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Six More ccTLDs Signed With DNSSEC

They may only be some of the smaller ccTLDs around the world, but six more have been signed with DNSSEC and now have DS records in the root zone, according to a post on the ISOC website.

This means that people and businesses with domains registered in these ccTLDs can now receive the higher level of security possible with DNSSEC. The ccTLDs are:

The post notes for registrants that have a domain registered in those ccTLDs, their registrar should now be able to pass the required DS record up to the ccTLD registry.

As the ISOC post notes, congratulations to Garth Miller and the teams associated with the various TLDs for making these signed TLDs happen. As per ICANN’s TLD Report, 111 out of 318 TLDs are now signed which is excellent progress.