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Domain investing explained: how you can make millions

Sydney gTLD plain logoImagine selling a domain name for $35 million. For those out of the loop, that’s actually happened. In fact, two domain names have topped $35 million internationally.

That’s an impressive investment strategy, considering most domain names retail for under $100.

Just like the property and housing market, online real estate has become increasingly valuable as savvy investors seek diversification online.

This means if you were the forward-thinking person to snap up www.vacationrentals.com, you could have sold it for US$35 million in 2007 to rental website HomeAway. Likewise, the domain www.insurance.com was sold for $35.6 million.

Australian domain name investments

In Australia, the highest reported .com.au domain name was the 2011 sale of www.investmentproperty.com.au for $125,001. The lesson for punters here is that the name was only sold at auction after the owner let the name expire – a costly mistake.

In 2013, a landmark package of capital city domain names went up for auction. It’s unreported as to whether it sold, but the package, which included www.sydney.com.au, www.melbourne.com.au and www.adelaide.com.au, was reported to be valued above seven figures.

To put that sale in context, www.melbourne.com sold for $700,000 in 2007.

Savvy investors thinking outside-the-box have already taken advantage of the huge profits to be made from domain names in Australia, sometimes making thousands or more in a single trade.

A recent article in The Courier Mail showcased Brisbane lawyer Neil Lawler’s move into domain name trading.

After learning of domain name trading from a friend, Mr Lawler increased his own business through buying up related domain names and redirecting traffic to his own site. He also purchased domain names he hopes to resell for a profit in the future.

Mr Lawler warned other business owners to be cautious of “cyber-squatters”.

“You’ve got to be careful when you’re starting a business, before you start talking about it too much you should not only register a business name but also register a domain,” he told The Courier Mail.

Online investment experts recommend buying short, generic and easily branded names that can add value and instant credibility to a business. For example, a florist can see great value in www.flowers.sydney, likewise a pizza restaurant with www.pizza.melbourne.

When the www.carloans.com.au domain name was acquired by a car loan comparison business formerly under www.beep.com.au, the company’s turnover surged from $60 million a year to more than $100 million.

Founder Shaun McGowan attributed the growth directly to the domain name change.

“We don’t have to tell people what we’re doing – people know to go to www.carloans.com.au to get a car loan,” he told AusRegistry.

“Our marketing budget has significantly reduced because we don’t have to educate consumers. The education is already done in those eight letters – that’s the power of a domain name.”

While the market is already fighting over pre-registered domain names, there are now even more options available for investors to get in early with .melbourne and .sydney. The bonus of the .melbourne or .sydney domains is that they tie a business to one of Australia’s most recognisable cities.

High profile people such as the Federal Member for Melbourne Adam Bandt have already snapped up their domain names: www.adambandt.melbourne.

These new top-level domain names have opened doors for investors and businesses looking to profit from premium domain names, like www.carloans.com.au. While the domain names are now relatively inexpensive to register, a savvy take on a name could lead to great profit in the future.

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Google targets multiple domain names in next search algorithm update

Sydney gTLD plain logoGoogle announced this week it will soon implement a change to its search algorithm to penalise websites that use ‘doorway pages’ and multiple domain names to increase their rank in search results.

In summary, this means businesses that use keywords to rank similar content on multiple domain names or pages under one domain will be penalised.

This is a major update from Google and will have huge implications for domain name and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies.

Savvy businesses needn’t fear, however. If you are using new Top-Level Domains like .melbourne and .sydney, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your website has the best possible chance to rank highly in search results.

What’s changing?

Google described the new changes as an attempt to penalise sites that “try to maximize their ‘search footprint’ without adding clear, unique value”.

Sites utilising this technique are often referred to as ‘doorway pages’, which Google classify negatively based on their impact on end users:

They are bad for users because they can lead to multiple similar pages in user search results, where each result ends up taking the user to essentially the same destination. They can also lead users to intermediate pages that are not as useful as the final destination.

What doorway pages look like

SEO expert Jim Stewart, speaking in a video blog about this latest Google update demonstrates how doorway pages are often used by businesses.

Using the example of ‘Freddy’s Skip Bin Hire’, Mr Stewart explains that the company has built several web pages under various suburb names and essentially replicated the content on each, replacing the location name. This has led them to create almost identical sites such as ‘Skip Bin Hire Waverley’ and ‘Skip Bin Hire Earlwood’.

Using this technique to essentially ‘trick’ Google into ranking your site is the type of strategy that will be targeted by this update, as Mr Stewart explains.

“If your site has created pages purely to rank for a particular key phrase… the chances are you could be smashed by this update.”

Will .sydney and .melbourne domains be penalised?

There is an extensive list of factors that impact a website’s SEO ranking. As Mr Stewart explained in an interview with AusRegistry last year, domain names are one of “over 200 signals” that determine your rank in search results, but by no means the deciding factor.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about the importance of domain names in search. There’s no doubt that if you can get a domain name with a good key word in it, you’ve got a good chance of ranking better than someone that doesn’t, but it’s only one signal.”

A major factor that can and does heavily influence search ranking is content. Using local domains such as .melbourne and .sydney solely to rank for your business in Melbourne and Sydney is not enough – local domains offer an opportunity to create valuable, localised content targeted to a particular geographic audience.

As Mr Stewart describes, “Google wants to makes sure it only displays results that are going to be relevant to the search done by the user.”

Meaningful content, he explains is the best way to ensure Google takes notice of your site.

“This obviously gives your site more content that Google can rank, but Google can also see that your site is active and updated frequently. In terms of ranking, Google sees sites like these as ‘worthy’ of sending its users to.”

Can you still register multiple domain names?

This latest change for Google could mean a real shake-up of search rankings for those trying to ‘beat the system’ and use doorway pages to boost their traffic.

The key factor now will be value to the user – if you can offer meaningful and relevant content across each of your domain names, there should be nothing to fear from this update. Local domain names can still provide a dedicated portal for content that is targeted to a local audience and therefore “worthy” of Google’s attention.


5 steps to avoid being penalised by Google’s search update

  1. Use your .melbourne and .sydney domain names to offer localised content and valuable information for those in Melbourne and Sydney.
  2. Find and update pages on your website with duplicated content – or prepare to see their search rankings suffer.
  3. Build a content strategy that will ensure your sites remain up to date and are frequently being populated with current, relevant information.
  4. As Jim Stewart suggests; “look at what the number one result is doing, and do it better”. Consider what value your competitors are offering and up the ante.
  5. Don’t be afraid of registering multiple domain names. Holding a portfolio of domains is not a search sin – just be sure you are using them to add value, rather than trying to trick Google.

For more detail on how you can use .melbourne and .sydney domains to add value to local customers, read ‘How to use a local domain for your brand’.

This article was sourced with permission from ARI Registry Services. The article originally appeared at iconic.sydney/media-release/google-targets-multiple-domain-names-in-next-search-algorithm-update/


ARI Registry Services Signs Unique Operational Model For .STUDY and .COURSES

ARI Registry ServicesARI Registry Services has signed a unique ten year agreement with Open Universities Australia, the owner of the .study and .courses new TLDs, for strategic consultancy, policy development and ongoing operational management of the two namespaces.

What’s unique about this arrangement ARI notes is that ARI will not only be responsible for the backend registry, but also for the strategic direction of the TLDs and the day-to-day management of the TLDs – which includes administration of the financial, marketing and policy management of the TLDs and all of the necessary work with Registrars. In effect, we’re operating the TLDs on their behalf for a fee and passing back revenue to the TLD owner.

This type of partnership will enable the TLD owners to focus on their core business and have confidence that ARI can deliver long-term profitability for their TLDs. ARI believes there are other generic and brand applicants interested in adopting this model for the management of their TLDs, and the example of .study and .courses will be appealing to these applicants.

“The .study and .courses Top-Level Domains are an integral component of our organisation’s strategic plan and we recognised early on that we needed a partner like ARI Registry Services to help us fully achieve the potential of these digital assets,” said Jose Herrera-Perea, Executive General Manager, Tertiary, Professional and Corporate Education at Open Universities Australia.

“ARI Registry Services has been fantastic in their ability to help us understand the true requirements of operating TLDs and through this we realised that it would be more cost effective and strategically astute to leverage their resources and experience to manage our Top-Level Domains.”

“We will still remain intrinsically involved and provide our significant industry expertise to assist the project. However, this partnership enables us to keep focusing relentlessly on ensuring a high-quality experience for our students and simultaneously have the confidence that we’re working with an organisation that is focused on building long-term profitability in our Top-Level Domains for the sector.”

The model closely follows the approach many Governments have taken with their geo TLDs. ARI currently works with the Victorian (.melbourne) and New South Wales (.sydney) governments in a very similar way.

“Online learning is booming worldwide and Open Universities Australia has secured two of the most powerful terms on the web in the education sector,” said Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services.

He said there is enormous potential to leverage the strong growth in online education via .study and .courses.

“ARI Registry Services is about turning your Top-Level Domain aspirations into reality. For operators like Open Universities Australia, there are significant barriers to achieving your goals because these applicants lack the time, capability or resources to operate a core piece of mission critical Internet infrastructure,” Mr Kinderis said.

“We offer a comprehensive solution for clients to launch their assets and achieve the benefits of owning a successful Top-Level Domain, but outsource the burden of operational compliance auditing, policy development and the myriad of other components that go into running a namespace.

“For Open Universities Australia, we’re simplifying their operations to remove the complexities so they can maximise the benefit of .study and .courses for their organisation.”

Mr Kinderis said ARI Registry Services performs a similar role for a number of clients, including the Governments of Victoria (.melbourne) and New South Wales (.sydney). This is in addition to continually advocating for the success of the overall program as well as lobbying specific positions for clients.

“ARI Registry Services has always been committed to the success of the program. Offering end-to-end technical and consulting solutions is another way we can go above and beyond for our valued clients.”

ARI also note the .reise auction of their live TLD. ARI wonders if Dotreise (and other applicants considering selling their TLD) had had another option, whereby they could outsource the management of their generic TLD to ARI, retain ownership, and make a profit on their TLD without the burden of actually operating it? That’s the deal they’re offering gTLD owners and they believe ARI is the only provider offering this type of service.

New .CANCERRESEARCH Unique Among New gTLDs With A Goal As Information Resource

On the day that, in the UK at least, it was announced half of all people will be diagnosed with cancer and on World Cancer Day, the new gTLD .CancerResearch has launched.The gTLD is not going to be available for the general public to register domains. Nor is it a brand. Instead its goal is probably unique among the 1,000 plus gTLDs that are expected to launch.The Australian Cancer Research Foundation, who applied for the gTLD with strategic and technical support from ARI Registry Services, is using the gTLD to promote cancer research through a network of websites that have been developed in conjunction with scientists and research centres.It is the first TLD to be launched with a network of websites that provide reliable and trusted information to the global community and is solely aimed at eradicating one of the biggest challenges facing today’s society.This begins with the home page which can be found at home.cancerresearch, and is supported by a promotional campaign whereby individuals are invited to be part of ‘The One’ that helps end cancer. This innovative digital promotion can be found at theone.cancerresearch.The goal of .cancerresearch TLD is to bring together a collection of sites containing news, stories and information on cancer and those searching for a cure – which will create a platform for the ACRF to connect with the community and provide hope by sharing the significant advances in cancer research.ARI Registry Services’ Head of Global Consulting, Tony Kirsch explains the new TLD also highlights the benefits of intuitive and easy to remember domain names.”We really think that the community will embrace the simplicity of visiting for example, home.cancerresearch for the home page or lung.cancerresearch for information specific to lung cancer or even donate.cancerresearch when people would like to contribute,” said Kirsch.ARI Registry Services’s consulting division was engaged to assist with the application, strategy and implementation of the .cancerresearch project, and hopes it will provide a powerful demonstration of the innovative ways organisations and brands can use new TLDs.As a long-term advocate for new TLDs through ICANN’s New gTLD Program, ARI Registry Services is optimistic about the positive impact .cancerresearch can have on the domain industry at large.Kirsch added, “It’s vital for the industry to see innovative approaches to using TLDs.”While we have collectively made significant inroads since the first delegation in 2013, substantial work is required before we can be confident that end user awareness has been achieved.”We’re confident that .cancerresearch provides a significant real world example of how a TLD can be used to create a digital movement that helps to overcome one of the largest challenges facing society today.”We hope it will help all new TLD applicants – in particular those that have applied for a .brand and are struggling with the internal appetite for launching their TLD”.

Experts Discuss What’s in the DNA of a Successful gTLD?

With over 420 new gTLDs being launched in 2014, and about double that to come in the current round, it was timely for the European Domain Centre blog to ask ten leading experts “what’s in the DNA of a successful gTLD?”To help them on their way Christopher Hofman asked the following additional questions:

  • Do successful new gTLDs share common traits ?
  • Is there a way to spot the success of future launches in the registration stats?
  • Why does .link get 50.000 registrations, when .direct only has 4.000 ?
  • What is it about the success of .club or .guru that other registries might have missed?

The experts asked were

  • Michele Neylon (Blacknight Solutions) who said the “key will be the content not the actual domains
  • Andy Churley (Famous Four Media) who questioned the success of .club whose domains have wholesaled for below $10
  • Jeff Sass (.CLUB Domains) who said “the greatest challenges every Registry faces are the ones of awareness and clutter” and “that in 2015 we’ll see stronger registry marketing efforts”
  • Joseph Peterson (Branding Consultant and Domain Investor) who echoed several others saying “success depends on perspective” and that “what truly counts is someone’s goal”. Peterson also thinks that “if .MOBILE were to proceed without restrictions, it might overtake .MOBI a decade from now. Words are simply more natural. So I’d anticipate poor results for truncated nTLDs such as .REST, .PHYSIO, .ONL, and .ARCHI. Indeed, .RESTAURANT has already eclipsed .REST.”
  • Pinky Brand who thinks relationships, trust and planning ahead are all key
  • Adrian Kinderis (ARI Registry Services) says one has to question the importance of numbers and that “while registrars and domainers care little about .brands, they will transform the way we use the Internet. And clearly, a mere count of the names registered under these TLDs will reveal little about the success of these namespaces”
  • Joe Alagna (101domain.com) gave six keys to a successful new gTLD:

1. let markets operate without too much interference.
2. foster trust amongst all stakeholders.
3. keep prices and rules simple and easy to understand.
4. follow established protocols.
5. are predictable and transparent.
6. promote aggressively while respecting their sales channels.

  • Ken Hansen (co.com) said keyword gTLDs, location gTLDs, passion and marketing are all key
  • Morgan Linton (Linton Investments) said “the team behind the registry and the string itself” are key
  • Rubens Kohl (nic.br) believes the key there must be relevance building for a new gTLD to be successful.

To read the full article and complete responses, go to:

Second Round Of New gTLD Applications On ICANN Board Agenda: auIGF Discussion

The prospect of a second round of applications for new gTLDs is on the agenda for ICANN, with discussions likely to take place at an upcoming board meeting, possibly as early as September.

“The board will soon start discussing the possibility of opening a second round of applications for new gTLDs, said ICANN board member and auDA CEO Chris Disspain at the Australian Internet Governance Forum Wednesday in a discussion on new gTLDs focussing on the upcoming .melbourne.

The earliest possibility for discussions is an ICANN board retreat, scheduled for early to mid-September.

The conference was preceded by the announcement of the winners of the Australia and New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA), a collaboration between auDA and InternetNZ, that recognise organisations, businesses and individuals who excel in delivering accessible, innovative, informative and secure resources to a diverse and wide community on the Internet.

“The concept of the ANZIAs came from discussions between Keith Davidson (the then CEO of InternetNZ) and me over several glasses of red wine,” said Disspain. “We wanted to be able to reward those organisations, individuals and businesses we had seen develop incredible online resources, for the benefit of all Australians and New Zealanders. The Internet is a place where everyone is able to exchange ideas and communicate, on a level playing field. The ANZIAs are a way to acknowledge the world-class initiatives that are created, in both of our countries.”

There were winners in six different categories:

  • Diversity: Cultural Infusion
  • Innovation: ARTS:LIVE – The Song Room
  • Information: Policy Online (APO)
  • Access & Digital Skills: Get Up To Speed Program – The Training Collective
  • Security & Online Safety: RealMe – New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
  • The Leonie Dunbar Memorial Award for Community Websites: Apollo Bay Community Website Inc

A full list of winners and those highly commended is available at www.internetawards.org.au

The upcoming launch of the .melbourne gTLD was also the focus though of one session. Questions were raised about the cost, due to the $50 wholesale premium being charged to registrars. But ARI Registry Services CEO Adrian Kinderis, who will provide registry services, justified the cost for three reasons – respect for the Australian country code .au, preventing cybersquatting and that it’s expensive to run a TLD, so with less names, costs have to be higher to pay the bills.

Kinderis also believes that the use of a city gTLD such as .melbourne will also help internet users find their desired destination.

If you’re searching for Melbourne, the results for .melbourne will be ranked higher, Kinderis believes. The same with brands. Searching for a brand will rank websites using the brand gTLD higher than other sites.

But for registrants using domains in more generic TLDs, Kinderis believes they will in the main not be ranked highly in search results.

Melbourne Gets Bragging Rights Over Sydney In Battle of Australian gTLDs

Melbourne has become the first “big” Australian new gTLD to announce its launch, with ARI Registry Services announcing they have signed a ten-year contract with the Victorian Government to manage all functions in the operation of the .melbourne gTLD.”The management of .melbourne on behalf of Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne is going to be one of the largest and most significant digital branding opportunities for this State and it’s a major achievement for ARI Registry Services to win this contract for the next 10 years,” Adrian Kinderis, CEO of ARI Registry Services. The other big one will be the contract to operate .sydney that is expected to be announced in coming months.”The Government understands that operating .melbourne requires mission critical Internet infrastructure and they’ve chosen ARI Registry Services because we’re a proven leader in the field.””Some of the world’s largest and most recognised brands will sit alongside .melbourne on our systems and we’re incredibly proud to be an Australian technology company kicking major goals on the global stage.”The .melbourne gTLD beat .sydney, mainly because it received a higher priority number. But it does give Melbourne some bragging rights that it will come to market some months before its rival. It is expected General Availability will commence in September.Expected to launch this year, he said .melbourne will give Victorian businesses and Internet users their first opportunity to register geographic domain names as part of this evolution of the web.A .melbourne web address will be an innovative way for businesses and individuals to clearly display an online affiliation to Melbourne. It will be the easiest way to identify products and organisations serving the Melbourne and Victorian communities online.”The geography of the Internet is on the precipice of a revolutionary change and .melbourne is leading the charge as one of the first cities in the world to claim their own corner of the web,” Mr Kinderis said.”The Victorian Government and the City of Melbourne have long recognised the value of a strong city brand and has accordingly supported this opportunity. Through .melbourne, they now have a unique digital asset to amplify the reach of brand Melbourne across the globe with every domain name registered under it.”Mr Kinderis said .melbourne will become a quintessential part of the city’s business brand. He said Internet users around the world will turn to .melbourne as the city’s online source of truth, while savvy businesses will use the namespace to tap into the booming ecommerce potential of the city.”We expect to see innovative businesses snap up premium category names like plumber.melbourne, pizza.melbourne or bars.melbourne in a move to gain unparalleled online marketing supremacy.”Mr Kinderis also noted that .melbourne will appeal to individuals too and expected many people and families to register their names under .melbourne.The two-year-long process to apply for .melbourne was initiated by the Victorian Government with the City of Melbourne, through ARI Registry Services.Today’s milestone saw the Victorian Government enter into a Registry Agreement with ICANN to formally obtain the rights to .melbourne. It will be joined by the likes of London, Tokyo, New York and other high profile world cities and regions securing their own piece of online real estate.Nearly 40 other Australian applicants such as .sydney, .anz, .tab and .iinet are also anticipated to launch soon.

Still Think .brands Might Be a Waste of Time? Google Doesn’t! by Ryan Baker, ARI Registry Servies

Like many, I’ve been watching the rollout of the first 150+ new TLDs with interest.The new TLD program was designed from the outset to enhance competition and foster innovation.It was a great result for the wider industry to see approximately one-third of the applications received by ICANN submitted by some of the world’s largest companies seeking to own and operate their own .brand TLD.Even with organisations such as Apple, Citibank and IBM applying for their respective TLDs, scepticism remained on the potential for .brands to succeed.Where would the utility come from? How would customers embrace such a change? How would large organisations be able to incorporate this into their marketing mix?Finally perhaps most ominous, what will it mean for search and will there be any advantages for .brand applicants?While it’s still very early in the process, a few trailblazing true innovators have given us some preliminary answers and the news is extremely positive.Evidence of real successFrench insurance giant AXA recently launched their .axa TLD to the world and offer the best evidence to date that .brand TLDs have a definite future in the digital marketing landscape.Less than two weeks after registering annualreport.axa and rapportannuel.axa in their .brand TLD, AXA now appear on the first page of Google search results. When searching for “axa annual report”, the .axa domain is the third result in English and “axa annuel rapport” appears in the fourth position for French searches.Beyond just Google, Bing shows the result at number two and Yahoo at number eight.This is a truly impressive result given the number of applicable web properties for this topic and the short amount of time the domain has existed. Yes, this has a lot to do with the relevance of the content – as it has been and will continue to be.However, the domain is clearly reinforcing some level of credibility here and despite being new, hasn’t negatively impacted the rankings of the page.The AXA annual report example also illustrates other key benefits of .brand TLD ownership. Using differing language versions of the same domain, they have been able to provide customised content for differing user bases.With these included, the list of tangible benefits .brand TLD operators can realise immediately from their new asset are compelling:1. ControlBeing completely in control of domain name allocation within their TLD. No more competition for domain names in the open market, as well as the ability to define intuitive parameters for users to find content (eg. annualreport.axa for English, rapportannuel.axa for French).2. SEOGlobally applicable search benefits. While the sample size is admittedly small, the reality that Google, Bing and Yahoo are actively embracing .brand TLDs for their authenticity and showing strong search results has the potential to be a huge boon to brands and end users.3. MessagingGuaranteed authenticity for messaging from the channel. Customers can rest easy knowing with 100% certainty that the content on annualreport.axa is sanctioned by AXA, since no one outside the corporation can register an .axa domain name. Keep in mind that it’s entirely possible for bad actors to register domains in competing TLDs with the aim of confusing end users, and a .brand is a new and extremely strong tool to combat this confusion.AXA’s .brand strategy actively combats bad actors.While we’ve already seen three new .brand applicants sign registry agreements (.sharp and Google’s .gmail and .youtube) this month, the last several months have seen 256 total TLDs delegated, with only a handful (five total, or less that 2%) being .brands.This is in addition to the world’s first .brand TLD, .monash for the Australian University and the recently signed .bmw and .samsung TLDs which are soon to join the digital landscape.All in all, it’s really positive news for those innovators that took the plunge by applying in 2012.So why wait?There is no denying that ICANN has made the path through contracting and delegation complicated with various hoops to jump through.The good news for .brand applicants is that there is help available should they require it. The upside is that the carrot is very real and very attainable.Delegating and realising the benefits of a .brand TLD as soon as possible should be the goal of every brand marketer worth their salt, as .brand applicants push to delegate their TLDs and non-applicants clamour to apply to ICANN in the second round.This article by Ryan Baker, Domain Name Industry Consultant at ARI Registry Services was sourced with permission from:

.BUILD gTLD Launches Aimed At Building And Construction Industry

dotBuild logoNew gTLDs are coming left, right and centre and now there is even one for the building and construction industry.

Appealing to businesses large and small, .BUILD is designed specifically for the online needs of the building industry and beyond. From roads to skyscrapers to homes, .BUILD is the new Internet real estate for builders of every kind. Contractors and those associated with the industry around the world will now be able to more accurately represent themselves online with a .BUILD web address and email.

“We are thrilled with the positive reaction we have seen to the .BUILD domain name in both the building and construction industry as well as the Internet community”, said George Minardos, CEO of .BUILD. “It’s very clear there is a recognition that .BUILD will greatly enhance the online identity of our large and global industry and we are glad to have a reputable technology provider like ARI Registry Services as our partner.”

As the appointed technical provider for .BUILD, ARI Registry Services is powering the launch and technical operations of this global domain name in a highly secure and reliable manner.

Jeremy Ebbels, General Manager Registry Services Division at ARI Registry Services, congratulated .BUILD on this significant milestone.

“ARI Registry Services is extremely proud to support the launch of the .BUILD TLD. Given its easily identifiable purpose, the strong support shown by top tier Registrars signing up to sell the domain name, and with the flawless performance of our registry, we expect great things for .BUILD. Targeted TLDs like this are changing the way the Internet is used and it is exciting to continually be at the forefront of this innovative new era.” Mr Ebbels said.

Today’s milestone marks an important step in the launch of .BUILD as it officially becomes available for registrations on a first-come, first-serve basis at 15:00 UTC on 29 April 2014. .BUILD will be more than just another generic Top Level Domain, it will be an online community dedicated to serving the global building and construction industry through enhanced search, website design, a clear identity, relevant information and virtual markets.

For more information and an updated list of retailers please visit www.dotbuild.co.

First .LUXURY Domains Available 10 April

ARI Registry Services[news release] .LUXURY, the first Internet top-level domain dedicated to bringing together the luxury industry online, began retail sales of .LUXURY domain names on April 10th.

For the first time, .LUXURY domain names are available to the general public through a priority application process called Landrush, where interested registrants may secure highly sought after names.  Landrush for .LUXURY will be open for 30 days through May 10th.

.LUXURY is part of the new top level domain program being rolled out by the global regulator of web addresses to introduce greater domain name choice and availability online.  These new extensions, to the right of the dot in a web address, are emerging every week and will enable the Internet to be utilized in ways never before possible.

.LUXURY will offer more relevant and descriptive web addresses for brands to define themselves online, and create diversity for initiatives such as new product launches, unique service offerings and non-traditional marketing opportunities.

Companies can establish themselves as pioneers in this global Internet transformation.  Underlying .LUXURY, robust policies protect the interests of brands, including express prohibitions of malicious activities such as counterfeiting and cybersquatting.

“.LUXURY is providing an innovative platform and competitive advantage for companies to position themselves within the luxury space. For the first time, luxury goods and services will now be found in one place online,” said Monica Kirchner, CEO, .LUXURY.

Jeremy Ebbels, General Manager – Registry Services at ARI Registry Services, the technology provider for .LUXURY, congratulated .LUXURY.

“There is no better way for businesses to demonstrate their affiliation with the luxury marketplace online than by registering a .LUXURY domain name,” Mr. Ebbels said.

“The .LUXURY team has been one of the few operators that has successfully engaged with their target audience prior to launch and they are now reaping the rewards of this diligent approach.

“The race is now on to get your highly sought after .LUXURY domain names and we expect this to be a strong performing namespace.”

.LUXURY just completed a highly successful initial 60-day Sunrise registration phase limited only to trademark holders.  Over 500 brands secured their .LUXURY domain name, including many that are pillars of the luxury industry such as Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Cartier, Valentino, Van Cleef and Bvlgari.

.LUXURY domain names are currently available for registration in most locations where traditional domains are sold.  The 30-day Landrush priority sales period closes May 10th, and then domain names become generally available beginning May 19th.  For an updated list of retailers please visit www.dotluxury.com.


.LUXURY is a new top level domain (TLD) whose mission is to provide a dedicated digital platform for all things luxury. Designed to meet the distinct needs of the luxury industry, .LUXURY offers product manufacturers, service providers, retailers and consumers a central place online to engage, transact and celebrate.

This ARI Registry Services news release was sourced from: