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EURid Announces Fee Reduction Extended For .EU Dispute Proceedings

EURid logo[news release] The fee for a basic .eu Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure will continue to be cut by 50% until the end of 2013, announced the .eu registry EURid and the Czech Arbitration Court (CAC), the institution appointed to rule on .eu domain name proceedings.

Since the introduction of the reduced fee in July 2012, the average number of ADR cases filed per month has risen by 80%.

“This increase does seem to indicate that there was some sort of financial barrier that prevented some parties from claiming their rights through .eu ADR proceedings,” commented Czech Arbitration Court Board Member, Petr Hostas.

“Lowering this barrier was a good step that enabled those parties to access the ADR procedure and I sincerely hope that this trend will continue going forward.”

EURid’s General Manager Marc Van Wesemael added, “At EURid, we want anyone with a legitimate prior rights claim to be able to challenge a .eu registration. Making the .eu ADR process more affordable, and therefore accessible, is one way of doing this.”

People can challenge a .eu registration if they believe they have a prior right to the domain name and the current holder has registered the name for speculative or abusive purposes. Although they can do this through a European court, EURid offers the fast and convenient .eu ADR procedure through the independent CAC. No travel is required as all cases are conducted online and by email, and in 21 official EU languages. Cases take an average of four months to resolve.

EURid appointed the CAC in 2005 as its ADR provider. In order to make .eu ADR decisions, the CAC selects one or more panellists from its list of 136 accredited international experts.

In numbers
For the first three quarters of 2012, 35 .eu dispute resolution cases were filed. The Czech Arbitration Court published 25 ADR decisions, of which all were in favour of the complainant.

More information about the new .eu ADR price structure is available at eu.adr.eu.

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AFNIC Publishes First Score on Syreli, A Monthly Statistics Publication

Afnic, the registry for .FR domain names along with a number of other French territories, has published its first Scope, the first of what they say will be regular publications of statistics on rulings handed down along with other key facts and figures.

The purpose of Scope on Syreli (Syreli is what Afnic is calling their dispute resolution system) is to summarise the procedure’s data and disseminate them as widely as possible. From now on, each month, new statistics and graphics will be posted on the Afnic website, in particular on:

  • the number of rulings handed down
  • the outcome of the procedures (the distribution of rulings, the number of court cases, etc.)
  • the legal status of the claimants and holders (the types of litigation, remedies sought, country of origin of claimants, etc.)
  • the length of time the domain name had existed when the Syreli complaint was filed.

And from November onwards, Scope on Syreli will focus on the key figures for the previous month.

Syreli, the Afnic dispute resolution system, was launched in November 2011 for domain names with the .FR and .RE extensions. As of 6 December, it also applies to the .TF, .YT, .PM and .WF ccTLDs.

The first Scope is published below:

Afnic Syreli Sept 2012 Infograph

UK High Court Rules Nominet Dispute Resolution Is Final

The UK High Court has ruled registrants of .UK domain names are not entitled to a fresh court hearing “to assess whether they have abusively registered those domains if the issue has already been determined through an industry dispute resolution service,” reports Out-Law.com.

According to the ruling by Mr Justice Mann, “the wording of the dispute resolution service policy and procedural rules meant that decisions reached through Nominet’s system could not be re-tried in court.”

“The DRS (dispute resolution service) and Procedure put in place a regime in which the question of abusive registration is one for, and only for, the Expert appointed under the DRS,” Mr Justice Mann said in his ruling.

The judge overturned a decision by the Patents County Court which had ruled that Nominet rules did allow courts to hear issues determined through Nominet’s system afresh, the report continued.

To read the Out-Law.com report in full, click here.

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WIPO Launches Dispute Resolution Services for .QA and قطر. (Qatar)

WIPO logoAs of 22 August, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center commenced providing .domain name dispute resolution servicesfor both QA and قطر. (Qatar) in accordance with the Qatar Domains Registry Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“Policy”) and Rules for Qatar Domains Registry Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“Rules”), and WIPO Supplemental Rules for Qatar Domains Registry Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (“Supplemental Rules”).
Qatar Domains Registry provides for registration of domain names which utilize the two-letter country code in Latin characters, i.e., .QA, as well as the قطر. IDN ccTLD in Arabic script. قطر. results from ICANN’s IDN ccTLD Fast Track Process which was designed to introduce into the Domain Name System Internet extensions (top-level domains) corresponding to a meaningful representation of a country or territory name in non-Latin (or non-ASCII) script. The Policy, Rules and Supplemental Rules are applicable to disputed domain name registrations within both the Latin script (.QA) and Arabic script IDN (قطر.) ccTLD spaces.

The Policy, Rules and Supplemental Rules for .QA and قطر. also feature upgrades based on the WIPO-proposed paperless Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) model, the latter in effect at WIPO since December 2009. This includes paperless filings by parties while retaining the safeguard of hardcopy notification by the WIPO Center.

In addition to .QA and قطر. (Qatar), the Center also provides domain name dispute resolution services for both .AE and امارات. (United Arab Emirates).

Dispute Resolution Procedures For .XXX Domains Unveiled

dotXXX logoDispute resolution procedures for .XXX domains has been unveiled, promising to make life difficult for cybersquatters, reports Domain Incite.

The Rapid Evaluation Service, as it is known, is basically a souped-up version of the familiar UDRP that tilts the overall balance in favour of legitimate trademark holders, the report says.

Further, the scheme is designed for companies or individuals who don’t want to be associated with .xxx domain names, and has the remedies to match.

To read the detailed Domain Incite report, check out domainincite.com/icm-reveals-tough-xxx-cybersquatting-rules.

America Registry logoMeanwhile, to register your .XXX domain name, check out America Registry here.

Nominet Searching For .UK Dispute Resolution Experts

Nominet logoNominet is searching for Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) experts for .UK domain name disputes. The DRS is an alternative dispute resolution procedure which allows parties to attempt to settle their differences via mediation. Unresolved cases have the opportunity to proceed to an independent expert for a decision based on the DRS Policy and Procedure.

Nominet currently receive around 60 new cases a month, of which approximately 25 per cent proceed to an expert decision.

Nominet is looking to appoint around five new experts to their panel for 2012. Candidates can be from backgrounds involved in the Internet industry, mediation or arbitration. Experts are appointed by rotation with a fixed remuneration of £750 (excl. VAT) for a fully reasoned decision and £200 for a summary decision. The fee is determined by the DRS policy and may change.

Full details of this opportunity are available to download as a pdf file.

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