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DNSSEC Edges Closer for .DE

DENIC logoThe “DNSSEC Testbed for Germany” has entered a decisive phase: as of 2 March 2010 DENIC has given all second level domains under .DE the opportunity to participate in the DNSSEC testbed and to record their experiences.

In this process, DENIC initially registers the Key Signing Keys used as Trust Anchor, and then publishes the corresponding DS records in the .de zone accessible in the testbed. Thus, for the first time, the participants in the testbed will receive DNSSEC-secured responses for the second level domains involved. This is a considerable improvement compared with the previous status.

After having successfully implemented the signed version of the .DE zone in the testbed environment in January, DENIC now makes available in the second phase of the project interfaces for registering and administering the key material of the delegated .DE domains. These new features are also supported by the information services “whois” and “domain query”.

To be able to participate in the testbed, domain holders must use a DNSSEC-capable name server software for their domain. This is an essential prerequisite. At the present moment, the implementation is primarily suited for domain holders who operate their own name servers. As in domain registration and administration, the Key Signing Key is registered by the Internet service provider or domain registrar who administers the domain. Thus, interested domain holders are requested to contact their providers directly and to consult them about their personal options for using DNSSEC.

Within the next months, DENIC will clarify technical and operational questions in detail together with the testbed participants. The goal is to gain additional important knowledge with the support of a large number of participants – also new ones – and to design workflows and procedures in terms of practical suitability.

You will find more detailed information about the DNSSEC testbed and how to actively participate in it on DENIC’s special webpages. Additionally, DENIC has established a testbed mailing list to which you can subscribe via the link mailinglists.denic.de/mailman/listinfo/dnssec-testbed-l. This list serves as a platform for mutual technical support and for exchanging experience.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .DE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

DENIC Releases BR.DE Domain Name

DENIC logoDENIC have allowed the registration of the two-letter domain name BR.DE. The domain was excluded from the release of two-character domains affected in autumn 2009. Upon DENIC’s objection, this temporary injunction was now rescinded. The domain name was subsequently registered at 15:00 on 18 February.

Everybody who was interested in the domain name was able to register it as of the above timeas long as the applicant did not infringe on any rights of others.

Due to the special nature of the release of the domain name, DENIC applied a special procedure for its release with registration requests only being allowed to be submitted by means of a special request form issued by DENIC.

For more information on the release of the domain name BR.DE and the process involved, see the DENIC announcements at:

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DENIC Goes Ahead in the Signed DNSSEC Zone

DENIC logoThe DNSSEC testbed for Germany has met another milestone of its roadmap: Exactly as planned, DENIC made available the signed version of the .de zone in the DNSSEC test environment on 5 January 2010. What does this mean precisely?

1. DENIC will sign the respective current .de zone version of the production environment once a day and make it available in the DNSSEC test environment for DNS queries.

2. The two name server clusters in Frankfurt ( and in Amsterdam ( will answer DNS queries including DNSSEC data as authoritative and non-recursive name servers.

3. You will find instructions how to redirect queries for the .de domains for diverse resolvers in separate configuration examples.

4. As regards validating resolvers, the set-up now allows that the Trust Anchor is configured for the .de testbed. The Trust Anchor is a copy of the public section of the Key Signing Key that is communicated to the resolver as the Trusted Key. This Trust Anchor or Secure Entry Point is published on an https-secured webpage.

de.             86400   IN      DNSKEY  257 3 8 (
YkS1P7tOe8ola9IpQHTWO6ttTmSnyE= )

This  Key Signing Key will remain valid until revoked. Any scheduled key changes will be announced with due notice.

5. In addition to the 2048bit Key Signing Key, a 1024bit Zone Signing Key will be used, which will be changed every five weeks. Both keys generate signatures in accordance with the standardized RSA/SHA256 procedure as specified in RFC5702.

6. The .de zone is signed with opt-out, using NSEC3 records according to RFC5155.

Further details about the technology and the signing procedure will be explained in the second DNSSEC Testbed Meeting. It will take place on 26 January 2010 at the DENIC head office in Frankfurt. Places are still available.

On 2 March 2010, the DNSSEC testbed will enter the next phase. From then on, it will be possible to record key material in form of DNSKEY with delegated .de domains in the registration database. Delegated second level domains may also participate in the testbed.

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Has .CN Regained Number One ccTLD Ranking from .DE?

After not having posted registration figures for at least four months, CNNIC, the China Internet Network Information Center, has finally updated its figures to show they have regained the number one ccTLD ranking from .DE (Germany).According to the latest figures, there were 13,680,727 domain name registrations as of 30 November compared to 13,325,300 .DE registrations as of 13 December according to the DENIC website.Registration figures for CNNIC were dropping significantly, likely to be as a result of the ending of a promotion CNNIC were running in 2008. However it appears they are once again on an upward trend.Both though are way ahead of the third placed ccTLD, .UK (United Kingdom) who in November passed the eight millionth registration milestone.To register your .CN, .DE, .UK or any other domain name, check out Europe Registry or Asia Registry.

One & two letter .DE domains available soon as DENIC abolishes many restrictions

DENIC will allow the registration of one- and two-letter domain names as part of a reform of registration rules as of 23 October that will see most of the restrictions that currently exist abolished.Other restrictions to be abolished will see it possible to register domain names composed exclusively of numerals as well registrants being able to register domains identical to combinations of letters that are used for German motor vehicle number plates and for Top Level Domains such as “com” or “org”.Some rules that will remain in force include the maximum length of a domain will still be 63 characters (not including the .DE part) and that a domain must neither begin nor end with a hyphen nor have hyphens as both its third and fourth characters.”The amendments will reduce the restrictions imposed on domain registrations to a minimum,” says DENIC’s Executive Board member Sabine Dolderer (CEO).The changes come about following a German court order where Volkswagen wished to register the VW.DE domain name. The car manufacturer from Wolfsburg complained they were unable to register the domain name and took DENIC to court and was eventually successful.The changes are likely to see firms such as H&M and C&A desperately attempting to obtain domain names such as HM.DE and CA.DE respectively.To register a domain name under the new rules, DENIC advises to apply for desired domains with a registrar such as Europe Registry now. The release of domain names under the new rules will occur at 09.00 on 23 October 2009.To ensure a quick, secure, transparent and above all fair assignment procedure, DENIC will register the new domains applying the “first come, first served” principle. Registrars will collect all customer requests until the launch phase starts and hand them in to DENIC electronically on the first day of registration. DENIC will assign a domain to the first request it receives for it. Assignment in correct order will be guaranteed by an electronic time stamp operating in milliseconds.
As from 23 October 2009 the following rules will apply for domains under the TLD .DE:

  • one- and two-digit domains as well as domain names composed exclusively of numerals can now be registered.
  • domains identical with combinations of letters that are used for motorvehicle number plates or for TLDs are released for registration.
  • a domain may be comprised of the digits 0-9, hyphens, the letters a-z of the Latin alphabet and the other letters listed in the currently valid annex to the Domain Guidelines.
  • a domain must neither begin nor end with a hyphen. Neither must it have hyphens as both its third and fourth characters.
  • the minimum length of a domain is one character.
  • the maximum length of a domain is 63 characters (referred to the ACE-encoded form of the domain) – without .de respectively

For more information on the changes to registration guidelines for .DE domain names, see www.denic.de.To register your .DE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

DENIC, JPRS, CIRA & Others Support Development of Open Source Name Server Software BIND10

DENIC, JPRS and CIRA, the registries for Germany (.de) , Japan (.jp) and Canada (.ca) respectively, among others have each signed contracts with the Internet Systems Consortium agreeing to substantially contribute to the development of BIND10. Continue reading DENIC, JPRS, CIRA & Others Support Development of Open Source Name Server Software BIND10

DENIC & Other European Registries Joins ccNSO

DENIC logoTogether with the country code registries of Italy (.it), Belgium (.be), Slovenia(.si), Lithuania (.lt) and Croatia (.hr) the German domain registry DENIC eG has joined the country code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO) of ICANN. The ccNSO is the forum for country code registries within the ICANN. Continue reading DENIC & Other European Registries Joins ccNSO

Volkswagen wins court order against Denic

The higher regional court of Frankfurt has forced the central German registry the place for.de Domains Denic, to assign to the Volkswagen company the (non-standard-conformal DE-Domain) vw.de. Denic had also before rejected this and with the own assignment guidelines and possibly problems from the two digit Domain name when allocating had been justified.

The judges lead a requirement of Volkswagen on the vw.de Domain off the Verweigerng worth it from the cartel law as “essentially not justified discrimination opposite other competitors like e.g. the Bavarian engine works (BMW), which” arise” in the Internet under the Domain “bmw.de, like on-line service” Webhosting and right ” from the grounds (Az.: 11 U 32/04) quotes. The higher regional court does not have a revision certified, on the other hand the Denic inserted complaint.

Does this mean in the near future Denic will be giving up two letter domain names to every large Corporation ?

To read the article further : http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/0,1518,560403,00.html