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Mojo.com Gets Its Mojo With $300,000 Sale

Domain Name Journal logoMojo.com certainly has… it’s mojo! It was the top domain name sale in the fortnight to 10 February, selling for $300,000 through Domain Advisors, making it one of a trio of six-figure sales for the week.

Second was Apuestas.com (“bets” in Spanish) which sold for €165,000 ($221,100), which sold through Sedo and third was mobile.xxx, which Domain Pulse previously noted sold for $160,000 in a premium sale through ICM Registry.

Overall there were 28 .com sales in the top 40 chart, one sale was removed to remain anonymous, as well as two .org and .net sales and one each for .xxx, .co, .it, .pl, .info, .me and .de.

Sedo once again topped the list of the most popular marketplace, but as it has been in the last 12 months, the company has seen increased competition, particularly from Go Daddy Auctions with eleven of the week’s sales and Afternic with seven and NameJet four.

To check out the fortnight to 10 February’s top reported sales compiled by Domain Name Journal, go to: dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20130220.htm.

Torrent.com Tops Weekly Sales In Six-Figure Sale

Domain Name Journal logoTorrents.com topped the sales charts for the week ending 20 January, selling for €84,700 ($112,651) through Sedo in a handy sale, almost doubling the sale of the second biggest sale for the week, FXX.com, which sold for $60,000 through DomainNameSales.

In the Domain Name Journal chart of top reported sales, eatstreet.com came in third, selling for $44,000 through Sedo, who accounted for seven of the top 21 sales for the week. There was a seven-way tie for 15th place!

But Sedo was beaten by DomainNameSales who were responsible for eight sales for the week, including three in conjunction with Domain Advisors, while Afternic was responsible for four sales.

And there were 17 .com sales in the top 21 plus one each for .to, .net, .nu and .de.

To check out the top reported sales compiled by Domain Name Journal for the week ending 20 January, go to www.dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2013/20130130.htm.

Two Six Figure Sales Keep Aftermarket Humming

Domain Name Journal logoTwo six-figure sales kept the domain name aftermarket humming in the second last Domain Name Journal sales chart for 2012.

Line.com and glamorous.com sold for $118,000 and $115,000 through DomainNameSales and DomainNameSales/Domain Advisors respectively in the week to 16 December.

Third on the list of top reported sales was fobo.com, which sold for $57,500, also through Domain Name Sales, which either on their own or in conjunction with DomainAdvisors accounted for the top 11 sales and 16 of the top 20 sales. A result that 12 months ago would have been the sole domain of Sedo. In this week’s chart the formerly dominant Sedo accounted for only two sales, the same as Afternic.

On the TLD side of things, there were 16 .com sales, two for .net and one each for .ch and .ca.

To check out the list of top reported sales compiled by Domain Name Journal for the week ending 16 December, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2012/20121226.htm.

Six Figure Domain Sale Tops Chart For Fourth Week In A Row

Domain Name Journal logoThere were four six-figure domain name sales in the week to 18 November on Domain Name Journal’s sales chart for top reported sales, making this the fourth week in a row where a six-figure sale has topped the chart.

Giftbasket.com was the top selling domain, selling for $350,000, while feng.com came in second, selling for $250,000, with both domains sold by Find Your Domain.

Coming in third was cotton.com ($205,890 through Moniker/SnapNames) and then ecs.com ($150,000 in a private sale).

Overall the leading domain name marketplace, Sedo, was responsible for seven of the top 20 sales, while DomainNameSales was responsible for five, plus another in conjunction with Domain Advisors.

And on the TLD side of things, there were 14 .com sales, two .org, plus one each for .ca, .co.uk, .net and .it.

To check out the complete list compiled by Domain Name Journal of the top reported sales in the week to 18 November, go to dnjournal.com/archive/domainsales/2012/20121128.htm.