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World Hosting Days is Now CloudFest

CloudFest_2018WorldHostingDays has been around since 2003 and was originally focused on the hosting industry. Over the years, WHD has expanded and evolved to include the robust array of technologies that make online communication possible, and now WHD addresses the entire range of internet technology and culture.

There are now nine events spanning the US, Germany, Singapore, Russia, India, and China as well as special unique experiences for industry leaders including F1 racing and sailing.

And now their main event is called CloudFest, a week-long festival that happens annually in Germany. It’s where leaders come together to understand how all digital technologies fit together to shape our current world and our future. And in 2018 it will be held as the WHD was in Rust, Germany, from 10 to 16 March in the Europa-Park.

Registration is now open with passes starting at €349.