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BRS Extends .FM Partnership With Micronesia

Dot FM 25 Years logo

BRS Media and FSM Telecommunications Corporation (FSMTC) recently announced the extension of their existing agreement to continue the partnership to market .fm, the ccTLD for the Federated States of Micronesia.

.fm has become popular with the rise in broadcasting, podcasting, streaming and social entertainment. In addition to brands like Coca-Cola.fm, Southwest.fm, Douban.fm and CarrieUnderwood.fm, the fastest growing category is podcasting, with recognisable names including Anchor.fm, Castbox.fm, Megaphone.fm, Overcast.fm and Transistor.fm. Registrants not only includes broadcasters, Internet radio, podcasters and the music community, but also interactive companies, premier social media ventures and streaming entrepreneurs worldwide.

“We continue to be honoured by the trust and partnership we have developed over the past twenty plus years with FSMTC,” remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman and CEO of BRS Media Inc. “This year, the .FM TLD reaches a milestone of being online for 25 years. We are excited to be celebrating this event, and are privileged to be a part of one of the best recognised and most successful rebranded Top-Level Domain in the history of the Internet.”

“We are pleased to renew the existing contract, and look forward to BRS Media continuing to manage and promote our .FM TLD. In a competitive online space, there isn’t a more stable and consistent Top Level Name than the unique sounding .FM,” remarked Fredy S. Perman, President & CEO of FSM Telecommunications Corporation.

The FSMTC is the telephone, wireless, internet and cable service provider for the Federated States of Micronesia.

BRS Media Expands To Launch Brand Registry Services for TLDs

BRS Media, operator of the .am and .fm ccTLDs, is expanding its services to begin offering their successful Brand Registry Services to Top-Level Domain Operators. It’s the first time they have offered their services to others in the more than 20 years they’ve existed.

The .am and .fm are the ccTLDs for Armenia and Federated States Of Micronesia respectively, with BRS Media commencing marketing the domains as abbreviations for the types of radio frequencies – amplitude modulation and frequency modulation.

Twenty years on, the first of the ccTLDs they began marketing has evolved to meet the growing demand and creativity of its clientele, that has a thriving and diverse client base and over 1 Million followers across Social Media that enthusiastically support the TLD. Even with the release of over 1200 New Top-Level Domains, this TLD (BRS doesn’t say if it’s .am or .fm) showed a Year-Over-Year traffic growth of over 10% in 2018 and an over 50% growth since 2012.

“We are excited and thrilled to offer for the first time, our twenty plus years of professional and successful experience in strategic marketing and brand development for Top-Level Domain Registry Operators.” remarked George T. Bundy, Chairman and CEO of BRS Media Inc. “Our primary focus is to create and support Top Level Domain brand goals by development and management of marketing processes and platform strategies to ensure that a TLDs culture cuts through and translates into best-in-class online experience for the audience and clients.”

In a recent letter to a New Top-Level Domain Operator that BRS has highlighted in their news release, ICANN acknowledged that “new gTLD operators face a challenging task of building consumer awareness and this can and may take significant time and effort.” and “introduction of new gTLDs to the market would involve significant effort and investment by the registry operators”. In addition, a recent Amendment by the U.S. Department of Commerce recognized, “… that ccTLDs, new gTLDs, and the use of social media have created a more dynamic DNS marketplace.”

It’s the challenges for new gTLD operators that BRS Media is seeking to assist with.