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ARI Wins .SYDNEY, .MELBOURNE & .VICTORIA As Big Guns Wheel Out Announcements

ARI Registry Services has been selected by the NSW and Victorian governments to assist with the application and operation of the .SYDNEY, .MELBOURNE and .VICTORIA top level domains.ARI Registry Services has engaged professional services firm Ernst & Young and digital brand management services provider Melbourne IT to assist its consultancy work in developing the application for three Top-Level Domains that adhere to ICANN’s strict requirements.It was a big week for Australia on the TLD front with ARI Registry Services also securing the rights to apply for the TLD for one of the country’s most popular sports, the Australian Football League – .AFL.Meanwhile, other providers of services for TLD applicants have been alerting us to their successes, even if they have not been trumpeting who their clients are.It was announced by Domain Incite that Minds + Machines parent Top Level Domain Holdings has registered for another 20 TLD application slots with ICANN, bringing its total to date to 40. And Melbourne IT announced in an investor presentation for its full year results that there are 120 global brands working with their Digital Brands Services as of 14 February and they expect to be handling 150 applications by the closing date for new applications on 12 April.Melbourne IT, like many others, believe there will be a total of 1000 to 1500 applications for new TLDs coming online in 2013.These announcements could spur potential applicants, in particular brands, into belatedly applying for their own TLDs, with ARI Registry Services’ CEO Adrian Kinderis saying on the announcement of the .SYDNEY, .MELBOURNE and .VICTORIA announcements that:
“It’s great to see Australian governments and corporate entities embracing the opportunities presented by new Top-Level Domains and securing their identity as a digital asset for their constituents and stakeholders. Operating a Top-Level Domain is a significant undertaking and the governments of New South Wales and Victoria recognised the need for expertise, security and reliability in operating a core piece of Internet infrastructure. That’s why ARI Registry Services was selected for this critical project.””The introduction of new Top-Level Domains marks a sweeping evolution of the Internet. The appointment of ARI Registry Services by the governments’ of New South Wales and Victoria to provide strategic planning consultancy, application development support and technical registry operations will ensure the success of this ground breaking initiative. With world leading domain name industry experience and expertise, and the backing of our project partner, Melbourne IT and advisor Ernst & Young, we look forward to developing an asset that supports the needs of stakeholders and Internet users globally,” Mr Kinderis said.

ARI Webinar: Understanding .BRAND For Your Business

Monday February 6th 2012 at 3pm PST / Monday February 6th 2012 at 6pm EST / Tuesday February 7th 2012 at 10am AEST

ARI Registry ServicesARI Registry Services, a leading global provider of technical services for new Top-Level Domains, will host a special free webinar this Tuesday 7 February highlighting the implications of .brand for the corporate world.

The webinar will be one of the last opportunities for interested parties to gather valuable expert advice and ask questions about the program before ICANN closes the application window on 12 April 2012.

For those unfamiliar with the program, it will allow companies to apply for their own branded slice of Internet real estate which will deliver clear marketing and advertising benefits, such as improved online brand recall, potential Search Engine Optimisation benefits and a more intuitive consumer experience with easy to remember domain names.

The webinar will be hosted by Adrian Kinderis, a leading authority on the new Top-Level Domain program and CEO of ARI Registry Services. Mr Kinderis was a member of the ICANN advisory council which helped establish the program and he has unrivalled knowledge of the opportunities and risks associated with it.

To secure your place, please register here: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/936400350

Webinar agenda – Moving from .com to .brand:

By attending this exclusive webinar, you will:

  • Gain an insight into TLD utilisation and implementation
  • Unveil both the risks and opportunities presented by this revolutionary transformation
  • Gather crucial knowledge that will determine if .brand is right for you
  • Understand the options available to business with respect to brand protection
  • Discover the key components required for building a successful application before it’s too late

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Singapore’s StarHub to Apply For .STARHUB TLD

The Singaporean communications company StarHub has become the sixth company to publicly announce they will be applying to ICANN for their top level domain, joining organisations such as Unicef, Deloitte, Neustar, Canon, Hitachi and possibly even IBM.It has been predicted by many involved in the domain name business, including one of StarHub’s partners in applying for their TLD, ARI Registry Services, that there will be around 1000 brand applications.StarHub has partnered with technical registry provider ARI Registry Services and digital brand management services provider Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services (DBS) to help it apply for and operate its ‘.brand’ domain name.StarHub aims to create a branded, authoritative corner of the internet devoted completely to its business interests under the ‘.starhub’ TLD. In future, consumers may see new website addresses such as ‘mobile.starhub’, ‘tv.starhub’ and ‘broadband.starhub’ introduced to the brand’s marketing and advertising activity.Mr Oliver Chong, StarHub’s Assistant Vice President of Brand and Marketing Communications, explained the ‘.starhub’ Top-Level Domain will position the brand as a leader in the region.”Our ‘.starhub’ new Top-Level Domain will cement the company’s position as Singapore’s most innovative info-communications company. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and through this initiative StarHub is one of first companies in the region to publicly commit to the next generation of online navigation,” Mr Chong said.”We believe the ‘.starhub’ Top-Level Domain will deliver clear marketing and advertising benefits to StarHub, such as improved online brand recall and a more intuitive consumer experience with easy to remember domain names such as ‘mobile.starhub’. We also anticipate potential Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits by operating a more targeted and relevant naming system that is clearly matched with our website content,” he said.”Ultimately, we believe ‘.starhub’ will deliver increased consumer trust and loyalty in our digital brand and enable StarHub to future-proof its online presence.”Mr Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services – the company chosen by StarHub to provide technical expertise and infrastructure for the initiative – said it was a bold step forward for the company and reinforces its position as a leader in online innovation.”StarHub is an industry leader and operating a new Top-Level Domain will reinforce its position at the forefront of innovation within the online space. As a proven global registry solution provider, we are extremely excited to be chosen to help support the ‘.starhub’ Top-Level Domain,” Mr Kinderis said. “A simple, memorable and branded Internet domain name like ‘.starhub’ will allow consumers to bypass search engines and go directly to the content they are looking for. I anticipate that this announcement by StarHub will open the floodgates for Asian brands to get on board with this exciting initiative and it will be a major boost to the local digital economy.”Mr Theo Hnarakis, CEO & Managing Director of Melbourne IT – the company chosen by StarHub to provide domain strategy and application consulting services – said the decision to apply for ‘.starhub’ would deliver long-term benefits for the StarHub brand.”The way consumers connect with brands online has changed dramatically in the past few years with e-Commerce booming, mobile Web browsing rising fast and social media usage expanding – all of which has provided brands with opportunities and headaches in equal measure. Vital to the future of nearly every modern company is the ability for customers to easily engage with the business online. Savvy brands like StarHub understand that fact and realise the cornerstone to their future online strategy lies in a ‘.brand’,” Mr Hnarakis said.The application window for new Top-Level Domains opened on 12 January and will close on 12 April 2012 with those intending to apply needing to register with ICANN by 29 March.

Brands Owners Expected To Defy US-Based Trade Associations And Apply For TLDs

ICANN is to begin accepting applications for new generic Top Level Domains from tomorrow (12 January) with indications being that there will be somewhere between 1000 and 1500 applications during the three month application window.Defying attempts by largely US-based advertising and marketing organisations such as the Association of National Advertisers to stop or delay the programme, both Melbourne IT and ARI Registry Services (formerly AusRegistry International) have said they expect around two-thirds of applications to be from brand names.”Big brands from around the world have already engaged with Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services to help them apply for more than 100 new TLDs,” said Theo Hnarakis, Melbourne IT CEO and Managing Director.”Big name companies in the financial sector, plus the retail and consumer goods industries have shown the most interest in applying so far, and roughly a quarter of the companies we are assisting are members of the Fortune Global 500. Applicants working with Melbourne IT also include members of the U.S. Association of National Advertisers. We expect more brands to follow now the application window has opened and the program’s final application deadline of April 12 looms nearer,” Hnarakis said.Entrepreneurs seeking to profit from generic terms like .shop or .hotel are expected to make up around 30 per cent of applications while the remaining ten per cent will come from governments and other groups wanting to represent their city or region online with a geographic TLD like .sydney, .paris or .tokyo.”Analysis of more than 400 clients we’ve engaged with globally over the past year shows technology and finance companies in Asia Pacific and the US lead the pack,” said Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services.Strongest interest has come from businesses in the Asia Pacific region (52%), followed by the United States (29%), Europe (10%), Middle East (7%) and Africa (2%).”The first round of new domains will be dominated by technology brands (20%), as the IT industry recognises the huge opportunity to innovate. This will be closely followed by banks and other financial service providers (11%) who are jumping at the opportunity for the increased online security and trust that comes with a .brand domain,” Kinderis said.Demand for new TLDs is likely to driven in part due to the difficulty in obtaining desirable domain names for new businesses and brands.”It takes about an average of 50 attempts until you actually secure a domain name that might exist because so many of them have already been registered,” Hnarakis told Sky News.”Now’s the perfect time for brands to consider a new Top-Level Domain as part of their long-term digital marketing strategy,” said Kinderis.Speculating on the results, Kinderis said the attractive sales and marketing benefits of new TLDs has likely appealed to the IT, finance and retail industries as a way to differentiate themselves -especially important in light of the economic downturn.”A .brand new Top-Level Domain will deliver improved trust, leadership, customer engagement and message recall by providing a direct connection between the customer and the brand experience online. The rapid growth of e-commerce and online retail also complements the move to a .brand domain name. For example, in the near future we may see short, relevant and memorable domain names such as iphone.apple, creditcards, .hsbc and shoes.nike.”However, both Kinderis and Hnarakis warn that potential applicants need to act quickly if they want to reap these benefits as it is unlikely there will be another round of applications for at least two or three years.

Small & Medium Businesses Want To Register Domains In New gTLDs Finds ARI

Small and medium-sized businesses have expressed an interest in registering appropriate new domain names when industry-specific generic Top Level Domains relevant to their business are introduced.Research commissioned by ARI Registry Services led by Dr. David Neal, director of Empirica Research, aimed to identify whether small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) will buy into the new programme.”Surprisingly, nobody had stopped to ask if restaurant owners would actually buy a domain within .restaurant, or whether lawyers will buy one within .law,” commented Dr. Neal. “The survey findings suggest that a high percentage of them will, even if this means paying a premium over their current web address.”Dr. Neal conducted a survey of 200 SMBs across a range of industries finding a high potential to monetise new TLDs. The survey found:

  • 49 per cent of SMBs describe themselves as likely to register a web address under a new Top-Level Domain related to their business
  • SMBs are willing to pay substantial premiums to own an industry-specific web address, stating they’d pay 47 per cent more than what they pay annually for their current address
  • Had the opportunity existed when they were starting their business, 44% of SMBs said they would have bought one at the time.

Adrian Kinderis, ARI Registry Services CEO, who is helping companies and entrepreneurs apply for new Top-Level Domains, said: “These results are encouraging considering it’s a new concept and awareness is still low among businesses. The findings demonstrate a strong demand in the market for new Top-Level domains.”SMBs perceived the most significant value in industry-specific web addresses to be the possible advantage within search engines, the ability to better match a domain name to their business and the potential to increase purchases from international consumers.”In today’s digital economy there’s an increasing amount of consumers buying goods and services online and businesses are keen to differentiate themselves – this creates a market of highly interested customers willing to pay a premium price for more relevant domains,” said Mr Kinderis.”It’s disappointing to see that with less than two months to go until the application window opens, less than 15 per cent of businesses are aware of the program.”Domains like .shop will have huge global appeal – so selling web addresses to small businesses is just the start of the revenue opportunities. If you included the sale of premium, highly sought-after names like malls.shop or bookings.hotel which could be auctioned for tens of thousands of dollars, you’re talking multi-million dollar annual revenues from a global customer base,” Kinderis concluded.SMBs also showed interest in Internationalised Domain Names (IDN) which will allow domains in non-Latin languages such as Chinese or Arabic. Fifty-four per cent of SMBs who have customers that do not speak English said they were interested in owning an IDN. Chinese IDNs were nominated by 90 per cent of SMBs.Additional research was conducted via in-depth interviews with renowned entrepreneurs, including Jake Winebaum, former President of Disney Online, and Tony Chow, an Asian expert in digital media and creative entrepreneurship.Using data collected during this research and census data from governments, the following hypothetical business model for a .shop new Top-Level Domain within the Australian market was developed demonstrating the potential revenue opportunity:

  • There are 219,000 retail stores in Australia and in this hypothetical model developed by ARI, 20 per cent of them are likely to register a web address within a .shop new TLD. Possibly at the high end, but if this was the case, this would yield a potential customer base of 43,800 retail stores willing to pay A$126.5 per annum – resulting in a total annual revenue of $5.54 million for a .shop new Top-Level Domain – generated from Australian retail stores alone.

Adding Singapore and Hong Kong’s retail stores to the business model results in a potential annual revenue in the order of US$7 million.More information on the study, including a summary of the research whitepaper, is available from:

New TLDs Webinar: Your guide to the next Internet revolution on 7 October

On October 7th 2011, AusRegistry International, now known as ARI Registry Services, will join global marketing celebrity Jeffrey Hayzlett for the first in a series of webinars to identify the opportunities, challenges and risks presented by ICANN’s revolutionary new Top-Level Domain Program. The series will also feature global brand protection and intellectual property authority Brian Winterfeldt of Steptoe and Johnson LLP.

To secure your place, please click here or read on below for further information.

About this Webinar: New Top-Level Domains – Navigating a World Beyond .com:

In 2012, a dramatic change to the Internet’s core addressing system will be introduced to allow corporations, entrepreneurs and governments to secure a trusted, authentic slice of Internet real estate similar to the traditional .com.

The program will see Top-Level Domains representing brands (.canon), generic terms (.jeweler) or geographic locations (.nyc) enter into the daily navigational behaviors of Internet users across the world, forever changing communication in the online space.

Facilitated by renowned business and Internet industry experts, attendance at this exclusive webinar will provide you with the critical information required to prepare yourself for the Top-Level Domain revolution.

Key Take Outs:

  • Be introduced to the what, why and how of ICANN’s new Top-Level Domain Program
  • Unveil both the risks and opportunities presented by this revolutionary transformation
  • Gain an insight into the key business and marketing drivers associated with new Top-Level Domain take-up
  • Understand intellectual property and legal implications
  • Learn what you need to secure your new Top-Level Domain

Expert Panelists:

  • Jeffrey Hayzlett – President The Hayzlett Group
    Best-selling author, business change agent and marketing expert.
  • Brian J Winterfeldt Esq. – Partner, Steptoe & Johnson LLP
    Intellectual property law authority and partner with leading global law firm Steptoe & Johnson.
  • Adrian Kinderis – Chief Executive Officer, AusRegistry International
    Internet industry thought leader with more than 10 years experience in the domain name industry. CEO of AusRegistry International, a leading provider of technical and consulting services for new Top-Level Domain applicants.

Secure Your Place Now:

The webinar is scheduled to run between 2pm and 3:30pm US Eastern Time on October 7th. Please note that places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

To secure your place, please register here.

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AusRegistry International Enhances Global Offering And Rebrands As ARI Registry Services

AusRegistry International evolves into ARI Registry Services – The only TLD registry services provider to offer new TLD applicants a choice for their registry’s primary geographic location.

[news release] In a landmark announcement, AusRegistry International today unveiled a new corporate strategy which will see it deploy TLD registry infrastructure and resources in the United States to become the first ever provider to offer the choice between two ‘primary’ locations for the operation of a Top-Level Domain (TLD) registry.

To complement this dynamic shift, AusRegistry International also announced it will rebrand to ARI Registry Services in a move that supports the continued expansion of the business into global markets.

The strategy, which has been built on the back of a number of recent client wins in the US market, has been developed to position the company as a truly global provider of TLD registry services. The option of infrastructure on US soil confirms the company’s commitment to the global market. This will mean customers choosing ARI Registry Services will now have two options for the location of their registry infrastructure; Australia and the United States.

Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services, said the announcement marked a milestone for the company.

“This is a milestone we have been working towards for some time and one I believe will deliver great benefits to our clients,” Mr Kinderis said. “We have always based our business on listening to our clients’ needs and ensuring that we are continually responding to their requirements. ARI Registry Services will be the first TLD registry services provider to offer multiple options for primary registry location – namely Australia and the United States. This has important implications for new TLD applicants as it specifically addresses the global reach of the program. It also provides a sound foundation in the United States and a unique point of difference as we edge closer to the opening of the new TLD application window.”

Mr Kinderis explained that there is a misguided sentiment in the market that registry performance is significantly affected due to location. However, he explained that this was not a driver for the decision.

Mr Kinderis said there are several reasons why applicants benefit from choosing their TLD registry’s primary location. These include addressing concerns about overzealous governments, privacy and ownership laws, political environments and financial benefits including currency fluctuations. There is also the added peace of mind that comes with having a registry closer to headquarters.

“Recent client wins in the US and our continued investment in our own DNS network clearly show that our Australian based infrastructure can perfectly service the needs of our US and European clients. This is a move to address a gap in the market we have identified.”

Mr Kinderis said that while this new corporate strategy was a catalyst for the new ARI Registry Services brand refresh, another reason for the change was to provide some clarity about the often maligned origins of the company in Australia.

“This is an exciting time for the company and the move to ARI Registry Services represents a huge leap forward in the evolution of the company and its positioning,” Mr Kinderis said. “We are the first to admit that the ‘Aus’ reference in our previous name incorrectly positioned us as a smaller, geographically focused organisation, which did create some issues with our plans for global expansion. Despite the fact we have an office and staff in the United States and clients situated in four of the seven continents around the world, there remained some belief that our services were somewhat isolated in Australia. We hope the name change and brand refresh, combined with our new corporate strategy, will help propel us even further into the global market.”

Mr Kinderis said: “Our new corporate strategy to host TLD registry infrastructure in the US and Australia places ARI Registry Services in an industry–leading position. To complement this, we have refreshed our brand image to better reflect where we are heading as an organisation.”

Mr Kinderis emphasised that the foundation created by AusRegistry International will not be forgotten.

“ARI Registry Services is an evolution of AusRegistry International and the same staff and product offerings will be maintained as the company moves forward with its new corporate image,” Mr Kinderis said.

Both the new corporate strategy and brand refresh for ARI Registry Services are currently being implemented. It is expected that this entire process will take approximately six months to complete and will be finished in time for the introduction of new TLDs next year.

Mr Kinderis will begin a month long world tour this week to assist in the global launch of the new ARI Registry Services’ corporate strategy. He will attend the GITEX technology conference in Dubai from 6 to 10 October, before moving onto Europe for client meetings. Following this, Mr Kinderis will then visit Africa where he will attend the ICANN conference in Dakar from 23 to 28 October. Following the ICANN conference, Mr Kinderis will return to Australia before departing to the US to attend client meetings in Los Angeles and New York.

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