and interests of the green movement, the Internet user public, and the ICANN multi-stakeholder model. This auction procedure undermines DotGreen’s long history in the green community, and it negates the authenticity of DotGreen’s application. A single string applicant such as DotGreen may also find financial and timeline requirements more challenging compared to portfolio application peers.We are very glad we have introduced the .green TLD to the world, and remain hopeful that the .green TLD will benefit the environmental sustainability community, and would like to see .green become a vital part of the Internet ecosystem.It has been an honor to participate in the international Internet community for the past several years. I am truly grateful for the supportive professionals, contracted partners, and friends we have met through the process. I’m so appreciative to all who have joined us for People & Planet events before ICANN meetings, learning right alongside DotGreen about local green initiatives to take back home to our own communities. DotGreen will keep on serving the world through the nonprofit foundation, but will unlikely continue our role in the ICANN community through positions in DNS Women, ALAC, and the NTAG.We are excited about the DotGreen Foundation, and look forward to focusing on ongoing projects. Please visit us at our website www.dotgreenfoundation.org. It is our hope that the public will continue to stand with us to allow progress for the DotGreen Foundation vision to support programs and projects aimed at sustainability, which serve our planetary home. It is our full intent to remain strong advocates for green business, green technology, environmental stewardship, and green ideas.

DotGreen Advises ICANN What To Do With New gTLD Auction Money

ICANN New TLDs logoWhat to do with the proceeds of money raised through auctions of new generic Top Level Domain strings that are in contention is the main topic of a letter from Annalisa Roger, Founder and CEO of DotGreen Community and applicant for the .green gTLD, to ICANN.

Roger offers what she considers “a very simple idea that supports the concept of new gTLDs as new ‘communities of users’ and ICANN’s mandated outcomes for Global Public Benefit.”

Roger suggests “any new gTLD string that is focused on the world’s environment (i.e. .GREEN, .ECO, etc.) should have the ICANN auction proceeds directed toward a global non-profit entity already in place that is currently funding the social, environmental and economic aspects of green and sustainability projects which benefit all people. This keeps the money raised for environmental purposes within the very community that is targeted and meant to benefit from an environmental TLD being launched.” Roger goes on to say that “these auction proceeds representative of environmental action will help fund new global initiatives which will naturally lead to Global Public Benefit and the likely success of an environmentally-focused TLD as well as positive awareness in general for all new gTLDs coming live online as a result of ICANN’s new gTLD programme.”

The full letter is available at:

Daily Wrap: gTLD Roadmap, .GREEN, .ECO, Verisign Registrar Agreement, .CN and Google in Russia

A new roadmap for new generic Top Level Domains will be released by 6 August the board of directors’ New gTLD Program Committee said in a report, Domain Incite reported.

The report also provides some more information on how the 1930 gTLD applications will be processed “they’re being grouped by applicant and/or by back-end registry provider, in an attempt to create efficiencies” the Domain Incite report says with evaluators eventually being able to process 300 applications per month.

Meanwhile someone is out to get Donuts with a number of complaints about applications by the applicant for over 300 gTLDs. The comments relate to one of the company’s original directors who Domain Incite reports “seems to own several domain names containing Disney and Olympics trademarks.”

It’s not going to be easy for some of the smaller organisations who are part of a tussle for a gTLD. One is .GREEN with four applications, and one of the applicants, the DotGreen Community, have written to the GAC, and according to another Domain Incite report, “DotGreen does everything but ask outright for the GAC to object to its three competitors’ .GREEN applications.”

Meanwhile in an opinion piece, The Guardian asks if .ECO could be “force for environmental change” and then whether “will .ECO improve corporate sustainability performance or become the digital version of corporate greenwash?”

The article by an expert in CSR says “of the four applicants to run .ECO, one commercial applicant has applied to run a total of 306 domain names and another 91. I think it is safe to say they are in it for the money.” But the author singles out one application as being different – that one is a community bid convened by Vancouver-based Big Room. “The doteco.org community bid has been put together after an exhaustive five-year process of consultation and policy development with stakeholders from the environmental and sustainability community including over 50 international groups such as Greenpeace International and WBCSD.”

There are a number of changes being introduced as part of Verisign’s registry-registrar agreement for .COM which coincide with the new registry agreement Verisign recently signed with ICANN. One of the changes that has raised some concerns among its registrar channel is the requirement for “24/7 support for customers whose .com domains have been hijacked,” Domain Incite reports. The change is of concern to some of the smaller registrars who may not be able to provide such support.

The number of objectors to new gTLD applications have now surpassed applications, Domain Incite notes, with a rundown on who some of the objectors are and why they are objecting. Highlighted are objections by Save the Children (who is objecting to all four .HEALTH applications), International Olympics Committee (objecting to .SPORT applications it does not support) and Lego Juris (who has lodged complaints over about 80 applications).

And in the last Domain Incite report in today’s Daily Wrap, “ICANN director Judith Vasquez applied for a new gTLD but then withdrew the bid at the last minute.”

There were 8.73 million domain names registered in China at the end of June with 3.98 million of these being .CN domains, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) said on Monday according to a report in the Global Times.

The report noted that the number of websites using .CN was up 460,000 in the first half of 2012, making this the fastest biannual growth since 2008 according to the CNNIC.

And in Russia Google is disputing the registration of a couple of domain names. “The Moscow Commercial Court has turned down Google Inc’s motion to speed up the review of its complaint against Weblink Ltd regarding its use of Googl.Ru and Gugl.Ru domain names as the expert appraisal currently underway makes this impossible, the court told the Russian Legal Information Agency,” according to a report by the Russian Legal Information Agency.