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The screens that ate school: What do we really know about the growing presence of Google, Apple, Microsoft and more in the education system?

It wasn’t sent to us, at least not directly, but we decided to pretend it had been. “As we often ask our children to do their best,” the principal at a state primary school in Melbourne’s west had written in the second week of April, “we now ask that of our parents. But please do not let it become too overbearing or too difficult to the stage where it causes upset in the household – this does not assist anyone – child or parent.”

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Daily Wrap: Verisign Caught Sponsoring .COM “Analyst”, Aust Govt Objecting to .FOOD and .APPLE,

Verisign logoIt seems Verisign is paying an analyst who has written more than a dozen favourable articles about the .com TLD and questioning the new gTLDs, according to a Domain Incite report.

The report says Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, writes a regular column for Network World called Network Intelligence and the .com registry operator has admitted it “sponsors” the analyst.

The articles appear to have been removed in the last day or two.

The Australian government has raised concerns that “Lifestyle Domain, a subsidiary of Scripps Networks, which owns television’s Food Network and Food.com. Scripps Networks wants to run ‘.food’ as a closed string,” according to a World Trademark Review report. “Its argument that it should be afforded ‘.brand’ status resting on a US trademark registration for ‘FOOD’. However, its efforts are generating considerable protest, including from one of ICANN’s powerful government stakeholders.”

ICANN warned six pending new gTLD applications – ‘.dvr’, ‘.data’, ‘.food’, ‘.grocery’, ‘.hotels’ and ‘.phone’ – in June that their plans to operate exclusive registries would not be allowed during the current round of applications, the report notes. Scripps won .food at an auction but “rather than agreeing to run ‘.food’ as an open domain, Scripps Networks has instead applied to be designated by ICANN as a ‘.brand’ gTLD.”

“In public comments, the Australian government renewed its opposition to the operation of ‘.food’ as a closed gTLD, citing its potential negative effects on competition.”

And the .apple gTLD was delegated to the technology company on Wednesday, according to another Domain Incite report. The gTLD will be closed, so only Apple will be able to register domains in the gTLD. What the company will do with its gTLD wasn’t said in the article and hasn’t been announced.

Apple Rumoured To Pay $4.5m For iCloud.com

The cloud is going to be big, and it’s a reasonable bet that Apple’s version of the cloud will be… “iCloud”. Especially with rumours Apple recently bought icloud.com, according to a report on GigaOm, for about $4.5 million in a sale that will no doubt be one of the year’s biggest.According to the report “Until recently, iCloud.com was a domain name and a storage-as-a-cloud service owned by Linkoping, Sweden-based desktop-as-a-service company, Xcerion. Xcerion’s iCloud service has just been rebranded to CloudMe, and the company acquired the CloudMe.com domain on April 5, 2011.”In another report, this time from CNET, Apple is going to offer a cloud music service soon that initially will be free of charge for users, but eventually will require a fee of around $20-25 per year.For more information, see: