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Do People Confuse New gTLD Domains with .COM Domains?

bill_hartzer_imageWhether people confuse a .com domain name with those ending with a new gTLD is a question Bill Hartzer sought to answer in a recent post on his blog.

Hartzer writes “if you have a domain name like whatever.widgets, those who are fans of .COM domain names say that whatever.widgets will lose traffic to someone mistyping it. The argument is that they’ll type in whatever.widgets.com or whateverwidgets.com (and not type in whatever.widgets).”

“It’s widely known that many people mistake the search form for the URL bar in their web browser. In Firefox, for example, the search field is right to the right of where you enter a URL. So, I do know that people mistake both of these fields. That’s good news, as we can actually see how many people do a keyword search for a particular domain name. For example, they’ll put the domain name into the search field, making it a keyword search at Google.”

Hartzer gives the example of “booking.yeah” which was used in a promotional campaign for booking.com. In his post Hartzer uses data provided by a couple of companies that show searches internet users have made based on the commercial from booking.com.

There are several thousand keyword searches analysed, but in none of the searches do internet users put “.com” or “com” in their searches. Which leads Hartzer to conclude:
“If people really did enter .COM or COM somewhere, and people really did mistake a new gTLD domain name for a .COM domain name, wouldn’t there be searches showing up that include “com”? Again, this is a real-world example, using booking.yeah, which does have a huge marketing campaign behind it.”

To read Hartzer’s post in full with the stats used, go to: