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AuDA Releases Report on Draft .AU 2LD Recommendations

AuDA, the .AU policy and regulatory body, has released draft recommendations on the introduction of new, and reactivation of dormant, second level domains following a consultation period with interested parties in recent months.The proposals were put forward in a report by a second level domain advisory panel that looked at possible new and proposals for existing but unused second level domains, the latter including the future uses of conf.au and info.au.In the report, the Panel suggests that current policies relating to creation of new 2LDs are broadly supported, but will recommend a small change which relieves the proponent of a new 2LD of the entire responsibility for developing a business case for it.On the second issue, the Panel has found that there is inadequate support for the creation of blog.au or event.au, or for the reactivation of info.au. The Panel also found that there is no evidence of general user demand for the reactivation of conf.au or info.au, although there is a case for grandfathering (ie. continuing) linux.conf.au, the sole but strongly-supported example of a long-standing use of the second level domain.The draft recommendations followed an issues paper that was issued in April 2010.The closing date for comment and submissions on the draft recommendations is Friday 23 July 2010.For further information, see www.auda.org.au/new2ldsap/new2ldsap-index/

Premium .AU Domain Names Up For Auction This Week

The Australian domain name aftermarket is slowly growing following the relaxation of rules allowing for the transfer of com.au and net.au domains. This week there is the timely auction underway of mothersday.com.au, as well as yes.com.au, and more than 50 other premium com.au and net.au domain names.Of the premium domain names, mothersday.com.au has met its reserve of A$7,500 so it will be sold this week while the reserve for yes.com.au is $20,000.”We are extremely pleased that MothersDay.com.au has met the $7,500 reserve bid,” said George Pongas, Business Development Manager at Drop.com.au. “It shows that the secondary domain market is certainly maturing in Australia.””Once you own mothersday.com.au, you basically own the direct navigation traffic it generates too. With approximately 18,100 Australian local searches for ‘Mother’s Day’ in March 2010 and a Cost Per Click (CPC) rate on Google circa $1.20, you can quickly see the business case for acquiring this domain name.Pongas says “It will be an exciting to watch the auction close time this Thursday, because most bids at auctions are placed in the closing minutes. With a little luck, OPTUS will join the auction too. With all the money that Optus has spent over the years marketing YES OPTUS, you would expect that their brand managers will want this domain.””After acquisition, the ongoing costs are just $49.95 every two years for the registration licence renewal. As a long-term investment it makes perfect sense for an e-tailer to add this domain to their portfolio. Once sold, it is unlikely to be listed for sale again for a very long time, if ever.”Fabulous.com Domain Broker, Andrew Wright, suggests that generic keyword focused domains are ideal for search engine optimisation (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing purposes.”Generic keyword related domains appear higher in organic search listings and generally receive a higher quality rank when running paid search campaigns,” Wright explained.Wright goes on to cite the famous case of Tennis Australia acquiring ‘tennis.com.au’ for what was reported as a hefty fee of just less than a six-figure sum. Also referring to Fosters owned ‘beer.com.au’, ING’s ‘mortgage.com.au’, and National Foods Milk Limited’s domain ‘milk.com.au’, as good examples of corporate brands that understand the value of using generic domain names for online marketing.The auction is now open at www.drop.com.au/fabulous, and ends Thursday May 6th, 14:30 (AEST). Anyone can watch or participate in the auction with prices dynamically changing on the auction site in real time to make for an entertaining spectacle.Importantly though, any successful bidder must satisfy auDA eligibility policy to hold a com.au or net.au domain licence. During the sign up process the Drop team will clear you for registration compliance and assist you to participate. Interested bidders, international companies included, should contact Drop at support@drop.com.au, or visit www.drop.com.au/fabulous/join to get started.

New 2LDs Considered for .AU

AuDA, the policy authority and industry self-regulatory body for the .AU domain space, is currently considering whether to create new second level domains (2LDs) in the .AU domain space.AuDA’s New 2LDs Advisory Panel, chaired by Derek Whitehead of Swinburne University, has released a discussion paper inviting public comments on two matters:

  • new 2LDs in general
  • specific suggestions for creating new 2LDs or changing existing 2LDs.

The Panel’s job is to evaluate proposals for two little-used existing 2LDs (info.au and conf.au) and also proposals for two suggested new 2LDs (blog.au and event.au).”The Panel’s focus is on whether the creation of a new 2LD is in the public interest,” said Derek Whitehead. “The Panel is very keen to know what people think about new 2LDs and whether they would improve the Australian domain name system.””We encourage all Australians to contribute to the future development of their own domain space.”It should be noted that the proposals do not include opening up .AU to non-Australian registrants.The Panel’s discussion paper is available on auDA’s website at www.auda.org.au/new2ldsap/new2ldsap-index. The closing date for comments is 23 May 2010.Following submissions, the panel will make draft recommendations to the auDA board as to whether there should be new 2LDs or changes to existing 2LDs.

.AU policy change for the best ?

With the policy change what is your opinion ? .com.au being avaliable to be sold on the aftermarket  will this destroy the integrity of the domain extension or will it be one of  the most sort after domain names ?.

The value of a key asset for many businesses – their domain name – is on the rise, thanks to policy changes to allow the sale of domain names introduced this month.

Changes to the .com.au policy by Australia’s Internet Domain Authority, which came into effect on 1 June, enable businesses to sell their registered domain name licenses directly to eligible third parties.

To read the article further : http://www.smartcompany.com.au/Free-Articles/The-Briefing/20080620-Domain-name-policy-change-good-for-businesses.html