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Canon Goes All In For Their Own New gTLD

Canon logoCanon, the huge Japanese technology company, launched its new gTLD this week, redirecting canon.com to global.canon with many of the links on the website using the new gTLD.

The company is pushing security for visitors to their site, saying in a news release:
Because “.canon” can only be used by Canon Group companies and services, visitors to sites that use the new TLD can easily confirm their authenticity and be assured that the information they contain is reliable. Additionally, by leveraging the simplicity of the TLD, which is easy to remember and easy to understand, Canon aims to enhance the Company’s global brand value.

Currently the website for the new gTLD is only available in English, but Canon say they “will introduce other languages to the site in the future to share brand messages and other information globally” including Japanese by the end of 2016.

Hitachi Joins Canon As Candidates for Own gTLD

Hitachi has announced through a partnership with the Japanese GMO Registry that they will be applying for the generic Top Level Domain .HITACHI when ICANN begins accepting applications, possibly later this year.

The announcement sees Hitachi joining fellow Japanese company Canon who announced in March 2010 they will be applying for the .CANON gTLD and becomes only the second company to publicly announce they will be applying for their gTLD.

While companies are reluctant to publicly admit they intend to apply for their own gTLD, it is known many are looking into the issue, often saying behind closed doors they will wait and see what their competitors are doing.

The new partnership will see Hitachi work with GMO Registry from the new gTLD application process through to backend operations and will draw GMO Registry’s industry experience and technical expertise. This is the same as the partnership between GMO Registry and Canon.

Following the ICANN decision to implement new top level domains, GMO Registry, Inc. was established in July 2009 to provide all-in registry package solutions including application assistance, system architecture, backend operation, and marketing support for new TLDs. The company is also working to secure the dot shop gTLD to power the online identity of ecommerce businesses worldwide.

Canon first multinational to publicly announce desire for gTLD

Canon, the global electronics company headquartered in Japan, has broken ranks with multinational companies around the world to publicly say they intend to apply for the .CANON generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) when ICANN begins accepting applications, possibly later this year.The surprising announcement comes about as trademark bodies around the world are fighting to stop the introduction of new gTLDs, and if not, to ensure the strings of characters in domain names contain as few trademarked names as possible, even if there are legitimate registrants of domain names containing such strings that may be trademarked in another activity or have another use.In its announcement, Canon says that “following approval for the new gTLD system, which is expected to take place after the latter half of 2011, Canon will make full use of the new domain name to increase the convenience and effectiveness of its online communications.”It is also interesting to note that the first multinational company to express an interest in a gTLD is not American, where trademark and copyright lawyers have been fighting the introduction hard.With many potential applicants of brand name gTLDs waiting to see what their competitors or other large companies are doing, this move could see others dipping their hats into the ring, so to speak, and announcing their own plans.To date, potential applicants have been dominated by city or regional names (.BERLIN, .PARIS, .CYM – Wales, .SCO – Scotland) or special interests (.SHOP, .HOTEL, .GAY).