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.BE Registry Website Hacked

DNS.be logoThe website for the .be registry was hacked during the night on Saturday 27 July. DNS Belgium have issued a statement saying it was again the victim of a defacement with the hacking community apparently turning their sights on their website.

The cause was a vulnerability in an upload script which led to a leak in the Content Management System. This meant the hacker was able to deface the website. The website was restored within the hour and the vulnerable upload script was made inaccessible.

On closer examination however, DNS.be realised there seemed to be malicious software on their web servers that led to the websites taken offline temporarily. After removing the malicious software, the Content Management System was reinstalled.
DNS.be’s technical department is currently further analysing the deface attack. In a statement the registry says first reports are reassuring and indicate no data was stolen or modified from registrars or registrants. Except for the web server, no other systems (such as the registrar platform and the resolving service) seem to be compromised at this moment.
New patches are currently being tested and all going well rolled for the Content Management System within the next few days.

DNS.be Website Hacked

DNS.be logoDNS.be woke on Tuesday morning (9 July) to discover their website had been hacked.

The files that were hacked, which meant the website was defaced, were immediately deleted and the registry has now taken the necessary precautions to block further malicious access to the website. A complete reinstall of the website was then undertaken.

DNS.be have reassured that the website does not grant access to confidential data or the registration platform. An investigation of what happened is currently underway.

DNS.be Announces 3000 .BE IDN Domains Registered In First 30 Minutes

DNS.be logo[news release] This morning (11 June) at 10:00 CEST, the IDN functionality was added to the .be domain, allowing anybody to register .be domain names with accented letters. The launch started strong with already more than 3,000 registered IDN domain names in the first half hour.

This also meant that the .be registration system received a vast amount of requests in a short period of time. However, the system managed these requests without a hitch. As expected, most of the IDN domain names were registered within the first hour, after which the volumes dropped to a normal level. At 16:00 CEST, the .be domain was 5,284 IDN domain names strong.

We performed a first scan on this list of IDN domain names to identify possible phishing cases. As a result of this scan, we did not notice a high number of suspicious registrations.

Below we present an overview of the 10 most popular IDN domain names, based on the number of requests received:
1.    café.be
2.    météo.be
3.    hôtels.be
4.    bébé.be
5.    crédit.be
6.    hôtel.be
7.    één.be
8.    italië.be
9.    cinéma.be
10.  château.be

This is an overview of the 10 first IDN domain names registered:
1.    café.be
2.    météo. be
3.    hôtels.be
4.    bébé.be
5.    crédit.be
6.    cinéma.be
7.    italië.be
8.    université.be
9.    énergie.be
10.  référencement.be

The first statistics indicate that 79,73% of all IDN domain names were registered by an inhabitant of Belgium. Together with the high number of registration on the first day, this demonstrates that with the launch of IDN we are meeting a real need in Belgium.

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Satisfaction with DNS.be remains consistently high!

DNS.be logo[news release] As it does each year, DNS.be has again surveyed its registrars to gauge their level of satisfaction. And with an overall score of 8.40, satisfaction remains at a consistently high level.

DNS.be attaches a great deal of importance to its registrars’ feedback  which is why it invited all 451 of them to take part in the latest satisfaction survey. Out of those 451 registrars, a record 143 (31.7%) completed the survey. Taken together, these 143 registrars represent 48% of all .be domain names. In addition to the overall figure for satisfaction, registrars also scored DNS.be consistently high for the various areas of service it provides.
Each year, DNS.be also polls its registrars about their satisfaction with other registries. Judging by the overall satisfaction score of 8.40, DNS.be is still clearly ahead of the rest.
DNS.be continues to make every effort to improve the level of satisfaction among its registrars, year after year – succeeding once again in 2012.
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ccTLD Updates for .xxx, .pw, .ru, .fr, .nl, .ee, vn, .be, .no

“What has really happened as a result of .XXX?” one year on from its launch is the focus of an article on Xbiz.

The article notes that “among other things, new sites have come to market, new companies have formed to capitalise on new opportunities in the adult space and a level of accountability and oversight added to an industry that has long shunned supervision of any sort — while the majority of trademark disputes have been swiftly resolved in favour of the legitimate rights holders.”

And it notes that ICM Registry’s Stuart Lawley claims .XXX “has comfortably exceeded the company’s sales expectations — based on the figures it communicated back in 2003 and 2004 in its original application to ICANN.” ICM also believes renewal rates will be high, even though the first anniversary is not quite here.

The .pw ccTLD is relaunching being branded as ‘the Professional Web, with the new registry opening up a 68-day sunrise programme as of 3 December. The sunrise offers some unique features aimed at reducing overhead for brand-owners.

A guest posting on DomainNameNews from Kate Moran of TM.Biz, .pw’s trademark validation agent, looked at trademark validation for .PW. Unsurprisingly the posting considers .pw a leader, saying “the .pw registry is proposing to protect not only exact matches, but also any domain containing the trademark, misspellings, abbreviations and language translations of the validated trademark. The trademark validation agent, TM.Biz is coupling these rules with automated searches of 70 trademark databases.”

On 4 December, the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and the Technical Center of Internet generated DNSSEC keys for .RU, one of the two Russian national domains. A formal event signified the first phase of signing .RU with DNSSEC, with all works expected to be finalised by the end of December 2012.

The .FR registry, Afnic, has released their December 2012 Domain Name Industry. The latest report looks at the growth rate for IPV6-compatible .fr domain names. In the report Afnic focuses on the success rate of Syreli claims in relation to the age of the domain name. Everything suggests that rights-holders are reactive and quickly intervene to enforce their rights via the Syreli procedure. The full report is available from the Afnic website here.

SIDN, the .nl registry, has published their final report of the 2012 Domain Name Debate. The debate examined issues such as availability of registrant’s details from Whois and drop catching. To check out the final report, check out the SIDN website here.

The price to registrars of .ee domain names will be cut by 11.8 percent on 1 March 2013, which will see the price cut from €17 to €15. Maximum registration periods will also be extended with options of two and three years.

Registrations of .vn domain names hit225,970 in the third quarter of 2012 according to VNNIC’s white paper on Vietnam’s internet.

Alternative Dispute Resolution celebrated its tenth birthday on 12 December, the .be registry dns.be announced. To mark the occasion, Cepina (the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation) organised a symposium in conjunction with DNS.be.

Norid, the registry for .no domain names, is again receiving reports on a company who tries to force Norwegian companies to buy domain names. The service is said to be offered to protect a company name or brand.

The issue may be a proposal to register a domain name within other top level domains, such as .com or .as, or they may suggest to register the domain name in different spellings, for instance with and without a hyphen. The company who offers services like this, often tells a story about other actors interested in buying the domain name, and that they need a quick decision.


DNS.be Announce New WHOIS And DAS Service

DNS BE logoDNS.be have announced they will deploy the latest version (release 9.0) of its Registration Platform in the coming weeks. The main enhancement is the introduction of the new WHOIS and DAS service on 10 April 2012.

A transition plan is worked out in order to make the migration as smooth as possible for everyone. A period of 2 months is foreseen giving everyone enough time to respond to the changes.

Because of the changes to DAS and WHOIS, the roll out of the new implementation will be done in phases. The WHOIS will be upgraded from version 4.1 to 5.0 and the DAS from version 2.0 to 3.0.

The planning for the transition to this new WHOIS and DAS service is as follows:

DNS BE Transistion DAS WHOIS



On Tuesday 6 March version 9.0 of our registration system software was deployed on the registration system.

The new version of WHOIS and DAS was not yet enabled at this time. A parallel WHOIS and DAS host running the “old” version of these services was enabled using the following hosts:

  • oldwhois.dns.be port 43
  • olddas.dns.be port 4343

Via these hosts, you can use the WHOIS and DAS service with the expected output as they are today.

On Tuesday 10 April (17h) the new versions of WHOIS and DAS will be enabled on the registration system and will be unreachable for a very short time (max 5 minutes) between 17h00 and 17h30 (Belgian local time).

At that moment the “old” WHOIS and DAS services are still available for an extended period of 2 months via oldwhois.dns.be and olddas.dns.be allowing you to make a smooth transition. In addition, you can decide when you want to migrate to the new WHOIS and DAS between 10/4 and 12/6.


whois.dns.be port 4343 (so DAS via the WHOIS hostname) will be disabled on that day. From then on, only das.dns.be port 4343 can be used for the DAS service!

On Tuesday 12 June oldwhois.dns.be and olddas.dns.be will be removed, everyone should use the new WHOIS and DAS service.

This DNS.be news release was sourced from dns.be/en//new_whois_and_das_service

To register your .BE domain name, check out EuroDNS here.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

DNS.be Information Campaign To Continue

DNS.be logoFrom 16 January till the end of March DNS.be is targetting the Belgian professions and intellectuals in order to convince them that having a presence online is extremely important for them too. It is the next stage in their information campaign that commenced during last year’s autumn.

The campaign will run in the Belgian media in the 2 major local languages (French and Dutch), as well as via a number of partners: (FVIB & Unizo + Unplib & UCM):

  • TV commercial in the General Messages segment on both Flemish and Walloon broadcasters
  • print ads in the specialist journals aimed at the medical professions
  • via partners: banners, a mailing featuring the commercial, advertisements, articles, etc.

If you want to have a look at the spot, see the:

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

Renewed DNS.be registration platform on 13 December 2011

DNS.be announced it has renewed its registration platform used by the network of 470 registrars to register and manage domain names. These registrars have access to this platform 24/7 via a web interface or a direct automatic interface.

Apart from this renewal the platform itself also moved to 2 new colocation spaces.
The objective is to simplify maintenance and troubleshooting, to be able to expand more easily in the future and to improve availability of our services. By optimising hardware and software we were able to save budget on the cost of operations, licences and maintenance.
The project started 12 months ago and DNS.be invested 385.000 euro in it.

Technical information on the project:

  • Replacement of old hardware by a modular and flexible solution with storage virtualisation, a completely new and modern architecture and new equipment.
  • Upgrade of the Oracle Database and migration to Linux.
  • Improvement of the internal and external multi homed network connectivity.
  • Addition of more security, audit trails, centralized user authentication and logging.
  • Implementation of a better configuration management and versioning system.
  • 2 completely new colocation spaces backing up 100% of each other’s equipment and service to our registrars.
  • Beginning of 2012: higher availability by means of load balanced servers.

This DNS.be news release was sourced from:

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

DNS.be Warns To Watch Out For False Online Business Directories

DNS.be received several complaints of Belgian businesses and organisations, who received a letter asking to check their company and website details. After the check they are asked to sign and send the letter back to the sender so that these details can be included in an online business directory.

In their letters (see example) these so-say Internet registers or directories use visual and copy elements that could easily be mistaken as being associated with official directory and/or internet providers in Belgium.The companies/organisations that fill in the details in the letter, then sign and send it back to the sender do so assuming that they are dealing with an official Belgian organisation. In actual fact, though, they are signing a purchase order for their details to be included in one or other online business “directory”. Having signed on the dotted line, as it were, they then receive an invoice and/or bank transfer request for the cost of including their details in the directory.

DNS.be advises individuals or businesses that receive letters or registration forms of this kind to go through them very carefully before sending back the signed form.

Unizo and the FPS Economy also warn about such practices on their website.

Futhermore, we already encountered this kind of practices in the past. An overview can be found here.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.

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DNS.be Information Campaign Commences

DNS BE logoDNS.be, the .BE registry, commenced the next stage of its information campaign on 5 September. Its 2010 campaign was targeted at the Belgian self-employed and small SMEs. Now they are zooming in on a more specific section of this target audience: professions and intellectuals. Our aim is to convince them that having a presence online is extremely important for them too.

During September and October the campaign will run in the Belgian media in the two major local languages (French and Dutch), as well as via a number of partners: (FVIB & Unizo + Unplib & UCM).

The campaign will see:

  • a TV commercial in the General Messages segment on both Flemish and Walloon broadcasters.
  • print ads in the specialist journals aimed at the medical professions.
  • via our partners by way of banners, a mailing featuring the commercial, advertisements, articles, etc.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .BE domain name, check out Europe Registry here.