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199,379 Un-Renewed Domains Released in Brazil

NIC BR - Brazil - logoLast Saturday, 2 October, NIC Brasil, the registry for .BR (Brazil) domain names, released 199,379 domain names that were not renewed by their owners.

The full list of domain names that were released can be seen at:

For more information in Portuguese see registro.br/info/proclib.html.

America Registry logoTo register your .BR domain name, check out America Registry here.

Latin American Domain Registrations Continue to Grow

There are now more than 4.86 million domain names registered in the Latin American region, an increase of 1.86 per cent since August and a 17.40 per cent increase year-on-year.

The largest growth in registrations in September was in the country code Top Level Domain for Brazil (.BR) with total registrations growing by 39,496. This was followed by Argentina (.AR – 31,872), Mexico (.MX – 9,806) and Chile (.CL – 3,923).

However on a percentage basis, the ccTLD that showed the greatest growth was Anguilla (.AI) where there was an astonishing increasing in registrations of 1,348 per cent, although this was too the very modest total of 391 registrations. This is reflected by a change in a change in the ccTLD’s terms and conditions with registration of .AI domain names now open to all and not just residents of Anguilla as before.

Following was Guadeloupe (.GD – 4.53%), Mexico (2.79%) and then Guatemala (.GT) and Uruguay (.UG), both with a monthly increase of 2.68 per cent.

Overall, the top five ccTLDs in total registrations remained the same as before. These were .AR with 2,001,844 registrations, .BR (1,848,161), .MX (361,597), .CL (259,914) and .VE (152,799). These were the only five ccTLDs with registrations above 100,000 in Latin America.

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The above information was sourced from information provided by LatinoamerICANN at latinoamericann.org/?q=node/2006.

Thanks to NameAction for alerting us to the above information.

Registro.br to Release 126,000 Domains

Registro.br - Brazilian registry - logoRegistro.br, the Brazilian ccTLD manager, is releasing more than 126,000 domain names for registration by any eligible registrant on 10 October.

The complete list of domain names is available from registro.br/info/proclib-l.html

According to the rules of NIC Brazil if the same domain is requested by two companies it will be given to the company that has ID and a trademark registered in Brazil. If there is no company fulfilling this requirement the domain will be blocked waiting for the next liberation process.

America Registry logoTo register your .BR domain name, check out America Registry here.

Thanks to NameAction for alerting us to this news.